Wednesday, June 01, 2005

America, New Jersey

Hey Folks! well I can't believe I'm reporting live (well, sorta) from Manalapan, New Jersey after over a week of WorldWideWebSilence. I'm at my grandparents house and sorely need a nap but decided - if i don't update this thing then i should just quit the whole bussiness all-together (but then my friends wouldn't know what i was up to and it was just be sad. so i'm stickin with it.)

since landing in America at 5:30 this morning I have:
1. Surprised Chanale'
2. Surprised both the Rabbi and the Rebbetzin
3. Gazed upon the "pancakes" of my trip (hame'vin ya'vin)
4. Met Reva-Rochel
5. Driven to Lakewood
6. Eaten a bagel
7. Gone shopping
8. Eaten "american pizza"

and now am staring forlornly at the computer screen trying to figure out whether the leters should be dancing like they are or not...

Anyway - I gotta go do stuff now so i'm gonna go do it!

L'hitraot for now - but I'll be back soon (bli neder...)

p.s. SAMMY - why in the name of the last holy moly melon did the stupid impish pancake grow major peach fuzz?!?!?!? huh??!? RIDDLE ME THIS!! or GIMME BACK MY TOOTHBRUSH!)

Today I Learned Something Important: when Saba says to take a sweater, take the sweater (or else you'll catch a sneeze.)


Adina :) said...

Hi Lori!
welcome to america
we must get together while you are here!

see ya!
~ Adina :)

Anonymous said...

Well, usually I would say, if a pancake starts to grow fuzz dont eat it, but considering that this is a very "special" pancake maybe you should try a tasselhoff hint *wink wink wink... shave it off... wink wink wink* =)