Sunday, July 24, 2016

ITEA adain...

Shabbat was a whole lot of extremely awesome fun! We had The Freddies, Frank+1, Abe, and Phil here with us. It was a blast! The food came out pretty tasty, we went to the park in the morning, a bunch of new neighbors stopped by with goodies and to say hi, the kids rode bimbas all over the mirpeset and driveway with some of the neighbors' kids! I think everybody really enjoyed themselves!
This morning I was expecting a fairly long and exhausting day of emptying more boxes. I was fairly surprised when Z suggested an IKEA trip. I was feeling pretty good so I packed up my stuff and off we went. Our main goal was to return all of the extra things that they originally sent for the kitchen. It was a 3-person-job - but we managed it! With the refunded money we were able to fill in some more of the furniture that we were missing - and since it was the last day of the summer sale things worked out really well! The house is definitely shaping up!

I ordered some Legos for Buzz, after he played with them at a friend's house and really enjoyed them. Did you know that now the bricks come in 40-something different colors?! I didn't. And the kid was ECSTATIC when I showed him the rainbow of pieces that he could build with! I can tell there will be a goodly amount of Abba/Buzzy time spent playing with the Legos. That makes them worth it in my book!
It's a fast day - which means it's a slow day. It means summer is in full swing. But we are booking up Shabbat guests already, three weekends in the next two months are already taken. We're getting back into our hosting groove after a tough hiatus. I'm loving it!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Frogs =/= Ginormous lizards

Has it really been a whole week? Again?! How does this keep happening?
To be honest, I know how. Mostly it's because this past week we have been unpacking, cleaning, and building stuff from sunup to after sundown. Exhaustion. Complete. And you'd think that would mean collapsing into bed at the end of the day and falling straight to sleep - but nope. Turns out that the anxiety and stress of trying to get stuff done causes total insomnia. So basically I'm just reeeeeealllllly tired.
In exciting news - setting the house up is really coming along. Today I finally managed to clear the kitchen counters for the fist time. No more boxes in my kitchen. It's a relief!
Yesterday The Parentals came to visit while Z was in school. Sababi helped to fix stuff around the house, The Crazy Lady kept Buzz entertained and helped me with interior design quandaries. It was a lot of fun! They also brought us bagels for shabbos lunch, and two big bags of dirt so that Buzz and I can start our garden next week.
Last night Buzz tried out his new bathtub. Apparently, it is awesome! He never wanted to get out. He was thrilled by the built-in stopper that actually keeps the water in the tub. (In the old place he would play until the water had drained - but in this tub the water doesn't escape down the pipes until we let it.
Today we started cooking for shabbos. Our first batch of challah, a full batch of ff carrot muffins, brownies with ganache, a batch of chocolate chip cookies, a batch of walnut chocolate chip cookies, the meat is all marinating...

We made good headway. But there is A LOT to do tomorrow.
Did I mention that we are hosting a crazy shabbos this weekend? I think we'll be seating 11 around the table. It's going to be awesome!
We're loving it here so far! A bunch of neighbors have stopped by already! We're making friends left and right, we're learning about the local 'hot spots', we've joined all of the pertinent whatsapp groups and email lists...
Home Home Home!!! It was worth the wait.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I have a suggestion!

Somehow two weeks have flown by since my last post. As usual a lot has happened in that span of time. I mean, we are no longer even registered as residents of The Sun House. Last week was a blur of packing, anxiety, and stress. So you'll have to forgive me for not bothering to rehash too many specific details of it.
One thing that we did last week was eat our way around the country.

We spent a day at IKEA. Then the next day Z and Buzz road-tripped to Netanya to pick up a second-hand bedframe that we decided to buy for ourselves. It came with two little night tables for less than buying the set brand new at IKEA. However, by the time they packed the bed into the car they were hungry, so they went to explore the IKEA in Netanya. (Buzz is now convinced that IKEAs are as commonplace as 7-11's or Dunkin Donuts in America. He was also a VERY happy child after spending two days wandering around IKEA-land.)
Last Friday was hectic havoc as we tried to finish the packing. We also packed up enough clothes for a week and moved into The FamBily House for (what we presumed would be a few days...meanwhile...a week later...)
Shabbos was a lot of fun. We were joined by Ari Krischer who is in the country for the summer. 

On Saturday night, Z spent 5 hours finishing up the packing. By the time he stumbled to bed, after 2am, I wasn't sure he'd wake up in time for the movers. 
Moving was a slight disaster. The movers hadn't brought a large enough truck, timing was way off, and it took almost 11 hours to complete the move. It was physically and emotionally draining.

I spent Monday mentally recovering from the trauma of Sunday. Z and Buzz spent Monday organizing things at the house.
Tuesday morning I was feeling better. We went out to the house nice and early. Then we spent aaaaaalllll day building stuff, and emptying boxes. I managed to unpack most of the kitchen. It's looking pretty great!
Tuesday afternoon we rushed back to The Sun House to meet with the 'old' landlord. We returned the keys and settled up the bills. And that was that. We are no longer renters, we are now officially homeowners!
Wednesday was kind of like Tuesday. We made our way to the house early in the morning. We organized, unpacked, stacked, and moved furniture around. Mostly we made space for the upholstery cleaners to come in and clean the rugs and upholstery.

The Parentals came down to drop off the last of our things from the apartment. They had to dash after a short-while, but we stuck around. It was 2:15 and we were hungry. We decided to attempt to find the makolet on the yishuv. It took us longer than expected, but we pulled up in front of the little co-op shop at 2:20. It was good timing, since they close from 2:30 to 6:30. We picked up some eggs, potatoes, and chocolate pudding. Back at the house, we hooked up the electric stovetop (that we borrowed from The FamBily House), and I made our first meal in the house. Scrambled eggs and jumbo potato latka - seemed a fitting meal - since we make it so often.
After assembling the bed in our room and half of Buzz's bed, we made our way back to The Sun House. We made it just in time for an amazingly delicious fish & chips dinner.

This morning we were up bright and early - our plan today was to accomplish things in The Sun House. For a number reasons unknown to us - the kablan didn't end up pouring the concrete of our driveway today. (That was the ONLY reason we planned to do lots of things around The Sun House instead of organizing more things at the house.)

We decided to make the best of the situation anyway.

First Z changed the addresses in our Teudot Zehut to reflect the new house! Then we had OT for Buzz at Neimi. After OT Buzz led us to a new bakery and asked for a chocolate pastry. Our next stop was the 'kol-bo' shop - we needed a new dryer hose and some other miscellaneous things. Then we were off to RBS. Buzz lucked into a slice of pizza with olives for lunch while Z bought a mattress for Buzz's bed. (Now we can finally put the mattress back onto the guest bed and host sleepover guests again!) 

After that adventure we made our way back to The FamBily House.
It took some convincing and cajoling but we convinced some FamBily members to join us on a trip to the local bowling-alley. Unfortunately our excitement was dulled when we found out that the bowling alley was locked up tight with no further explanation or information.

We didn't let the situation keep us down. We made a course-correction to our plans and decided to go play at the mall instead. A lot of 'steps' later the mall had been walked and we were exhausted. One car went to the grocery store while the other car went back to The House.
We scavenged for dinner, Buzz got to splash in the bath for a long long time, then it was bedtime for Buzzo.

Frank and I did a 'late night dash' to the grocery store. The Crazy Lady was running low on oil and well, anytime is a good time to buy ice cream! After a deep-fried-late-night-bonanza it was bedtime.

Tomorrow we need to get ready for Shabbos. Also on the schedule, some more house organizational efforts. Mostly I'm just looking forward to relaxing over shabbos.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Well, yesterday was my 31st birthday. Z bought me a new food processor (I've subsequently been informed that it's ill-advised to operate one that runs irregardless of safety-features. Basically, if the machine runs when the top is not to use it.) I also went a little crazy and treated myself to a snazzy new vacuum for the new house. I'm excited because it matches the house decor, and also because it'll make keeping the rugs clean SO much easier.

Dinner last night was delightful. The Crazy Lady made a delicious bbq in my honor. And for dessert Yo Abba enjoyed some of the awesome peanut butter mouse pie that I made him last week in honor of his birthday. That's some good multitasking.
Today was Buzz's last day of gan! Hard to believe that an entire year has passed. We've measured the time in increments of building. Literally. Now Buzz is done with Gan Sigalit! And our house is standing, ready and waiting for us to move in. It's insanely exciting!

Z and I spent the morning packing up boxes. Then after picking Buzz up from his very last day, we drove out to the new house.
As per FamBily custom, the first few things that we brought into the house were bread, honey, salt, a new broom, and a tzedaka box - which we used as a topic to learn a little bit of Torah with Buzz.

Our next task was to shlep in all of the boxes that we'd packed into the car. Obviously we started with the kitchen. It was a delight to unpack into the myriad of drawers and cabinets. As the cherry on top, the awesome electrician had brought the bulbs for my crowning jewel of a light fixture (that hangs over the bar in the kitchen).
It was magical. The sky was just starting to head towards dusk as we turned on the fixture for the very first time. The kitchen was suddenly bathed in a homey and comfortable golden glow. I sighed in absolute contentment. (And the picture does NOT do it justice.)

Moving day can not come quickly enough.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Swiping Lemons!

Saturday was nice. Hot outside, but we chilled at The FamBily House. I won a rollickingly-long game of extended Settlers - from underdog to champion - 5 points in one turn - heck yeah! (I was as surprised as everyone else when it actually happened.) After Shabbos we got a lift home.
On Sunday morning I was up and out of the house before 8am. I walked to the post office and got there just as it opened. I took care of paying for the 'bituach chovah' for the car. Then I walked home. The while shebang got me a lot less steps than I'd expected - a measly 1,500.

Z had spent most of the day running errands for the house. He was zonked by the time gan was over, but we had to pick Buzz up early to get to an appointment. We got there a little earlier than we needed to and distributed the second batch of 'thank you' gifts to Buzz's teachers. They genuinely seemed to love them. I'm glad! They deserved something extra, and I felt that this was really great, so I'm glad they felt the same way.

Somehow I had forgotten to pick up a paper so we rescheduled Buzz's appointment, hung out at The FamBily House for a bit, swung by another clinic to pick up the paper, saw S&S, then ran home to get Buzz fed and into bed.
This morning was no less insane than yesterday. Buzz to gan, us to the gemach (I finally parted with the clothes that are 5-7 sizes too big on me. I also got rid of shoes that I haven't worn in a decade.), us to the bank (yay for US tax refunds!), picked buzz up from gan, took him to his hearing test (he had a pretty good time with the test! It was the first time he didn't cry - this was his third one.), home for a quick lunch, a buyer for the massage table came by to check out the merchandise and took it on the spot (yay for selling stuff that I really don't use that is just taking up space in my house), finalized a buyer for our current stand-alone oven (no need to shlep it and store it at the house - since we'll have shiny new ones!), a super fun playdate with S&S at their house, back home for dinner, bathtime, then bedtime (which is actually what we are up to now.) 

Whoooooweee! What a day! Pretty sure I'll sleep well tonight. I am quite tired.
Tomorrow Z will be heading back out to the house in the morning. The last few things on the inside are being taken care of, including a thorough cleaning. We'll be able to start moving in so soon!

My plan for tomorrow is to bake some bread and start getting things together to take out to the house.

I'd better rest up. Theres is a lot to do tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

No you don't can!

Well - we survived yet another miluim week. Buzz was home with a stomach-thing on Sunday, Monday, AND Tuesday. Thankfully The FamBily let us crash with them and helped to watch Sr. Cuckoomonster (yes, that is a reference to my darling son.)
He found lots of way to entertain himself. I walked in circles around the house clocking in loads of steps on my Fitbit. Well, I did on Sunday at any rate. Then I decided not to participate in any 'step' challenges because I realized that increased exercise was causing my weight to drop. My body is absolutely whacked out. Now I'm back to taking whatever steps I need to in a day but I'm not aiming for the lofty '10,000 step goal' that is the gold-standard of the health community for 'non-sedentary-people'. 

'They' must hate me. I subsist on white carbs, no fruits, barely any vegetable, and don't exercise. 

Oh well. If that's what my body needs...
Aaaanyway, Frank took GREAT care of Buzzle this past week. They played piano, 'flung' around, made waffles, danced, chilled, and snacked together. 'Funcle' and 'nePHEW' are appropriate terms for this relationship. All the fun and then the exhaustion.
Every activity is fun at The FamBily House. In the bath Buzz bathed the ducklings, taught them to swim, and made sure they washed their beaks properly.
Much happiness and excitement even at bedtime! 
On Wednesday Z came home. Thursday was jam-packed with so so so many things. We kicked off the morning with Occupational Therapy. Our next stop was the barber (where Buzz entertained the shop owner by sweeping up after his haircut. 'Best customer ever' was the title bestowed upon him, along with a candy, which surprisingly he ate in its entirety. I guess he felt that he'd earned it.
On Tuesday I shlepped The Crazy Lady out to the local plant nursery to choose gifts for Buzz's ganenot. She helped me choose a variety of herbs and happily colored planters, then she helped me to plant them (read: she planted them) properly. I ended up with oregano, parsley, spearmint, and thyme. Three of each. It worked out quite nicely.
I spent Wednesday morning working out the 'graphics' side of the present. I had Buzz watercolor some nice cards, wrote a little poem, and put a little informational about each of the plants on a Popsicle stick to place into the planters. 

We gave out the first two today and they were warmly received. 

I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.
Last night was the end of year party at gan. Buzz participated as well as could be expected from his father's family. (Love you guys, but let's be honest, no kid of Z's is ever going to volunteer to act like a fool in front of a crowd.) Thankfully it only lasted a little over an hour, then we were out of there, out into the 30-something degree evening. Deeeelightful. Ish.
Today was also busy, as our Fridays usually are. We had a fruitless search for toilet-paper-roll-holders, I bought a whole bunch of bottles of Gatorade for an exorbitant price, and we cleaned the house.

Looking forward to Shabbos for some semi-recharging. Sunday kicks off with insane craziness again. House-stuff, health-stuff, family-stuff... I'm tired just thinking about it.

Good thing I get a 26 hour break now. (Yay for early Shabbos! Extra forced relaxation.)

I'm off before Z gets home from shul.

Catch ya next week!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Five Hundredty Ten

Last I left you it was the day before the day before Shavuot. Well, that was one crazy two holiday weekend. That's for sure. I baked and prepped night-meals for us at home. I also made a half-size cheesecake, a half-size peanut butter pie with vanilla pastry cream, and a regular peanut butter pie with chocolate pudding.
Shabbos kicked off nice and strong. We took it in early so that Buzz could eat and conk out. Though to be honest, I think I fell asleep before he did. Just kidding. Z sure did though. My 'fauxCD' (read: imagined OCD) had me clear the table, put away all of the food, clear the dish racks, and wash all of the dishes from both sinks, before I finally collapsed into bed.
Saturday morning we made our way across town nice and early. We enjoyed a delightful day with The FamBily. We even has a cousin visiting from across the pond. The food was delicious as usual. We opted out of seuda shlishit in favor of hiking back home. Yo'Abba and Fuzzle accompanied us, somewhat unintentinally. When we got to the three swing park, I ran home to get some water for the thirsty pup.
The next morning we hiked across town again. Dairy delights awaited us. So much bounty. Stuffed to the gills we were. After many hours of fun and games, schmoozing and snoozing, we joined The Freddies (and Phil) on a trek to S&S's house. We enjoyed a delightful visit with S&S, then parted ways curbside. They made their way back to Acaccia and we skipped down the hill to our current abode.
Monday morning confused us all. It was a vacation day for Buzz, being Isru Chag and all. We kept him busy from sunup til sundown. Did I have that backwards? Sundown til sunup? I mean... He kept us busy? Basically it was kind of a weird day.
Yesterday was a busy day. Well, for some of us. A bunch of The FamBily road tripped out to new house. Z was there most of the day. The kitchen guy was hard at work, and the kitchen counters were also installed. It's all coming together, it's insanely exciting!
This morning Buzz woke me up demanding that we bake cookies. Luckily I was able to appease him by baking some dough that I'd been saving in the freezer. Once he was dressed and ready to go he insisted that the only way he wanted to get to gan was on foot. So, we walked. That definitely jumpstarted my activity level today.

Back at home I ate some breakfast. Then Z and I took the car to the garage for its yearly tuneup. Apparently the air conditioning (not working) situation was just repeated to totally clogged up filters - something to do with driving through a hundred and seven sand/dust-storms in the last ten months. The mechanic said it would take about three hours for the 'tipul' to be done, so we walked over to the mall. We proceeded to spend the next 2.5 hours sitting in the food court. We enjoyed the free wifi and air-conditioning, Z got some lunch while I noshed on gluten-free pretzels, and every once in a while I'd do a full circuit of the mall just to rack up steps on my Fitbit.

The car was ready to pickup half an hour before gan pickup time. We wasted ten minutes picking up a box of cereal for me at the grocery store, then we picked Buzz up from gan. Buzz was extremely excited about the new house. He wouldn't stop talking about it. In fact, he begged us to go and visit the site. Z couldn't say no. (Or, wouldn't). After a quick stop at home (so that I could make and eat a scrambled egg on a square of rye matzah) we 'spur of the moment(oy)' drove out to the yishuv. The weather was cooling down, the house is beautiful, and I almost never wanted to leave. If the place weren't full of construction dust, I would just take a sleeping bag and go stay there! So few days left - the suspense is making me craaaazy! I'm ready!!!!
Back in The Sun House... Buzz enjoyed chicken with rice and broccoli, I had a huge bowl of chicken soup with rice (and half a bag of gf crunches), and Z enjoyed 'chumus im basar' with an Israeli salad and fresh pita.

At some point Buzz showed up with a stethoscope and announced that it was time for my checkup. He promptly pulled out a toy saw and started cutting my arm off. After checking me over one last time with his stethoscope he proclaimed me 'healthy!' And demanded monetary compensation for his efforts. (Clearly he's learning how the world works.) 

Finally it was bedtime. (Not a minute too soon.)
Hard to believe that tomorrow is Thursday again. Do I seriously need to start thinking about what to make for shabbos already? I'm pretty sure I'm still full from last weekend!