Monday, July 25, 2005


So, it's been about a month since last I actually took time to think about my blog... Sad, no? I mean how are you my adoring fans supposed to know what the heck is going on if I don't keep you informed? (for my sister: wee, I am ashamed!) Anywho for all of you who don't know (or didn't remember) the reason I've been gone for so long is because I was on an almost three week whirlwind touring/sightseeing and having fun trip with my mom and my sisters in the British Isles. We explored/adventured/braved (and "polly-fied") England, Scotland and Wales. We drank scotch, Drove on the Left side of the road, Round-abouted, Made friends with our Great Personal Servant (the GPS), Rode the Tube and finally were convinced by all the 'goings-on' that it's not safe to live anywhere so you might as well live in ISRAEL!!!

The countryside was amazingly beautiful. miles and miles of unspoiled land, sheep, cows and horses grazing in fields cordoned off by old stone barriers, 'ancient' forests (300 yrs. is pretty long for trees... no?) It was really a sight to take one's breath away. We totally enjoyed the views! Only thing we noticed was that for all the physical beauty of the landscapes the spiritual spark was missing. The best part of the trip was (as always seems to be the case) getting Home. Of course, thats not to say that we didn't enjoy our trip - because we absolutely did!

Shabbat was fun - Rachel D. is in the counrty and she had a free weekend so on Friday we picked her up in Jerusalem and brought her back to the house. Friday night we went for a 'quick walk around the block' that wound up being a 2 and a half hour shmooze with a whole bunch of people. (what else is new?) In the span of the two hours, I was invited to a party in my cousins pants, Read the lyrics to one of the most depressing songs I've ever seen, Amused a friend by trying to explain the lyrics, Almost got knocked over, Had a telepathic conversation with Sammy and Stood -A LOT! In all it was good fun. Glad we did it. Shabbat day we walked to Nofei Aviv to visit Sara and I even got a chance to see my Chmelle! It was an amazing Shabbos!

Today was spent mostly in Jerusalem going apartment hunting for next year and taking Sammy to Memsi (so that she can get her license to drive - and subsequently can drive me around...) A note about the apartments - we saw one rat hole, one possible(ish) place and found out about a bunch of availables... Hope everything works out well, and that we get a place.

Next project - aside frm finishing both my hook rug and my blanket is to put together the scrapbook from our trip to the UK!

At least my room is clean.

Oh yeah, and I am 'officially' 20.


Anonymous said...

hahaha... the kender thinks maybe yes, maybe not...

Hinda said...

I missed you! I have a friend who is looking to share an apartment in Yerushalayim next year. We'll talk. I'm glad you had a good time on your vacation! WELCOME BACK!

Yo' Abba said...

"I was invited to a party in my cousins pants".