Monday, June 06, 2005

The laaaast Melon...


ok - so this packing thing is getting to me. (can ya tell?!?!?!)

I suggested that maybe, rather than piling up all the boxes in the middle of the room that maybe we should move all of them into one corner of the basement that is empty and already packed up(we are currently packing up the basement...) and I was informed that there is no particular corner in the basement that is actually fully packed yet. (we've been down there for THREE days!!!)

Hopeless? well, I'm not generally pessimistic (cynical and sarcastic I can do... funny and hyper usually... however down-right depressing isn't my style) but I dunno if we're gonna get through all of the STUFF! I mean goodness knows we're trying but the junk keeps multiplying. I don't even know how!!!

Went through the Pesach kitchen today - (scored a blender for iced coffee) and packed sooooo much STUFF!

Funniest part of today was either the pow-wow with feathers in my hair or it was packing up 2 boxes of "harlequin romance novels" (Savta tells me all girls like them - I figure, I must not be a girl...) I said we should just keep one and white out the names throughout the whole thing then write up a list of all the possible names that could be used; brianna and kent, viviane and mike, lisa and ian... then when whoever reads it, reads it - they could choose the names they like best and plug them in (depending of course on their mood) seeing as all of the books are the same storyline anyway.

Now it's raining outside (b"H not inside...) and thunder and lightning'ing' too! it's so cool, I haven't lived through a 'storm' in June for 2 years! lol!

also - I'd like to thank the air-conditioning dude, wherever he may be, for fixing the AC and saving me from another night of suffocation! (Not that I suffocated last night b"H, cause if I had I wouldn't be typing this...but it was a trifle airless.)

Today I Realized Something New: I have a dilemma and know what the right thing to do is - but i really want to go ahead and do the 'fun thing' which isn't REALLY right or wrong (but it's more wrong...) mebbe I should wait and see whats going on - if I'm lucky I'll get some pancakes at home later in the summer but not for sure. If I do, the first thing I'll do is mow the grass! ;) I think that's a good plan!

Day 6 is done enough (b"H!)


Anonymous said...

sister dear... you're a nut! congrats! Anyway, since i'm not going to stay up til who knows when talking on the phone to you tonight seeing as how i gotta get up early to go do my Rosh Chodesh routine... i thought i'd just tell you hi and keep it short cause i am able to fill pages with fluff you know that, but i didnt want you to get lonely and feel like no body likes you cause you arent getting any comments so i decide to write you one, maybe i should just email next time... anyway have fun ;) and drink iced coffee for me too since mummys not here to make me any!!!!

Anonymous said...

shoot i forgot to put a "d" at the end of decided... i really do know how to spell!

Anonymous said...

hey! this is fun! and addictive!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ok... i'll stop now... sorry! but i've been tasselhoff infected... wanna see whats in my pouches??????

Anonymous said...

enough comments yet???? hehehe... g'night!

Anonymous said...

lori!!!!!!!!! i need ur email address (i cant figure out how to spell it right?)anyway... i was an idiot and didnt call u b4 u left to shmutz la'aretz so i need to write to u or else ill b sad. i have so much to tell u (a cute guy is involved...) sooo... send an email to so i can speak with u! love ya and miss u tons!