Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tiny sword cut!

I woke up to a message on my phone from The Crazy Lady this morning. She wanted to know whether we would be open to having dinner together at our place. She said they'd bring the food, if we'd provide the location. We agreed, happily!

They showed up with everything from the bbq grills to the mustard. It was delicious and awesome. Z did the grilling, Yo Abba assembled the bookcase they brought us from Phil's bedroom, and Buzz tasted everything he could get his hands on.

I'm loving that The FamBily comes to visit us so much! It's really not a long trip, and the road is so scenic. I hope the visits continue as the months roll on!

Enjoy the pictures from our latest FamBily dinner!

Just for the record - that FF nectarine tart went over insanely well. Phil took the last wedge home for herself.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Thursday was a pretty busy day. Friday was even busier. Somehow though, everything was done and ready in time to make early Shabbos. Parts of The FamBily joined us. It was a weekend of many firsts. First time The Parentals have ever stayed by us, at the same time, since we got married! Dibble's first weekend at our place, and I don't think he minded the vacation overmuch. (Buzz helped set up the guest room for him, and added some fuzzy buddies as a finishing touch.) It was also Fuzzle's first ever Shabbos away with The FamBily.
Man oh man there was a lot of food. In true Crazy Lady fashion, I couldn't stop myself from cooking and cooking and cooking.

Friday night included Chicken soup with meatballs, Persian saffron and tomato chicken, jeweled saffron and almond pilaf, roasted baby sweet potatoes, and crisp lightly steamed green beans seasoned with a touch of garlic and a drizzle of olive oil.

We went 'light' for lunch. Tossed salad, sliced veggies, spreads, glazed salmon, tomato cheese quiche, mini pizzas with a variety of toppings.

Then seuda shlishit was a veritable feast at dinner time. We enjoyed a big plate of chumus basar, ff Shnitzelonim, ff potato kugel, yellow rice and meat salad, and a selection of salatim and finger-food goodies from the local catering-hall.

Nobody left hungry. That's for sure.
When The FamBily arrived on Friday, Buzz flew out he door to greet them. He was excited about the humans, but to be honest he was over the moon that the dog was coming too! Fuzz disembarked from the van, sniffed around for a few seconds, then noticed Buzz and immediately bounded towards him in excitement! Buzz led the parade inside. Boy and dog, together again. 

It was a delightful weekend! We shmoozed and played (mostly with Lego). I wouldn't let The Crazy Lady wash any dishes, because she was on vacation. Some neighbors stopped by on Shabbos afternoon. Their son is the same age as Buzz, and the two of them played with train tracks and 'power tools' before realizing that there were cookies on the counter. It was really nice!
I have a fruit bowl and cookie jars! I LOVE my kitchen!!!

Our calendar is wide-open for next weekend. After 6 busy weekends, it'll be our first Shabbos with no plans at all since we moved. The week is long though, so that could always change.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Violins & Yetis

It was a whirlwind busy day. Buzz and I cleaned up the house. We organized the yellow room, cleaned the floors, straightened up the living rooms... Until it was passably neat enough for the Parentals to come and visit.

We made some dinner and waited for The FamBily to arrive. The Parentals, Phil, and the Giant Dibble finally made it. Five minutes later the timer rang and it was food time! Maple balsamic chicken, perfectly seasoned oven browned potatoes, crisp green beans, with hotdogs and fries for the strangest among us. All in all very excellent.

After dinner we got a little crazy. Dance parties, bimba races, Fitbit goal attainment, band-leading, touring, relaxing... Pretty much a typical evening for The FamBily.

I'm excited for part two. Shabbos at our place with parts of The FamBily - including the Fuzz.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Banana & Mustard

What we've been up to since I last posted...

More unpacking and organizing. Sarah Leah joined us for Shabbos and stayed over for Tisha B'av. We ate Shabbos lunch out with the local Chabadnikim. The kablan came by to sort out misc things around the house that needed to be touched up. We tackled the basement yesterday, it's almost done. We've been loving finding excuses to make stuff in our kitchen - waffles, cinnamon buns, cookies, cakes, pizzas, breads... So much yum! All good except for the broken shelf in our fridge - that apparently the company doesn't sell replacements for. So things are stacked a little bit dangerously, but at least we aren't starving. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Frogs and Snakes!

Today was a school day for Z. That meant Buzz and I partied together aaaaallllll day long.

We colored, we played with playdoh, we finished off the 1,000 piece puzzle that we started on Shabbat, we made breakfast and snack and lunch... We were very busy.

All day long Buzz asked when it would be dinner time. Last night I mixed up some 24-hour no-knead pizza dough, and he was a VERY excited kid.

Finally the time arrived. We generously floured the counter and the fun began...
Two very satisfied customers. 

Meanwhile I got a GF roll with some chumus. Not terrible, but also not pizza.

At least the house smells like a really delicious pizzeria.

Monday, August 08, 2016

No radio soap.

Here are a couple of pictures from Sunday and Monday.
On Sunday Z went to school. He came home at 3:45, loaded up more random kitchen stuff that had to get returned to IKEA, and we were off by 4. What a crazy night. 
Obviously Buzz was hungry for dinner. It was dinner time AND we were at IKEA. We made a few hundred shekels in refunds so we figured a quick bite to eat couldn't hurt. I love that they have gluten-free rolls available now. It means I don't have to starve while everyone else eats their fill.
Monday evening was fun. In the afternoon we made our way to The Sun House. We saw cousin Adina for a few minutes, and made a ruckus at The FamBily House for a bit. Then the whole Mishpucha made their way to The Mall to meet up with The Freddies for Freddie's birthday dinner!
Dinner was delightful. We love FamBily dinners, and littlest Freddie loves balloons. All in all a great evening. We got home on the late side, but all was well.
Tuesday was pretty boring. We're still finding things to organize and put in places.

Our outing for the day was a trip to shufersol. We decided to get the shabbos shopping out of the way. It ended up being a good idea. The store was pretty quiet, and there were some great sales going on.

Back at home it was bedtime for Buzz. By the time he conked out it was almost 9:30. Z ran out to a 'welcome the new neighbors' evening on the other side of the yishuv. The yishuv's welcoming committee threw a party for the new families (and soon to be new families) to say 'hi'. They distributed useful little booklets full of a ton of helpful information about the yishuv (davening times, Mikva times and locations, library hours, and all sorts of other useful facts.) They also assigned each of the new families with a 'buddy family' to contact if we need any help. It's really cute. We are loving the warm community feeling here!