Saturday, June 04, 2005

Shabbos. A day of rest?

Ok! Well, thanks to jetlag i managed to get up in time for shul (ummm, 'scuse me but - 9:30 is a joke...) The Gordon's got there right ahead of us and didn't expect to see us (I love surprising people.) Shul was nice, I really have missed some of the tunes that they sing. There was a kiddush and then we went back to Saba and Savta's house.

I had a headache so I followed Dr. Sammy's wise advice and ate a turkey sandwich. Guess what?! It worked!

After lunch I dragged mommy out for a walk (the long way to the Gordon's house...) Cruel? I know. It was really nice to spend time catching up with them though and so well worth the physical exertion!

We walked back to Colleen Court and arrived just in time to make havdalah! (perfect timing if I do say so myself.)

Then, we had a melave malka (consisting of A LOT of colorful sprinkles and a GENEROUS helping of my very own MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ice cream! (have i mentioned that this is my most favorite ice cream in the world?!!?))

We then packed up some boxes and then - the day was done. Day #4 is over.

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Adina :) said...

hi hi
I totally agree with you mint chip ice cream is the best flavor. not too rich and refreshing