Sunday, June 05, 2005


Ok, so really, it's Sunday! But all i keep thinking to myself is suMday all the boxes WILL be packed...

Woke up and ate cobwebs for breakfast, spent half an hour bunching hangers together and twist-tie'ing' them to one another (about 150 hangers...), packed MORE linens and bed-clothes and just all around had fun with the tape gun!

Then we went to the mall to find something for mommy to wear tonight... (mission - semi-successful.)

By the time we got home Mommy, Saba and Savta tackled the garage whilst I skipped over to Chabad house to see Chanale and check out the "friendship circle BBQ" that was going on (it was really nice: moon-walk, music, magician and of course - food...)

I couldn't spend much time there cause I had to get ready for the party. Uncle Michael was being honored at MJC and we were going. Not that i wasn't excited but, you know me, I HATE parties and I HATE getting all dressed up!! But, I managed to pull myself together enough to look presentable (at least, I thought I did a pretty good job of it. and Denkberg - I WORE THE PRETTY SKIRT!) On our way out we stopped at Chabad to return Chanale's hair iron (yes, I actually put some hishtadlut into looking nice for this thing.) and My favoritest Rebbetzin admonished me for going to a 'black tie affair' wearing my Naot sandals. Hehehe, well frankly I didn't care, I mean - let them think me uncivilized, right??! right!

It was a nice evening. It was GREAT to see all my relatives (who I haven't seen for 2 years)! only sad thing was, by 10:00 my eyes were closing with exhaustion (i had been up since about 5:00am) so we said our g'byes and left.

Sammy: you think the bus driver 'abducting' you was bad? well, waiting for the 2nd valet to bring our car was a party in itself. I was really tired so started babbling to momy in Hebrew (yes, I was speaking in Hebrew. I actually do know how to - ok?! so leave me alone.) Anyway, the other guy was just standing there looking at me like I had fallen from some other planet (or Israel maybe) - but I guess he recognized the language cause when the car finally showed up he opened the door for me and as I got in he said 'L'hitraot' even funnier - as we started pulling away he waved and said 'Layla tov' (I guess it's not so funny now that I think about it, maybe it was the fact that his accent on saying the two simple phrases almost dislocated his jaw or it could've been the fact that I'm used to hearing the language spoken in it's natural musical lilt...) I'm not sure, all I know is at the time it was funny and it was one of those strange things that sometimes happens. So, I wanted to share it. and now, I have.

Day #5 - V'gamarnu...

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