Friday, May 13, 2005

a slightly sad story

Ok, it's Erev Shabbos and as usual mad Shabbos prep is underway. We're also making lots of (extra) stuff for the kiddush tomorrow...

(I should've known it wasn't gonna end well when I cracked the egg and somehow it missed the bowl and landed on the cat's head...)
Of course, I am the 'official baker' - however, I don't think that the cake really wanted to be baked... You see, after it expanded out of it's pan and the ears got burnt then it cracked in the middle and it's legs fell off - that's when I tried to remedy the situation with some frosting. (suffice it to say - that was a 'no go.')

His eyes ran into his ears and then - he died.

His wake will be held tonight after dinner (around desert time) after which we will inter him to his final resting place - Avi Chai's stomach...

yeah - that's my sad story for today.

Today I learned something important: When turning off a mixer, DO NOT a. attempt to stop the beaters with your hands or b. lift the mixer before it has come to a complete stop.


Hinda said...

Okay, I am so sorry, but I had a laugh at the expense of your cake. Lori, you're awesome. I hope the wake went well and that the cake is at peace with itself. Or should it be PIECE with itself. Okay, I REALLY need sleep.

Anonymous said...

LORI! that is such a sad story...sorry to hear about the cookie/cake thing. Im sure your family got over it, probably around desert time. I hope to hear better things from you in the future...more happy stories! Miss you! :)

Adina said...

You are crazy Ilove you !!!
that was such a Lori story I'm so excited that you have a blog spot I am so excited to keep up with the many crazy and interesting tid bits in your life. I wish I was in Israel with you and the rest of the Afikei girls I miss everyone soooooooooo much

Kiss the Kotel for me and send hugs to Everyone

can't wait to read more!

Adina (remember me here is a hint Taaaaaaakkkkkkkaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!)