Saturday, May 21, 2005

Shabbos Kodesh...shabbos shabbos koydesh!

Shabbos has LEFT. It's not even like it said good-bye. It just up and went. rude if you ask me. Alright, so maybe I shouldn't have been sleeping but I was tired, specially cause I didn't get into bed until almost 1:30 Friday night (thank you Shani - and 'feed the fish' yourself. You're a big girl.) Anywho - Friday night was chilled, or rather we chilled. I haven't spent a Friday night 'on the street' (or should i say, 'on the Becker's wall') in a very looooong time. Yeah, I love my WOOF and Sawa walked down too. It was nice to see everybody, it makes me feel a little better knowing that I'm not the only crazy person out there...(Hinda, Erica and Adina - You're all crazy too. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you guys!) Shabbos day was nice, I made it to shul (only 45 minutes late - that's pretty good.) We went to the Montel's for lunch and spent the rest of the day reading funny stories out of random Reader's Digests to each other. Finally, I went to take my Shabbos nap, and when i woke up - Shabbos was gone.

Now I'm listening to Sammy practice piano. I've decided that it's ok for me to do this (even during s'fira) because it fills me with a sense of sadness. If I had been more committed and just worked at it a little harder, I too could be playing 3 pages pieces fluently. Instead, I can barely play Greensleeves...

Today I learned something important: If you sit in the sun, then you will get hot. If you sit in the shade, you will still be hot. BUT, not as hot as you would be if you sat in the sun.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Week in short...

This has been one whacked out crazy week...

Sunday - I went back to school (in the wee hours of the morning with Sammy), Mrs. Mendelowitz is back on the job (YAY!!!), I skipped Rav Shadmi's class (because I was in no mood to listen to broken Heblish for two and a half hours.) So, instead I did my End of Term B'reishit Project (it came out very well, if I do say so myself.)

Monday - Nach Yomi (can the day get any worse?), free - free - free, Worked on Rabbi Manning's "Hilchot Mamonot" test (the thing took me four and a half hours to do!), Kiruv class with Rabbi Lauffer, Rav Orlowek (he still doesn't know who I am.)

Tuesday - Nach Yomi (not a good start...), Rabbi Segal's class (I have no idea what to do for my end of term project...), went out to meet my mom and Sammy in town (to buy material for my new white skirt - that I have to make...), went back to school for Kuzari (got an 'A' on the test) and Chaburos. Thought the night would end there but, no, at about 11:30pm Sammy and my mom came. (It seems that sometimes things happen that make absolutely no sense, this is one of those things - an amazing person who filled other people's lives with joy and happiness, who was always there to lend a hand to help, or an ear to listen was tragically killed in a car accident. He was a genuine one of a kind person, a gem who spent all his time striving to help others. Words cannot express how much this world has lost by losing him.)

Wednesday - Nach Yomi (yeah, again...have I ever mentioned that I HATE NACH YOMI!!!), then B'reishit (I LOVE MRS. MENDELOWITZ!!), class trip to the new Museum about the life of one Israel's greatest Prime Minister's Menachem Begin, Rabbi Nissel, Rabbi Cohen, (skipped Klei Hamikdash - again), RABBI TAUB!! (my favorite class all week!!!), To Shana Bet Messibat Siyum at the Greenfield's!!! (Thank you to all the teachers who came, it was great! slide-show, awards, poetry reading, and just general chilling!)

Thursday - (Hey, that's today...) Mamonot, Michtav M'Eliyahu, two hours free...(i packed to go home...), Rabbi Segal's class then Sammy called me "I'm bored, and i didn't want to go to chemistry so i went to your apartment and now i'm really bored." so I invited her to come to Moadim class. We started a new topic involving learning life's important lessons from Calvin and Hobbes. After class we jumped onto a 21 then hopped onto an overstuffed, hot and extremely smelly 420 bus to get home. When we arrived, we hung up streamers Lichvod Eli and Avi's birthdays (today is Eli's tomorrow is Avi's.) We had Gush Katif colored icing on the cake and an icing fight too.

Today I learned something important: Sour cream and onion cracker taste mothing like sour cream or onions.

Friday, May 13, 2005

a slightly sad story

Ok, it's Erev Shabbos and as usual mad Shabbos prep is underway. We're also making lots of (extra) stuff for the kiddush tomorrow...

(I should've known it wasn't gonna end well when I cracked the egg and somehow it missed the bowl and landed on the cat's head...)
Of course, I am the 'official baker' - however, I don't think that the cake really wanted to be baked... You see, after it expanded out of it's pan and the ears got burnt then it cracked in the middle and it's legs fell off - that's when I tried to remedy the situation with some frosting. (suffice it to say - that was a 'no go.')

His eyes ran into his ears and then - he died.

His wake will be held tonight after dinner (around desert time) after which we will inter him to his final resting place - Avi Chai's stomach...

yeah - that's my sad story for today.

Today I learned something important: When turning off a mixer, DO NOT a. attempt to stop the beaters with your hands or b. lift the mixer before it has come to a complete stop.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


YAY! my first ever real post with a point!

Well, today as you know was Yom Haatzmaut. (or as my little cousin explained it to me, "today is Israel's 57th birthday, Israel is getting old...")

The morning started off on a patriotic note - my mom made blue pancakes for breakfast (of course we ate them with powdered sugar.) then we made plans to go to the Preiser's House...

Anyway to make the story short - we celebrated in the true Israeli style. After driving to Neve Alizah in the Shomron in a car boasting both an Israeli Flag and a "We're With Gush Katif" flag, we arrived at my cousin's house and had a 'proper' BBQ.

It was really nice. (that sounds like a first grade sentence - but it sums up the event very well and succinctly.)

Highlights of the trip -
1. I got my book back from Chaim (after chasing him into his room, whacking him with his pillow and threating to threaten him with his shoe.)
2. I convinced Shui to perform a science experiment to find out, just how many pieces of popcorn a 13 year old boy can actually shove into his mouth at one time. (something like 25 - but then again, he has a pretty big mouth...) ;)
AND last but not least -
3. Listening to Savta tell (for the GaJillionth time) all the funny stories of "Stupid things that my Mom and my Aunt have done..."

Today i Learned something important: If it's not a tomato plant, then it won't grow tomatos.

Look! i found friends!!!

The mUshpacha! hehehe! that's us... i'm just having fun with all this waaay cool tech-stuff. (i'm actually computer illiterate... lol!) Posted by Hello


Well, i guess there's a first time for everything. I was inspired to try out this whole 'blogging' thing. i figured - heck, why not? sure beats trying to keep a diary (in my case it does, cause i'm always losing them...) and like this all my friends can keep up-to-date on what's up with me. (of course that means i'll need to post new stuff every once in a while, but come on, how hard can that be?) now i'll just have to find some friends who are interested...