Wednesday, July 27, 2005

'Pinkas Checkim'

I went to the bank today to get checks. I don't have them yet cause now they have to be ordered. I had to talk to the lady in a strange and foreign language. First time I had a 'real' conversation in hebrew in about six weeks. I'm pretty impressed - I actually managed. And I am now convinced that I really do need to enroll in an Ulpan come September.

I also did something relatively stupid - what else is new I asked my daddy if he would take me to get a manicure when my nails get a little longer. (I have always been a chronic nail-biter and have been battling to stop and 'break the habit') then I was playing piano and got so annoyed by the 'clinking' noise that I sat down with a nail clipper and now have NO nails left!!! WWWAAAHHH!!! I dunno what to do - I guess I'll have to start all over again.

I have just another 600 pages of Gone With the Wind left to read. It's a classic and truthfully it's a good one! Why didn't they have us read stuff like this in school??

Women's swim tonight at Tzora! I'm so excited!

Basically, all is going well -

Now all I need is an apartment for next year...

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Hinda said...

I'm going to give my friend your e-mail address. She's looking for an apartment too. Saves money on rent!