Thursday, May 12, 2005


YAY! my first ever real post with a point!

Well, today as you know was Yom Haatzmaut. (or as my little cousin explained it to me, "today is Israel's 57th birthday, Israel is getting old...")

The morning started off on a patriotic note - my mom made blue pancakes for breakfast (of course we ate them with powdered sugar.) then we made plans to go to the Preiser's House...

Anyway to make the story short - we celebrated in the true Israeli style. After driving to Neve Alizah in the Shomron in a car boasting both an Israeli Flag and a "We're With Gush Katif" flag, we arrived at my cousin's house and had a 'proper' BBQ.

It was really nice. (that sounds like a first grade sentence - but it sums up the event very well and succinctly.)

Highlights of the trip -
1. I got my book back from Chaim (after chasing him into his room, whacking him with his pillow and threating to threaten him with his shoe.)
2. I convinced Shui to perform a science experiment to find out, just how many pieces of popcorn a 13 year old boy can actually shove into his mouth at one time. (something like 25 - but then again, he has a pretty big mouth...) ;)
AND last but not least -
3. Listening to Savta tell (for the GaJillionth time) all the funny stories of "Stupid things that my Mom and my Aunt have done..."

Today i Learned something important: If it's not a tomato plant, then it won't grow tomatos.

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Hinda said...

Wow! That lesson was deep! If the tomato plant was in a Dr. Suess book, it would probably grow purple polka dotted snufflebumps. Okay, so I need sleep.