Sunday, June 12, 2005

Another Day - Another Headache...

Woke up. (Got woken up.)
Ate Breakfast. (Was force fed.)
Lazed about. (Looked through Savta's 'papers.')
Did some shopping. (Went to Home Depot.)
Got some nice stuff. (Caulk for the bathrooms.)
Ate some more. (What's with the feeding me thing anyway??)
Lazed about some more. (Packed a few boxes.)
Listened to music. (Listened to Mommy and Savta having a 'discussion'.)
Went out for a drive. (Went to Shop-rite.)
Got a makeover. (Washed my face.)
Surfed the Web. (Updated my blog.)

Wow! Busy day, huh?

On a slightly sick note - Mommy wants to know: "If pancakes are so good, why not call them Hotcakes?"

So - Tonight begins Shavuot. I have no energy for this! I want to spend Shavuot in Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh!! I wanna walk to the Kotel!!! WWWAHHHH!!!

YAY! - just Yomayim V'Ktzat left... ;)

(Important News-flash: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASSY!!!! Sassy is Elmo's official babysitter. Sassy's birthday is 6.13!!!! She's so frum! ;) I Luv ya Sas!)

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