Wednesday, June 29, 2005

it's really - JUNE 28th!!!!...

ok - so i'm to lazy to change the date and tome to make it seem like i really wrote this on the 28th so it says i wrote it on the 29th which is true but i'm writing about the 28th.

woke up. made a special birthday lunch for daddy. cleaned my room... cleaned my room... cleaned my room. worked on my gum wrapper chain. cleaned my room... cleaned my room. went to Brenda's graduationy thingamajig. went out to pick up pizza. ate pizza while watching The Matrix with Sammy in the basement.

Oh, and in case you were wondering - my room isn't clean yet.

officially it is my legal (english) 20th birthday RIGHT NOW and i'm wasting it doing this. sad, no? well. frankly - i have no other choice. why? well, #1 All my friends are far away from me #2 people i thought were my friends have been found out to be merely aquaintances #3 it's 1:30 in the MORNING! and last but not least... #4 Sammy is sleeping.

Random Fact: My head hurts.

Today I learned something ummmm, interesting? In a play you need it to look very real so when you do eating scenes you REALLY need to eat - hence the salad, rice and PIZZA!

p.s. The 'dance' in the play was very cute but the first thing that came to mind was "wow! that would be Mrs. Newman's worst nightmare in a Mother Daughter Performance." It was pretty funny.


Thursday, June 23, 2005

Boredsday... (like every day!)

So, everyone left the house to do stuff. Sammy actually went to school (hehehe!), mommy and daddy took brenda and ezri for passport pictures, Eli went to school (i think) and Avi went to "lets teach them how to raise hell school" (also known as: Gan).

I baked white bread and peanut butter cookies for the 'picnic' which we went on in Ayalon Park (RBS) It was quite enjoyable and the view wasn't toooo bad either ;) *wink wink* It wasn't as good as pancakes in the morning but it was fun enough...

I have to work on cleaning up the living mess that is rapidly reproducing and taking up my entire bedroom. At least I emptied out one of my suitcases from the states and got the thing out of my room this morning. It's not much but it is a start.

Tomorrow night is Shabbos... (methinks it's gonna be a boring one.) Mebbe I can make up for it by convincing Sammy to watch a movie with me tonight. i'm thinking something action-packed and downright dirty - something like King Arthur. I mean, they sure were dirty! Funny how in real life people spend so much time trying to stay clean so they can look good and impress people so that they can make money and in the movies actors have to get painted up and made to look dirty in order to get money. it's such a confusingly messed up world we live in. (That was deep enough to be my thought of the day. So I am counting it as "Something deep and profound that I thought of today.")

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I-kead out!!!

so it's been a while - i know, i know. but now that i'm back home i have to start doing more important stuff than blogging. (you know - like sleeping and making messes and bugging sammy. important things...)

What have I been up to lately? Good question. Well, I haven't really gotten out of the house much (I mean, walkingto Mister Zol and Super-Hatzlacha DON'T count!!) I've just been bumming around and being useless.

Then this morning mommy and daddy invited me to join them on an adventure... we went to IKEA!!! I love Ikea. I really do! They have all sorts of great stuff and creative ideas! (They've inspired me to "comic strip" a wall in my bedroom... (basically it means de' coupaging a whole wall with comics - I was thinking ARCHIE floor to ceiling!!!)) Anywho - we wandered around and spent some time chilling in the astro-turf room. We succeeded in getting a unit for all the stuff in the kid's room in the basement. and then we headed home.

now i'm doing this. (i always mention that just to make sure that you know how hard i'm working on this.) Sammy wants to sit around a just 'stare at each other' - like they used to do before the snarfblat was invented. (if you don't know where thats from then do yourself a favor and GET UP TO DATE ON YOUR DISNEY!!!!!!)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Sigh of Relief and a Shabbat at home...

Well, now that I've been home for a Shabbat I feel like I'm back in a 'normal routine' (or as normal as any routine of mine could be...)

Prep for Shabbat was great - sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, get dressed for Shabbat Friday night went well - go to shul, walk home, eat, chill with people, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep...
Shabbat day - Daddy forgot to wake us up so we got to shul in time for musaf. Went home, ate lunch, went to the Ampi (to play 'football'), went home, chilled till Shabbat was over.

On the HAPPY side - Sara came over to visit (and study for a Toshba Matkonet on Sunday...) we had lots of fun and lots of laughs (like we always do when Sara comes over!!)

Shabbat is now over. Sammy is reading to me from the Sefer Hachinuch (in a sad attempt to study for her Matkonet tomorrow.) I'm trying to get more CDs onto my computer so I can 'activate' my i-pod and actually have stuff on it to listen to. My friends (oh yeah, I don't actually have many friends on the block...) but the one I do have went out to hang out with other friends from high school and now I'm stuck doing this...

I'm gonna go make faces at myself in the mirror. I never fail to amuse myself like that.

Also - I HATE my next door neighbors (NOT the Greens. Think other side...) Yeah, if they were drowning - I would NOT try to save them. I'd let them go under. In fact I think I'd be doing the general population a favor. I only hope that the oldest sons friends go down with the rest of the family...

Friday, June 17, 2005

Cause I love my Freddie!

At the insistence of Sammy I have decided to update my blog.

So, I'm HOME! It's the greatestest feeling in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! Of course, now it's Friday so I really should be getting ready for Shabbos and be busy unpacking all the stuff from my suitcases BUT... (I'm just tooooooo lazy.)

This morning I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and couldn't fall back asleep! so at 7:00 I went with Sammy into Yerushalayim and I went to my 'old apartment' to wake everyone up and say HI!!! Well, it was nice - I got to see Becca, Deborah and Erica. We sat around and shmoozed about all the stuff we should be doing and it was great fun!

Then I said g'bye (I HATE SAYING GOOD-BYES!) and headed to Tachanah Merkazit with Becca. Luckily for me Sammy finished her bagrut early and decided to wait for me - so we got onto the (strangest) 415 (I've EVER seen.) Then we got off in Mercaz so that Sammy could get a book from Masada that she needs for her Matkonet on Sunday. Then we walked home.

Now - I'm lying in my bed and trying to 'shtoop' my music into my computer so that I can put it onto my i-pod. Complicated proccess... (for me anyway. specially cause I keep falling asleep.)

Anywho - Shabbos tonight (YAY!) and hopefully it's gonna be a great one!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Z'man Matan Toratainu...

Wow! Well, Shavout is over now (for Mommy n' Me at least.) The Holiday went quite smoothly if I do say so myself. Went to shul Sunday night. Went to shul Monday morning (on time!) and spent all afternoon sleeping. Of course thanks to my 6 hour long nap in the afternoon I wasn't the least bit sleepy at 11:00 when we finished dinner. So, I dragged Mommy upstairs and we watched 'Gladiator.' It was good - excepting for the fact that (as in most movies now-a-days) all the battle scenes are over-dramatized. I know that the viewers enjoy the blood, guts and gore spattering the screen however I find it distasteful especially because unlike in Shakespearean times - movies are a 'fourth person' experience and the actors cannot even hear the shouts and advice of the audience. When the movie ended (at 2:30) sleep still eluded me - so I read/finished my book. (The Forest House - by:Marion Zimmer Bradley. Not as good as the others - Mist of Avalon is still my favorite. But moving in it's own way.) At 6:00 a.m. I drifted off and woke up at 9:00 a.m.

It's second day Chag for Saba and Savta and I am under house arrest owing to the fact that I can't do any M'lacha in public. So I intend to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, a little time packing up my stuff, some time packing up Saba and Savta's stuff and all around lazing about.

Later I'll go say 'good-bye' to the Chazanows.

I just have to make it through today and I can go HOME!!! I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED!!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Another Day - Another Headache...

Woke up. (Got woken up.)
Ate Breakfast. (Was force fed.)
Lazed about. (Looked through Savta's 'papers.')
Did some shopping. (Went to Home Depot.)
Got some nice stuff. (Caulk for the bathrooms.)
Ate some more. (What's with the feeding me thing anyway??)
Lazed about some more. (Packed a few boxes.)
Listened to music. (Listened to Mommy and Savta having a 'discussion'.)
Went out for a drive. (Went to Shop-rite.)
Got a makeover. (Washed my face.)
Surfed the Web. (Updated my blog.)

Wow! Busy day, huh?

On a slightly sick note - Mommy wants to know: "If pancakes are so good, why not call them Hotcakes?"

So - Tonight begins Shavuot. I have no energy for this! I want to spend Shavuot in Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh!! I wanna walk to the Kotel!!! WWWAHHHH!!!

YAY! - just Yomayim V'Ktzat left... ;)

(Important News-flash: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASSY!!!! Sassy is Elmo's official babysitter. Sassy's birthday is 6.13!!!! She's so frum! ;) I Luv ya Sas!)

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Made it to shul on time (or a little early...) Then, in the middle of Chazarat Ha'shatz of Shacharit suddenly I heard a really wierd noise behind me it was an almost ignorable thing except that then I was attacked... Hindy (who DID NOT know that I was in) had come into shul and seen me. She was breathing so hard that I almost wondered whether I had caused her to have an asthma attack or something. Then I went upstairs and scared/surprised Moushkie (who was equally confused to see me - 'specially seeing as it had been her MOTHER who knocked on the door insisting that she 'open up and lemme in!')

Anywho aside from the surprises - Saba and Savta sponsored a Kiddush in honor of their upcoming ALIYAH to the Holy Land (yay!!) It was a very nice affair (with cholent and everything...) Personally my favorite part (masochistically enough) was when Hindy (who is forever getting me in trouble...) tried to introduce me to one of the Bochrim. (So sad, two years ago these guys probably would have been in my house every week and probably more frequently too. Now they don't even know who the Pollys are.)

After shul we went back to the house. I was dreaming of chance meetings between pancakes and lawn-mowers and smiling to myself. I spent all afternoon sitting around (hence the title of this post) I tried to read my Marion Zimmer Bradley book (it didn't work) I tried to read Dr. Seuss (it didn't work) I tried playing cards (that didn't work - and I lost every game!) Then I turned to eating (I Like TERRA chips! They are YUMMY!) After that I was full, feeling VERY fat and still I was bored. I decided not to go across the street to find people because that would have involved me getting dressed again. (It's not like at home where I can go out wearing my short black skirt over my scrubs.)

When Shabbos was over Mommy went out to 'chill' with Sharon H. and I was left to fend for myself in the uncharted wilds of Saba and Savta's house. I finally gave up and asked Savta for some coloring books. Then I took my new markers for a spin. They work really nicely! I colored in all the pictures of Disney's princesses with their princes! It was really very magical. Then on a whim I colored in Vanessa (Ursula in disguise...) but she looks strangely like me... (except that I'm not quite that skinny) ;)

Finally I decided to check my e-mail and re-blog...

Just 3 and a part days left in the Diaspora... I'm so excited!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Just One Shabbos...

Hmmmm... well, I woke up late today. I think I rolled out of bed somewhere between 10:00 and 10:30 this morning! (I guess I was tired...)

Went through papers in the basement, ate breakfast, went shopping (again) and now I'm baaack! As I mindlessly much on Sweet Potato Chips I think to myself - "yum, these are good." and "hmmm, what else is there to write?"

I bought lots of new stuff today! First of al, WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THAT GUY GAVIEL KAY CAME OUT WITH A NEW BOOK?!?! Nuu, guys - he's my favorite author! It's the least you could've done! AND 3 Doors Down also put out a new album. (I've been in Israel - not on some other planet! why am I so outta touch with all this stuff?!?!)

Prep for Shabbos is in full swing and I've gotta go pick at some more of the Apple Crisp... (hope Mommy isn't in the kitchen) ;)

10 days done...
4 (and a bit) days left...

the basement is STILL not fully packed...

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Watched "First Knight" last night with my mom. Was not worth the time, I mean - it was ok but... yeah, totally not worth staying up till 3:00 a.m. watching. 'Specially since I got woken up at 8:30 to go out to the mall.

Then at about 2:00 Mommy n' me headed over to the bus-stop to catch a bus into 'The City.' (First time EVER on a public transportation bus in NJ - it doesn't even begin to compare to Israel's sophisticated system, not to mention that it's highway robbery! $9.10 EACH WAY!!)

Anywho - we got together with the Millers (which was really really nice!!) First we chilled in their apartment until we headed out to do some shopping (Barnes and Noble and Tower Records!) Followed by Dinner. We then walked back to their place and Aunt Sabrina drove us back to Port Authority (we got there just in time to catch the bus! no waiting for us...) Saba picked us up on rt. 9 and now I'm here, doing this - (again...)

Today I Learned Something New: Bus Drivers in America and Bus Drivers in Israel are trained VERY VERY differently.

just ___ more days till I'm home! I can't wait to take a bus into Yerushalayim! ('specially cause I'm gonna see RJ, Deborah, Hinda and Erica!!!!)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Crayola is my friend...

YES! I scored a box of 96 crayola crayons today!

I said "NO MORE BASEMENT" and they listened! Today we worked on the cupboards and cabinets in the family room on the main floor.

At 7:30 we headed to Levy's (Restaraunt) for the Women's Rosh Chodesh Club gathering.

All in all it was a 'quiet' day. yet still, I am totally wiped out and exhausted!

The only productive(???) thing I did today was eat somewhere between 15 and 19 cookies. (we baked chocolate chip cookies with LIGHT brown sugar!!) They were SOOOOO good!

Now I've gotta go sleep off the gazillion pounds (kilos) that I gained today...

I'm another day closer to going home!!! :)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Thought for the day: Dehydrated/ancient rubber bands (that disintegrate when you touch 'em) are disgusting!

Today I decided that I will do all that is in my power to revive the trend of women wearing white lace gloves. (Cause I have some vintage ones...)

I walked around today with a peach colored satin ribbon tied to my pony-tail.

I also bought my Crayola Markers (thick and thin) today - and even spent half an hour writing my name on each and every one (to prove ownership.)

I made the conscious decision NOT to buy a hair iron.

My new sneakers need a REALLY good 'breaking in' session - so if anyone is willing to walk with me when I get home... lemme know.

I like cinnamon toothpaste. It's different.

The basement is "almost" done... hopefully we'll finish it by tomorrow evening (before mommy and me go to the 'women's rosh chodesh' thingy...)


7 days down - 7 to go...

Monday, June 06, 2005

The laaaast Melon...


ok - so this packing thing is getting to me. (can ya tell?!?!?!)

I suggested that maybe, rather than piling up all the boxes in the middle of the room that maybe we should move all of them into one corner of the basement that is empty and already packed up(we are currently packing up the basement...) and I was informed that there is no particular corner in the basement that is actually fully packed yet. (we've been down there for THREE days!!!)

Hopeless? well, I'm not generally pessimistic (cynical and sarcastic I can do... funny and hyper usually... however down-right depressing isn't my style) but I dunno if we're gonna get through all of the STUFF! I mean goodness knows we're trying but the junk keeps multiplying. I don't even know how!!!

Went through the Pesach kitchen today - (scored a blender for iced coffee) and packed sooooo much STUFF!

Funniest part of today was either the pow-wow with feathers in my hair or it was packing up 2 boxes of "harlequin romance novels" (Savta tells me all girls like them - I figure, I must not be a girl...) I said we should just keep one and white out the names throughout the whole thing then write up a list of all the possible names that could be used; brianna and kent, viviane and mike, lisa and ian... then when whoever reads it, reads it - they could choose the names they like best and plug them in (depending of course on their mood) seeing as all of the books are the same storyline anyway.

Now it's raining outside (b"H not inside...) and thunder and lightning'ing' too! it's so cool, I haven't lived through a 'storm' in June for 2 years! lol!

also - I'd like to thank the air-conditioning dude, wherever he may be, for fixing the AC and saving me from another night of suffocation! (Not that I suffocated last night b"H, cause if I had I wouldn't be typing this...but it was a trifle airless.)

Today I Realized Something New: I have a dilemma and know what the right thing to do is - but i really want to go ahead and do the 'fun thing' which isn't REALLY right or wrong (but it's more wrong...) mebbe I should wait and see whats going on - if I'm lucky I'll get some pancakes at home later in the summer but not for sure. If I do, the first thing I'll do is mow the grass! ;) I think that's a good plan!

Day 6 is done enough (b"H!)

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Ok, so really, it's Sunday! But all i keep thinking to myself is suMday all the boxes WILL be packed...

Woke up and ate cobwebs for breakfast, spent half an hour bunching hangers together and twist-tie'ing' them to one another (about 150 hangers...), packed MORE linens and bed-clothes and just all around had fun with the tape gun!

Then we went to the mall to find something for mommy to wear tonight... (mission - semi-successful.)

By the time we got home Mommy, Saba and Savta tackled the garage whilst I skipped over to Chabad house to see Chanale and check out the "friendship circle BBQ" that was going on (it was really nice: moon-walk, music, magician and of course - food...)

I couldn't spend much time there cause I had to get ready for the party. Uncle Michael was being honored at MJC and we were going. Not that i wasn't excited but, you know me, I HATE parties and I HATE getting all dressed up!! But, I managed to pull myself together enough to look presentable (at least, I thought I did a pretty good job of it. and Denkberg - I WORE THE PRETTY SKIRT!) On our way out we stopped at Chabad to return Chanale's hair iron (yes, I actually put some hishtadlut into looking nice for this thing.) and My favoritest Rebbetzin admonished me for going to a 'black tie affair' wearing my Naot sandals. Hehehe, well frankly I didn't care, I mean - let them think me uncivilized, right??! right!

It was a nice evening. It was GREAT to see all my relatives (who I haven't seen for 2 years)! only sad thing was, by 10:00 my eyes were closing with exhaustion (i had been up since about 5:00am) so we said our g'byes and left.

Sammy: you think the bus driver 'abducting' you was bad? well, waiting for the 2nd valet to bring our car was a party in itself. I was really tired so started babbling to momy in Hebrew (yes, I was speaking in Hebrew. I actually do know how to - ok?! so leave me alone.) Anyway, the other guy was just standing there looking at me like I had fallen from some other planet (or Israel maybe) - but I guess he recognized the language cause when the car finally showed up he opened the door for me and as I got in he said 'L'hitraot' even funnier - as we started pulling away he waved and said 'Layla tov' (I guess it's not so funny now that I think about it, maybe it was the fact that his accent on saying the two simple phrases almost dislocated his jaw or it could've been the fact that I'm used to hearing the language spoken in it's natural musical lilt...) I'm not sure, all I know is at the time it was funny and it was one of those strange things that sometimes happens. So, I wanted to share it. and now, I have.

Day #5 - V'gamarnu...

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Shabbos. A day of rest?

Ok! Well, thanks to jetlag i managed to get up in time for shul (ummm, 'scuse me but - 9:30 is a joke...) The Gordon's got there right ahead of us and didn't expect to see us (I love surprising people.) Shul was nice, I really have missed some of the tunes that they sing. There was a kiddush and then we went back to Saba and Savta's house.

I had a headache so I followed Dr. Sammy's wise advice and ate a turkey sandwich. Guess what?! It worked!

After lunch I dragged mommy out for a walk (the long way to the Gordon's house...) Cruel? I know. It was really nice to spend time catching up with them though and so well worth the physical exertion!

We walked back to Colleen Court and arrived just in time to make havdalah! (perfect timing if I do say so myself.)

Then, we had a melave malka (consisting of A LOT of colorful sprinkles and a GENEROUS helping of my very own MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ice cream! (have i mentioned that this is my most favorite ice cream in the world?!!?))

We then packed up some boxes and then - the day was done. Day #4 is over.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Half Empty or Half Full?!

Ok... Day #3 is off to a good start. It's cold, overcast and raining.

On the bright side: Mommy and Me are stealing the car and heading down to Lakewood to buy MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ice cream. (My favoritest flavor in the whole wide world!!!)

Shabbos is coming soon too! This is gonna be so much fun! I am very excited! :)

A whole shabbos with Chanale (and Hindy is gonna be home too... - yay! another person to surprise.)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Day Two...

Well, 3:00 a.m. is a nice hour. It is also an hour that I would prefer to be sleeping during - nevertheless, at 3:00 this morning I woke up and started my day.

At around 7:00 my mom woke up and suggested that maybe I should think about getting dressed... so, I did.

THEN: we started to "PACK..." (I really don't like four letter words, and at the moment PACK is just about the dirtiest word one could possibly say...) we packed; flat sheets, pillowcases, fitted sheets, quilt covers, throw blankets, quilts, pillows and anything else that one could conceivably use to 'make up a nice bed.' (Of course all of the pillows and quilts needed to be 'suctioned' in order to conserve space, so my mom and i set to work stuffing things into BIG black garbage bags then sticking in the hose of the vacuum shrinking the 'pekalach' down to size then quickly twisting the top of the bag, securing it with some heavy-duty tape and shoving it into a box before it had time to re-expand...) I dunno - I don't think I've ever seen so many 'bed-clothes' in one place before (not even in the store...)

Finally we decided to take a break from packing so we went shopping! (don't get too excited - we went grocery shopping.)

After our break I needed a break from the break so I dragged my mom out for a walk. We went to Oxford Court, and walked past our old house. It still looks the same but in my mind I don't associate the house with myself. Then on a whim we decided to go do something 'for us' so we went out and got new t-shirts, sneakers, hair-clips and lip gloss. (if i step on any of those new hairclips...) Our last stop of the evening was Barnes and Noble (without a doubt my favorite indoor place in all of New Jersey.) I GOT DR. SEUSS!!! I'm so happy and excited!

I have also officially admitted that i suffer from a condition known as OCRD (obsessive compulsive reading disorder) I just can't stop myself! (the salesperson in the store said that he was glad to hear of my 'illness' and said that generally they encourage it...)

Now - I'm off to sleep (aren't I always?) I think I'll read one of my new books tonight (maybe Green Eggs and Ham?)

L'hitraot Li'Kulam!

Today I Learned Something New: The Diffusion/Osmosis of air into vacuum packed garbage bags is not detered by twisty-ties, rubber-bands or scotch tape.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

America, New Jersey

Hey Folks! well I can't believe I'm reporting live (well, sorta) from Manalapan, New Jersey after over a week of WorldWideWebSilence. I'm at my grandparents house and sorely need a nap but decided - if i don't update this thing then i should just quit the whole bussiness all-together (but then my friends wouldn't know what i was up to and it was just be sad. so i'm stickin with it.)

since landing in America at 5:30 this morning I have:
1. Surprised Chanale'
2. Surprised both the Rabbi and the Rebbetzin
3. Gazed upon the "pancakes" of my trip (hame'vin ya'vin)
4. Met Reva-Rochel
5. Driven to Lakewood
6. Eaten a bagel
7. Gone shopping
8. Eaten "american pizza"

and now am staring forlornly at the computer screen trying to figure out whether the leters should be dancing like they are or not...

Anyway - I gotta go do stuff now so i'm gonna go do it!

L'hitraot for now - but I'll be back soon (bli neder...)

p.s. SAMMY - why in the name of the last holy moly melon did the stupid impish pancake grow major peach fuzz?!?!?!? huh??!? RIDDLE ME THIS!! or GIMME BACK MY TOOTHBRUSH!)

Today I Learned Something Important: when Saba says to take a sweater, take the sweater (or else you'll catch a sneeze.)