Thursday, June 02, 2005

Day Two...

Well, 3:00 a.m. is a nice hour. It is also an hour that I would prefer to be sleeping during - nevertheless, at 3:00 this morning I woke up and started my day.

At around 7:00 my mom woke up and suggested that maybe I should think about getting dressed... so, I did.

THEN: we started to "PACK..." (I really don't like four letter words, and at the moment PACK is just about the dirtiest word one could possibly say...) we packed; flat sheets, pillowcases, fitted sheets, quilt covers, throw blankets, quilts, pillows and anything else that one could conceivably use to 'make up a nice bed.' (Of course all of the pillows and quilts needed to be 'suctioned' in order to conserve space, so my mom and i set to work stuffing things into BIG black garbage bags then sticking in the hose of the vacuum shrinking the 'pekalach' down to size then quickly twisting the top of the bag, securing it with some heavy-duty tape and shoving it into a box before it had time to re-expand...) I dunno - I don't think I've ever seen so many 'bed-clothes' in one place before (not even in the store...)

Finally we decided to take a break from packing so we went shopping! (don't get too excited - we went grocery shopping.)

After our break I needed a break from the break so I dragged my mom out for a walk. We went to Oxford Court, and walked past our old house. It still looks the same but in my mind I don't associate the house with myself. Then on a whim we decided to go do something 'for us' so we went out and got new t-shirts, sneakers, hair-clips and lip gloss. (if i step on any of those new hairclips...) Our last stop of the evening was Barnes and Noble (without a doubt my favorite indoor place in all of New Jersey.) I GOT DR. SEUSS!!! I'm so happy and excited!

I have also officially admitted that i suffer from a condition known as OCRD (obsessive compulsive reading disorder) I just can't stop myself! (the salesperson in the store said that he was glad to hear of my 'illness' and said that generally they encourage it...)

Now - I'm off to sleep (aren't I always?) I think I'll read one of my new books tonight (maybe Green Eggs and Ham?)

L'hitraot Li'Kulam!

Today I Learned Something New: The Diffusion/Osmosis of air into vacuum packed garbage bags is not detered by twisty-ties, rubber-bands or scotch tape.

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