Saturday, June 11, 2005


Made it to shul on time (or a little early...) Then, in the middle of Chazarat Ha'shatz of Shacharit suddenly I heard a really wierd noise behind me it was an almost ignorable thing except that then I was attacked... Hindy (who DID NOT know that I was in) had come into shul and seen me. She was breathing so hard that I almost wondered whether I had caused her to have an asthma attack or something. Then I went upstairs and scared/surprised Moushkie (who was equally confused to see me - 'specially seeing as it had been her MOTHER who knocked on the door insisting that she 'open up and lemme in!')

Anywho aside from the surprises - Saba and Savta sponsored a Kiddush in honor of their upcoming ALIYAH to the Holy Land (yay!!) It was a very nice affair (with cholent and everything...) Personally my favorite part (masochistically enough) was when Hindy (who is forever getting me in trouble...) tried to introduce me to one of the Bochrim. (So sad, two years ago these guys probably would have been in my house every week and probably more frequently too. Now they don't even know who the Pollys are.)

After shul we went back to the house. I was dreaming of chance meetings between pancakes and lawn-mowers and smiling to myself. I spent all afternoon sitting around (hence the title of this post) I tried to read my Marion Zimmer Bradley book (it didn't work) I tried to read Dr. Seuss (it didn't work) I tried playing cards (that didn't work - and I lost every game!) Then I turned to eating (I Like TERRA chips! They are YUMMY!) After that I was full, feeling VERY fat and still I was bored. I decided not to go across the street to find people because that would have involved me getting dressed again. (It's not like at home where I can go out wearing my short black skirt over my scrubs.)

When Shabbos was over Mommy went out to 'chill' with Sharon H. and I was left to fend for myself in the uncharted wilds of Saba and Savta's house. I finally gave up and asked Savta for some coloring books. Then I took my new markers for a spin. They work really nicely! I colored in all the pictures of Disney's princesses with their princes! It was really very magical. Then on a whim I colored in Vanessa (Ursula in disguise...) but she looks strangely like me... (except that I'm not quite that skinny) ;)

Finally I decided to check my e-mail and re-blog...

Just 3 and a part days left in the Diaspora... I'm so excited!

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