Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Week in short...

This has been one whacked out crazy week...

Sunday - I went back to school (in the wee hours of the morning with Sammy), Mrs. Mendelowitz is back on the job (YAY!!!), I skipped Rav Shadmi's class (because I was in no mood to listen to broken Heblish for two and a half hours.) So, instead I did my End of Term B'reishit Project (it came out very well, if I do say so myself.)

Monday - Nach Yomi (can the day get any worse?), free - free - free, Worked on Rabbi Manning's "Hilchot Mamonot" test (the thing took me four and a half hours to do!), Kiruv class with Rabbi Lauffer, Rav Orlowek (he still doesn't know who I am.)

Tuesday - Nach Yomi (not a good start...), Rabbi Segal's class (I have no idea what to do for my end of term project...), went out to meet my mom and Sammy in town (to buy material for my new white skirt - that I have to make...), went back to school for Kuzari (got an 'A' on the test) and Chaburos. Thought the night would end there but, no, at about 11:30pm Sammy and my mom came. (It seems that sometimes things happen that make absolutely no sense, this is one of those things - an amazing person who filled other people's lives with joy and happiness, who was always there to lend a hand to help, or an ear to listen was tragically killed in a car accident. He was a genuine one of a kind person, a gem who spent all his time striving to help others. Words cannot express how much this world has lost by losing him.)

Wednesday - Nach Yomi (yeah, again...have I ever mentioned that I HATE NACH YOMI!!!), then B'reishit (I LOVE MRS. MENDELOWITZ!!), class trip to the new Museum about the life of one Israel's greatest Prime Minister's Menachem Begin, Rabbi Nissel, Rabbi Cohen, (skipped Klei Hamikdash - again), RABBI TAUB!! (my favorite class all week!!!), To Shana Bet Messibat Siyum at the Greenfield's!!! (Thank you to all the teachers who came, it was great! slide-show, awards, poetry reading, and just general chilling!)

Thursday - (Hey, that's today...) Mamonot, Michtav M'Eliyahu, two hours free...(i packed to go home...), Rabbi Segal's class then Sammy called me "I'm bored, and i didn't want to go to chemistry so i went to your apartment and now i'm really bored." so I invited her to come to Moadim class. We started a new topic involving learning life's important lessons from Calvin and Hobbes. After class we jumped onto a 21 then hopped onto an overstuffed, hot and extremely smelly 420 bus to get home. When we arrived, we hung up streamers Lichvod Eli and Avi's birthdays (today is Eli's tomorrow is Avi's.) We had Gush Katif colored icing on the cake and an icing fight too.

Today I learned something important: Sour cream and onion cracker taste mothing like sour cream or onions.


Hinda said...

First of all...I WANTED TO GO TO THE MESSIBAT SIYUM! Second of all, have you ever really had sour cream and onions? I mean REALLY? :)

Adina said...

First of all I wanted to say baruch dayan emet, I am really sorry to hear about your loss it sounds as if you really respected this person.

and I'm with Hinda I wanted to go to the messibat siyum too :(
But I spoke to Deborah and Mrs. Mandelowitz while you guys were there and I heard you guys having fun so it was kinda like I was there ... right?!

as far as the sour cream and onions thing as long as they taste good. that what really matters isn't it??

anyway we have to all get together when you come in to america so pencil us in someplace k

Luv ya!
~Adina :)