Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Day in my Apartment/A Night at Home…

Seeing as I slept in my apartment (where I’m supposed to sleep) I woke up this morning in my apartment. The hour was ridiculously early and I was not in the mood for any sorts of wakeful activities. So, I lay in bed until Shoshana came in to see if I was up. We then spent a few hours working on the kitchen. We covered the pantry shelves, finished scraping the ugly stickers off of the walls and finally got all of our food-stuffs put away in the pantry.

I called Mommy to find out what the schedule was at home, because last night Sammy had something about going swimming. I love swimming and really wanted to go, so I called to find out whether or not ‘night activity’ was on. She said she didn’t know. So, my hopes fell and I was sad. Positive that my day would be seemingly endless and unbearable, I fell to the task of setting up the apartment.

While cleaning I spent my day crying. I cannot understand why though. I have a very bad feeling in my stomach that it is because I am home-sick, but that makes absolutely no sense. Especially, considering that I’ve been away at school for two years and never had this problem. Also, it makes no sense because I can go home whenever I want (especially this week – cause classes haven’t even started!) Nonetheless, every single time I opened my mouth to say something to Shoshana I started bawling. I didn’t do it on purpose, and I felt terrible because she surely thought that it was something that she had done. But, it wasn’t. That I can assure you!

At about 6:00 I gave in to desperation and called Sammy. I asked her (through my stuffed nose and between sobs what was going on at home. She explained that she and Brenda were going to be dropped off at the pool at 7:30 to swim. “If you get on a bus now, you can make it…” she said. I sniffled (loudly) and said “I’m coming Home! Wait for me!” I woke Shoshana and told her she was invited to come with me. I explained that I wanted to go swimming and that I was going Home and staying over-night. She agreed to come, so we packed as quickly as we could, and within 10 minutes we were ready to go.

We locked up the apartment, ran down the path to the street, rushed to the trampiadah and waited for a bus. A few minutes later a 420 pulled up, so we climbed aboard and were on our way. The ride was very smooth and we made it into the house by 7:10. Everyone was eating dinner. Saba and Savta were there too. I ran upstairs to get ready to go.

At 7:45 Daddy drove us to Tzora. We paid the entrance fee and hurried over to the pool. The water was a little chilly, but luckily the pool was not crowded at all (because it was the night before the first day of school.) We swam and played and joked until 9:25 when it was time to get out. Daddy came to pick us up and once at Home we had to fight with the water to shower us.

Something happened to the water main and for some reason there is no water pressure at all. So much so, that in my bathroom on the attic level of the house, no water even comes out of the hose. Not even a drip. Seeing as there was barely any cold water, it is understandable that no hot water was available. So, I took a shower so cold that it hurt when the icy drop touched my skin. Finally, I was ‘clean’ so I wandered around trying to find something to do. Sammy was around and I schmoozed with Mommy for a while. At a little before midnight I realized that I was very tired, so I decided to go to sleep. Up to my room I trudged and I climbed into bed. Once settled under my three blankets I hugged Stitchey and quickly fell asleep.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm movin' up...

Hi ho hi ho it's off to Jeursalem I go...

This is my last post for a while because now that I am officially 'living in my apartment' (and I don't have internet access...yet) so, until we get around to calling Bezek and getting a modem I'm signing off.

Think of it as a vacation...

Though between you and me, I'd much rather be home getting fed and updating my blog than eating turkey sandwiches (until we run out of bread) and scraping ugly decor stickers off of walls.

I'll be back as soon as possible, so stop by every once in a while and check out the going-ons of my life. (They will get updated eventually...)

Tata for now. And remember, "Don't be a stranger."

Monday, August 29, 2005

Moving Day

Well, as usual my morning didn’t start off as well as I would have liked. Maybe I should take this as a hint that I’m just NOT a morning person. (Or that the morning is not a “lori-thing”) Either way… at 8:30 I slid out of bed and headed downstairs. I then sat at the dining room table until 10:15 when Mommy and Daddy decided that it was time to head out and do all of the errands that we needed to do.

First stop - Misrad Hachinuch. They needed to sign something for Eli so that he can go to school. Second stop – Kol Bo Yechezkal. I got garbage cans and serving utensils, biyuv covers and extension cords, copies of my key and light bulbs and I even got a ‘set screw’ for the bathroom door-handle. Then we headed over to Saba and Savta’s place to pick up their ‘lift list’ and to drop off something (I would tell you but truth is I honestly can’t remember…) Anywho, Savta offered me a set of pretty dishes. They are Corelle, white plates with a whimsical blue flower pattern, she also gave me tablecloths for in my apartment.

We headed home to eat a quick lunch, and then I finished packing up my stuff and gathering my junk from all over the place. Finally we loaded up the car and headed off to Yerushalayim.

The ride was uneventful, so uneventful in fact that the transmission decided to go on a holiday and put itself into auto-pilot mode. From BIG until a little after Tzomet Shimshon the car would not shift into high-gear. We couldn’t go any faster than 60 (and there was a bus tail-gating us!)

As we entered the city and took a right turn towards Kanfei Nesharim we got caught up in some traffic. It was a dairy big disaster. Somehow (though we don’t know how) a milk truck’s contents had exploded across the entire street. I mean, bags of milk were rolling around everywhere and the poor milk-man was running around and trying to save as many as possible from getting run over by impatient Israeli drivers.

Finally we arrived at the apartment and began the ‘shlepping up’ process. I had four big suitcases, numerous bags and boxes and also parts of a bed-frame. After attempting to squashi it into the elevator we finally admitted to ourselves that the frame didn’t fit into the elevator and that it never would. So Daddy decided to do it the old fashioned way, up (up up) the stairs. I took the elevator and dropped off my stuff then ran down to find Daddy. Find him I did, on the staircase between the third and fourth floors. He was carrying the bed thing on his back and whistling…

Then we ‘put the bed together,’ then Shoshana arrived, then we decided to go out grocery shopping. (Daddy agreed to ‘pick up the tab’ for my first ‘shopping excursion’ of the year. THANK YOU DADDY!!!) So, we headed out to Zol Po. We missed the turn on Yirmiyahu for the parking lot and so drove around the back streets of tachana merkazit for fifteen minutes. Finally we got back to the front of the TM and headed up Yirmiyahu (again) this time we made the turn and we got to go shopping.

YAY! I have food for the next few days!! Exciting, ain’t it? I mean, NOT just noodles, but other stuff too! YAYAYAY!!!

After the shopping expedition we went out to the car and loaded up the trunk. Then we blundered and missed the turn onto Herzl causing us to take another 20 minute detour. Oh well, Gamzu… right?? (LoL!)

Back at the apartment we quickly dragged all the bags upstairs and I told Daddy and Sammy to go home.

Once they had left I washed my hands (both with soap for cleansing purposes and ritualistically), sat down at the table (with bread, ketchup and a package of deli) and ate two deli sandwiches. (Sammy was right, turkey sandwiches can cure (almost) all ailments.

After dinner Shoshana and I started our cleaning/unpacking spree. All ‘stuff’ without an ‘official place’ was put onto the cabinety thing in the living room. We figured out how to put the two leaves in our table into our table (but they’re sort of warped so…), then we cleared off the table, put on a cloth, set up the pretty glass candle plate with rocks and lit a candle, all of course to the soothing melody of the soundtrack of ‘King Arthur.’

Shosh decided to go to the Kotel, leaving me all alone in the dirah. So, I did what I do best in situations like these – I scrubbed the bathtub. After both of my arms going numb and feeling like a human chemical I gave up. I figured like this, seeing as I had just scrubbed the tub out twice using caustic oven/stovetop cleaner chemicals that the tub was as clean as it was going to get for tonight.

So, I showered then put on my PJs and got into bed, wishing that I hadn’t forgotten my little ‘clip-on’ lamp at home. I really do want to finish Harry Potter #6 but the light-switch is just too darned far away…

Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Chinese Special: Kiwi-Hoagie

Well, I woke up earlier than I would have liked to this morning. Seeing as I had gone to sleep at 2:30 am I would have (ideally) liked to have slept until 11:00 or 12:00 but no such luck was mine. At 9:00 I woke up and decided to get out of bed. I showered and as I struggled to get into my shirt without pulling the clip out of my hair I heard Savta's voice. So, I went downstairs to investigate. Saba and Savta were both downstairs waiting for Daddy to be ready to take them to the port at Ashdod to sign the 'release' papers for their lift. I decided to go for an outing too, so I ran upstairs and grabbed my backpack then ran back downstair and out to the car. We drove to Ashdod (I realized today that if you have a good mind for remembering number sequences then you can get from anywhere in Israel to any other city that you want. We took 38 to 40 something then...) As we walked into the office (or tried to) Daddy pushed the door that was supposed to be pulled and whacked the mezuzah straight off of the doorframe... Whoops! (Don't worry, he rectified the situation by taping it back up...) In the 'Pelog' office I sat on the floor and knitted. Soon, everything was in order and we got back into the car for the drive back to B.S. (that stands for Beit Shemesh - you weirdos...) We stopped for gas and decided to go pick up pizza (we decided to get form Chalav U'dvash - because they have some really good 'special deal' in the afternoon. So we went to Sheinfeld and picked up the pizza then finally drove home. Then (as you can guess) we ate the pizza.

After lunch the whole 'mishpuhchuh' piled into the car and we drove into Jerusalem to start the cleaning of the apartment. Daddy changed the lock, Brenda scrubbed the stove, I sraped (really ugly) decor stickers off of the walls, Ezri and Avi watched movies on Sammy's computer and fought over the gameboy and Sammy scouted out 'the perfect corner' for her pouf to go (assuming that she ever actually gets one.)

By 7:00pm we were exhausted and hungry (and Avi was crying his little eye-balls out like a true raincloudy dibble) so we piled back into the car and headed home. Ate dinner and then had a birthday cake for Brenda (whose real birthday isn't until sometime in september and whose english birthday was really yesterday.)

At this point (the point when we were having the birthday cake) I decided to finish my apple pie from yesterday. I also decided two things, that it needed to be warmed and that it needed whipped cream. I found the whipped cream, for some stupid reason turned it upside-down over my head and suddenly PLOP a whole glob fell straight out of the bowl. My mom was like, "what was that?" and turned around to see what had happened. I looked up at the ceiling looking as innocent as possible and muttered something (incoherently and unclearly due to the laughter) about really big pigeons flying around the kitchen at odd hours of the night.

We ate the cake (and I ate the pie in addition to the cake - diet? what diet? who said anything about a diet?)

We then discussed Mensal Intitutions and the high level of talent and skill required to accidentally harass guys in kilts.

We also talked about Eli and his 'clothing situation' for school (he's dorming) this coming year (or should I say, next week?!?!) You try explaining to a 14 year old that it is NOT and I repeat NOT okay to lounge around school in a pair of pajama pants and an oversized tee-shirt (especially when the last time that they were washed was before they were ever purchased.) I mean, seminary girls do it. But, they at least have to throw on a black slinky skirt over the pants and a sweatshirt over the tee. Also, at least their clothes smell clean (though usually girls are too dense to realize that Israel is NOT quite as advanced as America and that there is NO SUCH THING as LIQUID laundry detergent. Yep, you got it. Can you believe that there are some neat-freak girls who actually wear dirty clothes for a year and don't realize the situation because the stuff 'smells clean'?!?! Hello! That's fabric softener. Oh, oh yeah - ummm, I knew that...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Erev Shabbos + Shabbos = getting better...

Quick Friday run-down:
Got up, peeled vegetables, fininshed my skirt (I worked on it until 3:00am yesterday and just had to attatch the waist band to the skirt part. It is a really pretty iridescent pinkinsh/bluish/purply. It changes colors as it swishes. And it swishes A LOT! (I make sure of that.) It's a basic wrap, copied off of the comfortable and easy to make brown Israeli wrap skirt.), peeled more vegetables, cleaned my room, got ready for Shabbos, lit candles, went to shul, didn't see anyone (how unusual... lol!), walked home, ate THE hugest meal I've eaten in forever (Mommy made real genuine chicken soup and it was SOOOOO flippin' amazing!), Got the 'you've eaten waaaay too much' signal from my stomach, went upstairs and slept...

Shabbos Day - Woke up for shul at 7:30. Actually got to shul on time! Davened and davened then tried to sit still through the D'var Torah. It was hard because the AC is still not installed and the room was really really hot (not even a breeze) and the speech went on for about 24 minutes (not that I was counting...) after shul on the way home I decided to tail the guys to see if they had any plans for the afternoon - (of course I can't ask them straight out - cause that annoys them. So I sort of have to let myself be seen, say 'hi' and then they say 'oh yeah, by the way we might be doing something later.' Unfortunately, they completly ignored me, so I had to make a verbal effort. I turned to Shlomo and said - "your birthday is soon, right?!" and suddenly Sariel (very annoyed that I dared to speak to his friend without first being addressed) said quite matter of factly "yeah, it's tomorrow" (sort of with a disdainful look of, well - if you were his friend then you would know that.) So ignoring the snide comment I sweetly said "I thought it was tomorrow, I probably won't see you so happy one day early birthday." and then I turned around and started walking away with Sammy. Only then did Shlomo (with a very disapproving look from Sariel) say "by the way, come over to Harel's later - we might be doing something." I nodded and smiled and walked away. After lunch, I seriously considered going over to the Feldmans house but decided not to intrude on 'guy time' so I went up to bed. I spent the rest of Shabbos reading Harry Potter (finishing 5 and starting 6) and after Shabbos the girls headed over to Saba n' Savta's to watch a movie (In Love and War - starring Sandra Bullock and Chris O'Donnell (who incidentally is adorable and has amazingly blue eyes...)) after the movie we headed home and Sammy and I stayed up till 2:00 am watching "Betsy's Wedding" - lots of laughs in that one! (We really enjoyed it!)

All in all - my Shabbos experiences are improving.

Oh yeah, and one last thing - I love apple pie!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I spent about 6 hours today putting together Ikea furniture. Actually I think it was more - but truth be told I can't remember what time we started at. All I know is that we started in the morning, took an ice cream break for lunch, went home for a deeelicious dinner and then went back to finish up the rest.

It was an all day project. But now, it's done. Or at least as much of it that can be done for the moment is done. The store messed up our 'door order' and only sent one set of brackets (there are at least 4 doors). They also did something really weird with the drawers for the big closet. There are holes in the wrong places and the 'strengthener' pieces (according to the holes) go inside of the drawers... Yeah, we were confused too.

All in all though it was A LOT of fun! I loved spending time with Saba and Savta! It's so wonderful to have them nearby once again.

The evening ended with Saba explaining to us about his new position as Chief Ant Watcher and Squasher. Of course, he gave us a live demonstration and then even allowed Eli and Brenda turns to try.

Well, all I can say is - I now have a new 'fall back' job for in case the whole Homeo-patheticness deal falls through.

(Just in case you were wondering what other 'fall back' ideas I have thus far - on the list are car thievery and arsonry.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today I am a fountain pen...

Ok, not really but it's nice to dream. Sometimes I feel like a fountain pen - you know on days like yesterday, when people just pick you up and use you never sparing a thought for how you will feel or the losses that their actions will cause you to incur. I hate days like those. Today wasn't quite that bad as a matter of fact, today wasn't bad at all but that could be because it was another one of those "don't leave the house" days.

Woke up, went downstairs and sat on the sofa, went upstair and puttered around until Mommy took Ezri and Sammy to the Preisers to pick up Brenda.

That's when today got really exciting... I got to do laundry and entertain the Dibble. First he climbed all over our bookshelves in search of something, then while I tried to IM friends in Australia and England he explained to me that "Sammy has 3 Onyxes. That's not good. Onyx is not good." (hey, at least I learned something today.) Then we played mancala. The Dibble is very good at games - as long as he wins. Finally I evicted him from my room, he wouldn't leave without the game so I told him to take it. And he did.

First I worked on my room. I managed to put away all of my clothing and straighten up 'my corner.' Then I decided that I really do want a new skirt to wear on Shabbos, so I took down the 'fabric bag' and chose a pretty pinkish/bluish shimmery piece of material. Next step - find lots of floor space, pin it, cut it and finally sew it. (I haven't gotten to the 'sew it' part yet - hopefully tomorrow...)

Yeah, things stayed pretty status-quo for the rest of the afternoon. When Mommy got home we started putting together the new Ikea bookcases. Then Mommy started making dinner. And Daddy went out to Super-H.

My Daddy loves me. You know how I know that? Cause he splurged 18 shekel on me. He bought me a new box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. (I LOVE PBCC! and I finished my other box earlier this week.) Now I can have my favorite brunch tomorrow morning - Peanut Butter Captain Crunch wif' Chawklit Milk!

Dinner was fried fish and Penne A' La Vodka. As we sat at the dinner table somehow topic of conversation returned to my extra-curricular activity plans for the coming year. Sammy said "look into ulpan" I explained that I already had, but that there are no classes in the afternoons and the only evening classes available are for ramot aleph and bet. Daddy said "well, if they're only in Ramot then why did you get an apartment in Kiryat Moshe and not in Ramot?"

granted that was deserved cause he had said earlier that there were no veggies included in the meal, Mommy explained that we could put out lettuce and I offered to make a Geek (I mean Greek) Salad for him then promptly remembered that he's not really officially in the IT profession anymore.

Now I'm watching Sammy struggle to get I-tunes to download - she keeps getting 'fatal error message #1603' I feel like I should help her, but truth be told - I'm laughing to hard to be very helpful...

Total Sidenote - Pray for a pancake for me - ok? Thanks.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ikea - Youkea - Oyveya...

Woke up at 7:30 (when Samantha's phone alarm rang. Why was it set for that G-d forsaken hour? Not a clue.) Then she got angry at me for trying to get up and go downstairs to make cookies for the kid's program. So, I stayed in bed until 9:15 when Mommy informed me that we would be leaving for Ikea at 10:15.

10:40 we left the house. Stopped to feed the Yaffa's cat, stopped to get margarine, sotpped at home to drop the stuff off, drove to Saba and Savta's place. Spent a while measuring the walls and finally piled into the car for the hour long drive to Ikea.

Eli sat in the front and insited blaring the hideously annoying whatshisface's music. (I mean blaring. I was listening to my Pod and heard "hello muddah, hello fadah" over Linkin Park on full blast.)

Ah hour later we rolled up to Ikea, I stumbled out of the car nursing a wicked head-ache and wishing that I had brought along a bottle of whatever kind of pills would help it. Alas, sorely lacking in pain relievers of any variety we trudged into Ikea.

I'll sum this up for all you people out there (who are actually reading this) - 4.5 hours later, we had chosen, picked up, paid, proccessed for delivery, packed the car, and left the premisis of Ikea. Another trip to the Home Furnishing Center completed.

Then we drove back Home, dropped off Saba and Savta, Attended the 'block party - welcome to all new neighborhood children' thing, ate dinner and finally I klomped upstairs to my room.

Somebody (who shall remain nameless... for the sake of not suffering terrible humiliation, and if you know who I'm talking about please don't tell anyone else.) is sent up to bed. They return a few moments later complaining - "My bed smells like pee, someone peed in my bed. It must have been one of the cats. It wasn't me." Aha, we think to ourselves. That must be it. One of the cats is upset, because we make them use a litter box and we get to use a toilet so it jumped up (and I mean UP!) into your bed and peed in it, just to show the unfairness of the situation. I see. It makes perfect sense to me. And, I'm assuming that this is the same cat who peed in (whoops, I mean on) your pajamas yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that too. Kid, come on - you must have the cleanest sheets in the house. I only change my linens once every two weeks and you have new sheets basically every night (otherwise the room starts to stink!) I dunno, something certainly seems fishy (or should say pishy) to me.

In addition to Mommy having coniptions about the whole pish issue, a few of the kids on the block are slightly more 'dense' than we had anticipated. At 9:30, we said "Kids, you should go home now cause Ezri and Avi need to go to sleep. It's their bedtimes now and you should probably also think about going to sleep. It's getting late, dontcha think?" They responded with "Oh, no. Don't worry about it. Our Mom said we can keep playing." Ummm, hello?! Am I the only confused one here? ok, keep playing, but not in my house buster! Sheesh!

To end off a perfect night - Sammy is driving me up the walls. She just finished telling me I should just get out of the house already and go to my apartment. I tried to explain that there's nothing to do there and she was like - "well, go there and do the same thing you do here - sit and stare at the walls." Hey, I wouldn't mind - but, at least I have internet access at home.

yeah, basically - life is stinking a lot right now. I thought once I had all of this living somewhere and learning something junk settled that it would be better. Nope, my bad! seems, there is always some other annoying concern or pressing matter that requires my attention.

I need a hug and I need a major dosage of painkillers. I think that the spot between my shoulder-blades is showing bruise-like marks and it feels like it's on fire. In addition, my head is still spinning (not in a good way) and I feel like I'm going to pass out except that I tried lying down, and I couldn't/didn't fall asleep.

I'd love to keep cyber-kvetching but someone is knocking on my door. Oh, whoopie - it's Eli, and he wants something from me.

Excuse me please, but I have to go do more stuff for more ungrateful people...

Monday, August 22, 2005

ekee ekee ekee pa-tang neewop.

Started off the morning by moving my washing machhine from it's original resting place to it's temporary place (the car) now we just have to get in to Yeruasalem and up up up all the way to my apartment.

But, at least I have a washing machine.

Spent the rest of the day lounging around and not doing much of anything. I guess, my laziness was good in a way. I was too lazy to walk all the way downstairs so at least i didn't sit around eating all day.

Went swimming. That was fun! I love swimming! If I had to choose my favorite element it would be a really tough choice. Cause I'm basically a 'nature' person. I love the Earth cause it's what I walk on and I love being dirty (in the sense that, I have no qualms about sitting in mud. no sicko references...), Air - well, I need it to breathe but if I could bottle air from Inverness that would be absolutely amazing. Crystal clear air is what I love. Fire - no comment. If you think I need to comment then you obviously don't know me. and of course water. I dunno, I love water. It's great to drink but on the 'fun side' it's really amazing. Swimming makes you feel weightless (a sensation I love personally) propelling myself through the water requires work, but for some reason it seems so much easier than running or walking. I'd much rather get a full workoutin the pool than by walking for miles.

Of course, I have no problems hiking for a long while to get to a natural pool of water, breathing in the clear air and swimming with friends followed by an all night Kumzitz around a bonfire. Yep, that basically sums up my idea of a perfect day.

Gonna go to sleep and 'follow my dreams...'

wish me luck...

tomorrow - the Polly's journey to Ikea (pronounced: eee-keey-ah)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

post #2 - as promised...

Ok, so the afternoon got a little better. I re-assembled the swing downstairs in it's new home on the mirpeset. (Basically, I gave the cats a new place to sleep.)

Aunt Sharon stopped by with Eliyahu, Adina and Ari. They dropped off Saba and Savta and decided to stop by on the way home. I got to be a mitzva-girl and lent a book to Eliyahu (cause he needed some 'light reading' for the next few nights...) then we showed our 'roof-top' garden to Aunt Sharon and we also got to show her our UK pictures. (I love those pictures!) Then it was time for the Preisers to go so we said good-bye and started getting ready for dinner. (It's Sunday night, can you guess what we had?)

After dinner Daddy and I went out to pick up Saba and Savta - then we went into RBS to pick up their Teudat Zehuts. After the paperwork we went to Zol l'Mehadrin. Shopped for groceries, got a 'reward' - (orange paddles. WOOHOO!! I'm gonna enjoy testing them out) We had fun and then dropped Saba and Savta off at their house and headed home.

Mommy is in the proccess of making more grape juice (with the two HUGE bags of grapes that Aunt Sharon brought to us today.)

My *Whoops* moment for today was when we were sitting at the dinner table and Mr. L (a neighbor - who will remain nameless) was shmoozing with my parents. Then he made some comment about the book The Grapes of Wrath. (Actually, it was a punny, pathetic comment - relating somehow to the fact that Mommy was going to make grape juice.) We didn't laugh and he said "you girls don't have any idea what I'm talking about. Do you?" I said I knew what he was talking about and explained that most schools have the book set as required reading in the States.

I then went on to list all of the other 'Great Classics' that I've read such as; The Great Gatsby, Huckleberry Finn, Hiroshima, Pride and Prejudice and 1982.

Sammy looked at me and cracked up. "what was that last book?" she inquired.
"1982" I retorted.
"and who wrote that?" she asked.
"George Orwell, duh. You know that." I answered smugly and slightly confused.
"You mean 1984, right?" she said. Trying not to crack up hysterically.

"Um, yeah."

Mood(s) Swings and Macaroni...

Today is going to be a two post day. So far it hasn't been too bad but it hasn't been too good either.

Woke up, realized there was nothing to do, realized there was nothing to eat, did the stair thing again, was still hungry (as usual), took the swing from on the mirpeset apart - (found myself wishing/daydreaming that one of my neighbors had a cute son who could be doing the work for me - leaving me free to doze on the hammock...), carried the swing downstairs (see above daydream...), spent almost ten minutes staring into the pantry trying to make yummy food materialize somehow, wound up eating old, rubbery, tasteless noodles.

Now I'm here. Doing this. Sad really.

I hope today gets better.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Erev Shabbos + Shabbos = Not soooo bad...

Well, last weeks posting about Shabbos was 'extremely disturbing and depressing' according to lots of people. So I'll try to be more upbeat this week. Hey, at least I wasn't snubbed by anybody I thought was a friend this time...

Friday - Woke up, went to Saba and Savta's house to move the closets, went home, cooked, cleaned (yes, my room.), went back to Saba and Savta's house (as a tour guide for my cousin), Finished getting ready for Shabbos, Lit Candles, Ran to shul, Davened, went home (we had a new family over for the meal), went for a quick walk around the block, went to sleep.

Shabbos Day - Woke up for shul (Daddy remembered to wake us.), Went to shul, Davened, walked home (slid down a mountain - on my bum...), ate lunch, went to sleep, got woken up cause Vivi and Sara came to visit, promptly fell back asleep, woke up and finished my book, slept some more, "havdala time" and then I watchen Fiddler On the Roof (for the first time ever. Can you believe that I've never seen it before? I know sounds crazy but it's true. Or at least it was, cause now I've seen it.)

Funny story for today... ok, so it's not so funny. Well, if you had lived through it then you would probably have found humor in it just like I did. The little Sunshiny Dibble wasn't so Sunshiny today. As a matter of fact he was an extremely Gray Raincloud this afternoon. He spent almost four hours crying at the top of his lungs and didn't even remember why he was crying. All he knew was that he was supposed to stand there and scream. I'm sure someday the story will emerge and we will finally understand why he cried enough tears in one afternoon to fill three-quarters of an olympic sized swimming pool.

For now though, I'm gonna go take a few advils to chase away my headache and try to get to sleep...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Hottie called!!


well, sorta.

Cause Menucha called. (Menucha isn't really a 'hottie' but I do adore her! And she happens to be a real cutie pie! I love her - she's like a sister! And she's coming Home soon! YAYAYAYAY!!!)

But that wasn't till late in the afternoon. Lemme fill you in on what I did all morning...

I Woke up late and went downstairs. Searched for something to eat for breakfast and couldn't find anything. Went back upstairs. By the time I got into my room I realized I was still hungry. So, I turned around and went back downstairs. I still couldn't find anything to eat. So I went back up to my room.

I did this for a couple of hours.

At some point the gardener showed up. He needed to do a 'clean-up' in the backyard. Well, that took a long time (they were done in 15 minutes.) Then they started fixing the pond (it leaks.)

I took time to really look at the pond for the first time. I realized - It's made with bright pink cementy stuff and there are rocks surrounding it that look like dinosaur eggs. All in all - I like it... (*cough cough* - *wink wink*) Just nod and smile - right?

After the gardener left I went up to my room again. This time I accomplished something - I put all of my tee-shirts on the floor. (I was supposed to refold them and put them away but as you can imagine - they are still sitting on the floor...)

As I threw the last of the shirts down onto the floor Mommy called me - "we're going shopping, wanna come?" Of course, I never let the chance to get out of the house slip by so I went down to the car. We headed out to Machsanei Mazon and 'rocked the place' (Sorta. In actuality, we walked up and down every aisle and bought lots of useless stuff. And some food.)

When we got home I went upstairs and put on Sammy's pink skirt. hehehe. I was wearing Sammy's skirt. A size 10. HAHAHAH!! I actually think it's pretty funny. Ok, so I was wearing it on my waist - but someday... Someday I'll be able to wear a size 10 skirt on my hips! (Oh, hush up! Don't laugh at me and wipe that smirk off your face.)

At some point around now - Menucha called. We shmoozed and shmoozed and while we were shmoozing the Dibble showed up. He started yelling at me slightly incoherently about "you made the computer freeze because you are talking. Hang up and say good-bye now." (Ummm, kid. In that order?) Anywho - I put him on the phone and let Menucha give him a stern talking to. All he said was "hello" and "fine" but after I took the phone back, he stopped yelling at me.

Then we went out to pick up Saba and Savta. We brought them back to our house for dinner. After we ate we looked through pictures from our trip to the UK and ate dessert. Brenda in particular ate A LOT of dessert. (I love you Brenda!)

The guys went out to Tzora to go swimming. Daddy, Eli, The Sandbox and even the Sunshiny Dibble. Daddy got soda for the kids and Ezri walked into the house holding a bag of potato chips. Dibble begged for chips and Sandbox (aka Moonbeam. Cause he was being nice...) offered to share.

As I type - the Dibble is standing next to me and eating potato chips. He is belching (to keep in practice) and has just been asked to sing "Tea for Two." With a little help and some verbal prompting he begins to sing -

"Tea for two and two for tea. Tea for you and tea for me. Tea for two, two for tea, tea for you, tea for me. That's all."

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Welcome New Olim and why I really got up at 3:40am.

3:40am - Mommy yells up the stairs, "Girls are you awake?"

Shoot! I can't believe it's time to get up already. I'm still tired. Oh well, we have got to go. I got dressed in record time (I think it took 2 minutes and 17 seconds.) Then we were off. Ok, not quite. But we should have been or rather we were supposed to be. We didn't actually leave the house until 4:50. Nevertheless, we arrived at the 'old terminal' at 5:20. We got our 'Guest' stickers (to identify us as 'guests' and then proceeded to 'baggage claim' to await the planeload of Olim Chadashim (and of course Saba and Savta!!!)

A quick note - as if it wasn't strange to be in the old terminal. We entered through the arrivals door, walked into baggage claim and waited there by the carousels. It was weird. I can't put my finger on the exact reason, but it felt to do such a familiar thing - backwards.

We found the Preisers, and waited with the rest of the crowd. Finally we were told to go through passport control (backwards) and to go outside and wait. The busses are coming soon, we were informed. So, out we went. At least it was early so it wasn't hot.

Finally, the busses started pulling up. Only problem was, they were pulling up on two different sides of the barricade and we had no idea where to stand. I finally spotted Savta and called to the rest of the gang.

It was such an amazing thing - the meeting. The Preisers (who have been waiting for this day for 15 and a half years.) Us, who had waited for a figurative forever to make Aliyah and ever since doing so have been waiting for Saba and Savta to come and join us. And Saba and Savta. Who are finally where they belong. At Home. In the Holy Land with those who love them.

Of course, there was the whole 'ceremony' with lots of speeches. The Olim were welcomed again and again to the country and were thanked profusely for coming even when the State seems to be in its darkest hour. (I'm not going to comment on the last statement. I just figured I'd tell you what was said in a quick overview. I won't comment, because this is a journal about how I spend my days and NOT a personal diary of all of my political views, feelings and outlooks. Suffice it to say - The Government sucks but the Land is very very good. The Politicians are corrupt but the Land is very very good. The People are daft but the Land remains very very good.)

By 9:00, we were sent out to the 'arrivals' hall. The kids ran wild while Sammy and I checked out the cutie with the amazing eyes (who went to Jerusalem. What a waste of cuteness! Why not Beit Shemesh?! Huh?!? We need more cute guys. My only consolation - In a few short weeks I'll be living in Jerusalem...)

We finally got Saba and Savta into a taxi and underway - then we headed back to the cars and followed suit. At Saba and Savta's house, we ate brunch, watched 'Quest for Camelot' and had a general 'chill session.' It was very nice.

Then Mommy got a call - A family friend who also made Aliyah this morning on the NBN flight, was 'evicted' from her dorm in Yerushalayim, where she was supposed to be staying for the next two weeks. So, we drove into the city to pick her (and all of her stuff) up. Upon arrival, we realized that there was A LOT of stuff. We worried that there might not be enough room in the car but our fears were assuaged when the last piece of luggage was put into the car and there were somehow still three whole seats empty.

On the road again... heading home. Stopped for iced coffee. Got Home and shlepped all of the stuff inside. I honestly believe that the only thing keeping me awake is that sugar/caffeine from the coffee.

Sammy wants to go swimming later tonight. Only problem is that swim isn't until 7:30 and I am afraid that I am going to fall asleep - either before we go or even worse in the pool.

I think I'll write a poem about going swimming and being so tired.

If you don't give you body what it wishes (lots of sleep)
Then you may find yourself sleeping with the fishes (in the deep)

Hmmm, I think I'll go take a nap and work on my prose...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Day 2 at Saba & Savta’s house.

The morning began with an unusual calm. Basically, the only remaining jobs at Saba and Savta's house were; setting up the computer, setting up the TV, emptying out the guest room and cleaning it too.

While cleaning was going on, I got a call back from a neighbor about a washing machine. Now, the last sentence may seem cryptic to you but to me it makes perfect sense. You see, someone was selling a washer for a mere 850 shekels and I (who needed a washer – for my apartment…) was VERY interested. So, I was waiting to find out when I could go check it out. Time schedules were all conflicting though – so somehow we wound up going home, to the plant nursery and to do grocery shopping in Ramat Beit Shemesh before we were able to see the washer.

To make a long story short, we went, we saw, we bought. Hey, whatever works. Right? So, yes – if you are one of those people who are having a hard time figuring out the point of this ramble lemme make it clear, plain and simple… I am now the proud owner of a washing machine.

Back to Saba dn Savta's place - During our ‘cleaning spree’ we sat the kids down in front of the TV and let them watch ‘Harry Potter 3.’ Even Daddy got in on the action. (Though he was confused as to why the menahel of the school who has a long white beard, wasn’t wearing a kippa. He also wanted to know why the ‘Rabbi’ pointed at Harry and yelled ‘aresto momentum’ – we advised him to read the books…)

When all was done inside of the house, we moved out to the garden and cleaned out all of the weeds. A gardener driving by stopped and asked what we were doing. We told him that we were gardening. So he gave us his card and told us to call him. Personally I think that, whichever gardener comes to garden now - has an easier job, because we spent 2 days pulling out all of the weeds and basically doing his job for him…

Then we went home. We put dinner up to heat and I baked a ‘Welcome to Israel’ cake for Saba and Savta. I tried to give it a chocolate swirl (but as usual, my ‘great idea’ – well, lets just say… it wasn’t so great.) Then I begged Mommy to make the frosting (which she agreed to do, on the condition that I would frost the cake.) Of course, I didn’t keep my end of the bargain. (But, I do have a good alibi. My friend from Seattle called! Amalia and I schmoozed for quite a while. It was really really nice to get to talk to her! I miss her so much, I mean – we lived in the same apartment for two years and now we are thousands of miles apart. It’s quite annoying to be so far from one’s friends.) Anywho, back to the story – while I was on the phone Mommy frosted the cake. And put on the sprinkles.

At around 10:00 pm a neighbor rand the door-bell. “There’s a problem with our computer, is your Dad around and can he fix it?” Ummmm, HELLO!? It’s a little late, dontcha think? Well, Daddy (being the good and gracious neighbor that he is) went over to help them out. This left me with the task of putting the Sandbox/Moonbeam and the Dibble to bed. I took care of the Dibble first. I was expected to read to him. Two stories. First about “Sam and the Eggs that are green” and then about “The baby bird who falls out of the tree and goes looking for his mother, who is NOT a snort.”) After the second book he was out. I went to check on the sandbox. He was also asleep. So I went downstairs to see what else I could do.

I cut up vegetables. Lots and lots of vegetables. “For lunch tomorrow” my mom explained. Then, ‘somebody’ had to go back to Saba and Savta’s house to hang up the signs and to put the food into the fridge. Daddy was scared to go alone (at least that’s my theory) so at 11:12pm we headed back out. 11:18pm we pulled up in front of Saba and Savta’s house. 11:20pm and we were back on the road, heading home. How so quickly, you may be wondering… well, Daddy forgot the keys. So we went home and got the keys then drove back to Asher.

Ok, I’m going to shorten this because I am waaaaaay tired and need to get up in two hours to go to the airport but you’re not going to believe what happened…

Daddy decided to try hooking up the television. Suffice it to say, at 12:40am we were still there. I kept dozing off in the recliner as Daddy went back and forth between the box and the TV and fiddled around with the wires. Mommy called at 12:50 to find out where we were. By 1:00am we were Home. Then I realized – ‘shoot, I have things to do at Home!!’ so I started doing them and somehow it was suddenly 1:40am.

Wake up call is in two short hours. By 4:30am we need to be on the road to Ben-Gurion so that we can attend the NBN Welcome Ceremony. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Till Tomorrow.

And remember, Exhaust to the outside and the lint is negligible.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Strenuous Manual Labor Day…

Like I explained yesterday, today was set-aside for ‘cleaning up’ Saba and Savta’s house. When Sammy said “we’ll go at like 11:00” I said “we’ll go at like 12:00” and just as luck would have it we went at 11:40. A good in-between time, so that neither of us was right and neither of us was wrong.

Preparations for our ‘Day of Fun’ were extensive. We had to drag out rakes, shovel and gardening gloves as well as find cd’s to listen to and of course a cd player on which to listen… By the time we were all in the car and ready to leave, our neighbors probably thought that we were heading out to the beach or something.

Upon arrival at the ‘Asher House’ we climbed out of the ‘newfangled tin can for people’ (the car) and made our way inside. The house really was a shambles. Dust and grime covered all surfaces and floors, weeds grew wild and unchecked in the garden and the smells of Israeli construction floated around us. First step, we opened up all of the windows to let in some fresh air. (Yes, the screens WERE closed. We didn’t want to take any risks with all the ‘squitos flying around.)

The biggest and most taxing job was clearing out the garden. There were tiny weeds that looked puny and harmless, but the roots went so deep down into the ground that it took Eli banging a shovel down into the dirt along with Sammy, Brenda and myself pulling to get some of the things out. The tenacity of the plants compounded with the fact that it was 30-something degrees outside (weather that causes all liquid in one’s body to evaporate at the mere thought of going outside…) made the ‘gardening’ quite an exciting chore. But, I do believe that as reward for my ‘digging in the dirt’ (during the peak hours of a chamsin) I got a slight tan. Ok, so not really, but it makes me happy to pretend that I did.

Most fun job today – washing the floors. Mommy was using the ‘American Mop’ and after much cajoling on our part, she finally relented and agreed to let us Sponga the Living Room areas. So, out came the bucket, the shmatas and the sponga sticks.

The procedure for a proper spongaing…
-pour gallons of water on the floor
-swish the water all around
-‘sponga’ all of the water out

Well, the first two steps went well, until Ezri and Avi realized that rather than focusing on the cleaning aspects, they saw water on the floor as a glorious camp-type water activity. Following this line of logic, they started running and playing ‘slip and slide’ all over the place. This resulted (as you can imagine…) in tears. What else is new?

After calming down, Avi Chai reminded us that he is the Sunshiny Dibble (who is also a kid) and informed us that Ezri is a sandbox.

Soon after the floor dried, we left.

At Home, we heated up dinner and proceeded to eat. Towards the end of the meal Avi Chai brought his Gameboy to Ezri and asked him to play a level for him. Ezri consented and sent Avi Chai to get a paper and pen. When Avi returned he started writing all over the paper – words like slgs and lddr. (Clearly the child has not yet grasped the concept of vowels.) Ezri became enraged by Avi Chai doodling all over his ‘special code paper’ so he took the sheet of paper and stuck it in his armpit in an attempt to ‘keep it safe.’ Avi Chai (highly insulted) by Ezri’s behavior wordlessly demanded the paper back (by whacking the thief in the stomach.)

Daddy watched the entire scenario unfold and finally decided to step in and ‘break it up.’ He tried to reason with Avi Chai, “come on Avi, we’ll go get you another paper…” but Avi Chai refused to budge. He wanted the paper that Ezri had. Once again Daddy offered him a new paper, and then resorted to ‘brute strength’ dragging Avi away from Ezri’s chair.

As the Sunshiny Dibble was pulled wide-eyed and cutefully away from his treasure he said in a whiny and overdramatically sad voice “But, I bought that paper…”

All sense of normalcy and peace at the table dissolved in laughter.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Day of Mourning - Tishka-bob...

My goal for today was not really something that any sane person would be proud to achieve. It saddens me to know that there are pathetic people out there who waste their lives by trying to beat the world record in this 'activity' (or lack-thereof).

I decided at 7:30 this morning that I would not leave my room until the fast was over. And I almost managed to do it, except that I had to go downstairs to make soup for break-fast (not breakfast, break-fast. you know, after the fast when you eat!) Anywho, quick run-down of today's 'locked up' activities...

7:30am - made this insane desicion
10:40am - couldn't deal with being in bed anymore (at this point I had already read about 100 pages of my book)
11:00am - Uncovered and started working on the never-ending puzzle (which depicts my 'winter residence' to be.)
12:00pm - got bored of puzzling so played Neopets.
1:00pm - announced the hour to Sammy and played more neopets.
2:00pm - announced the hour to Sammy, and visited a chat-room. Made friends with an Australian.
3:00pm - announced the hour to Sammy and visited another chat-room. Made friends with a South African and had a political discussion (started by them asking me if Israel was at war. Sheesh! Bright and shiny intellect, dontcha agree?)
4:00pm - announced the hour to Sammy and stared at my computer screen.
5:00pm - announced the hour to Sammy and played some more Neopets.
6:00pm - announced the hour to Sammy and played with Guy Smiley.
6:50pm - decided to break my vow of 'locked upness' to go downstairs and make soup.
7:20pm - Had the soup up on the stove, added the barley and prayed that it would taste good.
7:40pm - Daddy left for Ma'ariv, I stired the soup, Sammy put the 'winners' and the green chickens into the oven to cook.
8:00pm - Made Havdala, Washed, Ate bread...
8:10pm - got my seat switched
8:12pm - ate 'hearty vegetable and barley soup' of my own concocting.
10:00pm - Went down to Daddy's office to help enter reciept data into the computer.
11:30pm - Still entering data while at the same time in the kitchern Mommy, Brenda and Eli begin the necessary preparations for making grape jelly. (Jam. ok? NOT Jello!)
-----NEW DAY BEGINS!!!---------
2:00am - Finished 1997, got to taste the homemade Concord Grape Juice.
2:20am - Showered (to get all the gunk from sitting on the floor of my room all day and in Daddy's office off of me!)
2:30 - started updating my blog.
2:46 - Finished updating my blog

and that's really as up-to-date as I can get.

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting adventure...

When the Sunshiny Dibbles and Brother Ezri go up against Dust and the Krazy Air-Konditioning Man's Mess...

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Erev Shabbos + Shabbos = Disaster...

Where to begin?


Friday morning I woke up and had breakfast, then I lazed around until I was sent to Mister Zol to get yeast and margarine. When I got back there was still 'nothing' to do. Of course I kept asking what I could do because if I don't ask then I get in trouble for 'being lazy and ungrateful' and newsflash - when I DO ask, I get called 'annoying and obnoxious.' Oh yeah, it makes perfect sense to me. Anyway, by the time Shabbos came in I was pretty much 'normal' (aka - not totally pissed off) again. I mean, I was really excited (cause I honestly do love Shabbos.) I got ready for shul, went to shul, got snubbed by my 'friends' (or should I call them acquaintances? Truth be told I haven't got anything to do with them, or anything in common with them. Aside from being in their general age-group.) Then we walked home to eat dinner.

I should have known things would go bad. First Ezri refused to sit at the table because of something. Then other stuff happened. In the end I wound up not eating anything aside from a bowl of chicken soup broth and then I had to either leave the table (due to disturbances at the table) or risk throwing up. Suffice it to say, I chose to leave. I went up to my room and paced back and forth. Then I tried standing out on the mirpeset but nothing helped. I couldn't chill and it was really annoying. So I decided to go for a walk. (Problem: where can I walk to? I have no friends and no where to go especially alone on a Friday night.) Where did I go? I walked around the block. Thought one of my neighbors would help cheer me up, but she was to busy being wrapped up in her own little world. (Surprise, surprise... Don't know why I let it get to me. It's not like she's ever there for me when I need her - though for some messed up reason when her other friends aren't around for her - I am.) Anyway, after being 'casually' dismissed by my neighbor I headed home to recruit Sammy's help in 'getting out' we decided to go out and sit on the 'street stairs' soon the whole troupe of my 'pals' appeared from within the confines of the Feldman house... They were going for a walk, did I want to come? I asked (implored and begged) Sammy to come and she actually consented. We walked towards Nofei Aviv, they were going to Yoni's place. I had absolutely no interest in going there, so we made good our getaway by telling Shani that we were going to visit Sara D. and we slipped off without anybody noticing. Of course as luck would have it (yeah, rotten luck.) Sara was already sleeping, this was a sure sign that things were really really boring in the neighborhood. Shani had said that she would wait 10 minutes for us, but by the time we got back to the place of meeting (about 6 minutes later) she (and the rest of the group) were gone. So, dejected and all alone we walked home, regaling each other with tales of 'how it could've been worse.'

Shabbat morning - woke up at 7:30 (yes, you'd better believe it - I was somehow STILL late for shul.) Didn't see anybody in shul. (Not that there's anyone to see...) Went home for lunch. Once again the meal was spoiled by stupid people's attitudes and idiocy. Went up to bed. Read until Sammy woke me up eating salad croutons (one at a time - and loudly crunching.) Then for some reason Brenda and Michal came to 'visit' us. From about 3:00 until Shabbos was over they entertained us (and themselves) or to be absolutely truthful - Brenda entertained everyone.

When Shabbos was over we headed to Shul to hear Eichah. The men who do the reading split it up by perek, and each reads their perek in a different tune. It was fascinating and moving. Reading Eichah is really a terrifying experience. All of the bad things that happened then, and sadly, in different sort of ways they are happening again today as well. It's a generally spooky feeling - yesterday, today and tomorrow are all joined together intricately and all we can do is remember the past while acting in the present and all for the sake of a better future.

Sheesh, life is confusing in the big picture. Maybe not having friends nearby isn't the worst of my trials and travails - I should remember that I do have friends, all around the globe (literally) and that even though they're far away that they are there for me and instead I should focus on some REAL issues that plague more than just me/myself and I...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I ate salad.

I'd like to begin with a shout out to a great friend (and chavruta) Adina! I met Adina waaaaay waaaay back when we were twelve. Our families were on the same tour in Israel. (Wow! Those memories are still crystal clear! Amazing!) Anywho we then lost touch till high school where we were 're-united' and we then got to spend four awesome years together in 'Beriyah High' (power to the rings...) ;)! Then we even went to the same seminary for two years! - (poetic license allows me to round up! but you were always in my heart so it's like you were there the whole time!) I miss you Adina!!! And I sure hope you're gonna come and visit soon in the Holy Land!!

Speaking of visiting, I don't exactly have a guest room but I'm sure that my apartment-mate will be just fine with lots of our friends crashing on the couches in our new apartment! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! yes, that was my (albeit pathetic) virtual scream of sheer delight. We signed the lease, and I hold the keys, now all we need to do is wait for the shiputzim and tikunim to get done! I am sooooooo happy!

Other interesting event of today:
- the gas company changed the big gas tank in the middle of the cul-de-sac today. I'm not sure what the ramifications of this action will be, but it's something new for the neighbor's kids to break, so I'm sure that they are absolutely delighted by the situation.
- Cubicle (the little kitten that followed us home last night) still refuses to be sociable towards the other cats. For this reason Mommy has renamed it 'crucible.'
- Avi Chai became very agitated early this afternoon when Sammy threatened to 'pickle' him the next time he takes a shower. He cried hysterically until we were able to convince him that the only thing that we intended to pickle was cucumbers. (though he remains very very frightened of any thoughts of vinegar or pickling spice.)

Most novel experience of the day - we made a wrong straight and wound up taking a fifteen minute detour through the Ya'ar Yerushalayim. How did we manage to make a wrong straight you may ask... well that's simple - we just didn't make the very sharp and basically unnoticable hair-pin left turn down the mountain and went straight instead. But, we sure did get an amazing view of Har Hamenuchot.

Ah yes, and best for last - pertaining to the title of this post. That's what I ate for dinner. Sounds healthy, right? well, then I'll neglect to mention the fact that I ingested half of a tray of spicy fries for a pre-dinner snack. (why only half of a tray? Simple, I had to leave some for the seven other members of my family...)

I'll leave you with the last strange thing that happened to me tonight - I fell asleep on the 'big chair' in the living room. Somehow I wound up on the floor. I sort of woke up when I heard Avi Chai making strange noises near me, it seems he was struggling to get his sleeping bag open. We were going to have a 'camp out' he explained to me - but first he had to make his sleeping bag into a 'mr. pencil head' and get his 'petel and water' from daddy. Well, the sleeping bag was ready so he went to get his drink. But the drink had disappeared. Seems Daddy gave it the wrong kid. (go figure!) Thankfully, the situation was soon remedied. The juice was restored, Avi Chai got into his sleeping bag and as I drifted towards sleep again I heard him burping a song to himself - I patted him on the head and decided to go up to bed. By the time I was able to stand up the kid was asleep - no doubt dreaming of the day that he, the Sunshiny Dibble would win international fame in the Belchers Olympics...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It's Wednesday again ALREADY?!

NO WAY! I'm totally not mekabel! I am in complete denial that today is Wednesday. I also have decided that tomorrow will be Monday due to the fact that I am NOT ready for it to almost be Shabbos AGAIN! AAAHHHHHHH!! THE MONOTONY!

So, down to bussiness. Started the day by going to the money changer in Sheinfeld to do some money related stuff. But mysteriously, the money changing man wasn't there. So we called the boss and said "boss, the liittle money changing man is gone." A few minutes later the guy came back. Seems he went out to get some lunch cause bussiness was slow. Next stop, the bank (again...) but this time to deposit a check. Well, the 'check gobbling' machine must've been tired or sick, cause it took FOREVER to work. The people behind us on line must've been thinking "what the heck did they do to the machine that it up and died?!?" Well, the thing finally processed the check and printed the paper out and we were on our merry way. We then headed home to pick up Sammy, cause we were going school supply shopping! (We love school supply shoppig! What could be better than starting a new year of school with new pens and notebooks?!) Then we went home.

At home (like I have said before) there isn't much to do. Sammy gave the kids clay to play with and I worked on my various 'wrapper chains' then we watched the first half hour of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. Mommy finally decided to go grocery shopping up in the Ramah - she took Brenda, Sara (our cousin who is visiting from Neve Aliza) and me with her.

I'm not about to go on a tirade now, just because I'm too tired to type it all in - but you've heard it before. I assure you, you have. Just think back to one of the times that I came back home after a 'shopping spree' in Geulah and try to remember what I was screaming about. What? What's that? You weren't paying attention to me? Oh well, your loss. I guess you just won't understand then.

Tomorrow we wil iy"H be signing the lease on my BEAUTIFUL apartment! I am sooooo extremely excited!

For now though - I am off to eat more taffys so that I can continue the taffy wrapper chain for my apartment-mate to be...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What an interesting dream...

So, I woke up this morning in a cold sweat and breathing hard like I had just run a marathon. Not a fun sitation. The nightmare I had was one of those 'really real' ones and it was scary as heck. Though I've got to admit, I did like the end result. Generally I'm not all that violent but if I had the opportunity to leave my neighbor's ugly and annoying friends scattered around the street bleeding I would totally do it. Sadistic, no? Well, what can I say? Sometimes I'm evil like that. But, at least I got Sammy's cell phone back. Dunno, sometimes I wish the strangest dreams I had were about baking Pita and little green booger men, but alas, that is not the case.

Why was I dreaming about pulverizing the slimy Israeli shnooks? Truthfully, I have no idea. Personally, I can think of any number of much more fun and exciting people and places to be dreaming about.

Breakfast was pancakes. I ate Peanut Butter Captain Crunch with chocolate milk instead. Lunch was not. I ate crackers and cake. Dinner was Pizza. I ate Pizza. Well, towards the end of the day my eating patterns finally start to make sense.

Did I get out of the house today? Yes. I went to the bank and picked up my checks (finally.)

Did I go out again? No.

Was it a fun day? Not really.

I miss my friends and I miss school. I miss being busy. And I miss learning.

I'm also to fed up to go frolicking all around the country. I keep hurting my friend's feelings because I keep telling her that I don't want to get together with her. That's not exactly true, I want to see her, I'm just to lazy and out of pocket cash to get on a bus and go anywhere. Also, I do have stuff that NEEDS to get done in my house, but I'm so sick of being home that I can't set my mind to any tasks in particular. Slightly problematic, I think.

(Random Fact: Just 8 more days till Saba and Savta come!)

But, once again - I have better things to waste my time doing and tomorrow is another day...

Monday, August 08, 2005

Dear Gloria,

I woke up thinking we were still in Inverness, Scotland. The smell of french toast came wafting upstairs. Tantalizingly close and yet so far - I didn't want to have to go all the way downstairs but french toast is not something to be missed. So, up I got and down I went.

Mommy took Eli and Brenda out towards the Shomron for a number of reasons. #1. To visit the Preisers. #2. Eli had a 'meeting' scheduled for a different school. #3. I suspect they just needed a reason to get out. Daddy refused to go saying something along the lines of, "are you crazy? the stupid arabs are shooting at everything and everyone." (In reality he didn't want to go because he was making a major breakthrough in his re-organization and filing of reciepts from the last NINE years.)

Speaking of Daddy's 'summer project' - these annoying papers have been haunting him for years. They made aliyah with us and have been sitting and waiting for the day that such extereme boredom/curiousity would force someone to take note of them and do something about them. Sammy and I have a sneaking suspicion that left to his own devices, Daddy could have dragged this 'ordering' out for a few weeks at least. So, to help speed up the process we each took a few years and organized them in a fraction of the time that it would have taken otherwise. Now we just need to find time to plug all the data into the computer...

Sammy and I made dinner (a special birthday dinner for Sammy.) So of course she chose the menu. It was the strangest mix of Indian food and 'random stuff' that I have ever seen. Things like Greek Salad, Samosas, Naan, Dal, Chow-Mein, Sweet Potato Chips (to rival Terra Chips!), and even squashed bread cups! All in all the stuff came out really yummy and I think everyone enjoyed.

At about 10:20 the 'gals' headed out to Aroma for some coffee. The same guy from yesterday took our order and I had to stop myself from laughing outloud when I started doing the 'daydream' thing again (see yesterday's post.)

And with coffee in hand and book/bed a destination - I bid you all a good morrow and wish you all pleasant dreams.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

if today had been any stranger...

Let me start at the beginning -

7:30am - It's morning? Shoot! I can't believe it. And Mommy's already yelling at someone... Great. Well, I guess I'll hang out up here till things quiet down.

8:45 - I should call Rachel, we're supposed to meet her at some point today...

9:20 - Me: "Sammy Wake up..." Sammy: "Gimme 10 minutes..." Me: "fine."

9:30 - Me: "Sammy Get up..." Sammy: "It's been 10 minutes?" Me: "Yep"

9:32 - My cell phone rings and it's Rachel. "So you coming to visit me?" she asks. Me: "ummmmmm, I'll get back to you" Hang up the phone. "Sammy, are we going to visit Rachel?" Sammy answers in the affirmative, and we decide to take the 10:30 bus.

10:38 - 'Walking' (running) to the bus.

10:39 - The bus comes.

Somehow by 11:15 we're in Jerusalem and walking to town. We get stuck at EVERY possible traffic light. See the realtor who helped us in our search for my apartment. Almost get run over by a few busses. And finally we met up with Rachel in front of Bank Hapoalim by 11:50. We went for pizza then proceeded to walk all the way up the midrechov and then all the way down it... We took Rachel to get a 'chor' skirt. and then just wandered aimlessly some more. We were 'zocheh' to meet some of her friends (who named us 'skirt girls' - because 'our type' is always wearing skirts. wow, talk about bright and shiny intellect...) We were brought up to date on all of the family gossip and basically had a good time.

At 12:50ish we haded back to her meeting place in front of the bank. There we met more of her buddies and finally as the group rallied and got together we headed off. Unable to decide whether to walk or grab a bus, we walked until we realized that there was a 21 that was just waiting and waiting. We took it as a sign and hopped on. We got to Tachana Merkazit and up to the "departure floor' three minutes before a 416 was scheduled to leave. Good timing if I do say so myself.

Of course seeing as things seemed to be going our way, we decided to hop off at Big to get some iced coffee. We then decided that rather than walking home as we had originally planned that we could afford to be lazy so we called Mommy and begged to be picked up. She agreed to come and get us. Suffice it to say, the place was busy, the people who work there were scary as ever. As the tall guy with nice eyes and an earring that looked like a silver candy corn sticking out of his face about half an inch under his lower lip took our order I wondered for the umpteenth time that day - why such strange trends exist. Then I humored myself with a little delusional daydream (as we waited for our order to be ready) of all these scary people/things in sixty years. Little old people with spiked up hair and assorted body piercing and tattoos. Would they still honestly think that the 'body art' marked them as 'individuals' and as 'different' or would they regret the rash behaviours of their youth that had marred their bodies forever?

The iced coffees were finally ready and presented to us with a flourish and a smile. Mommy showed up about 5 minutes later. And home we went.

I proceeded to spent the rest of the afternoon in my bed with Roger Zelazny's "Amber" series. It's a ten book series but we only have books 6-10. I'd like to get the first five, but something tells me I'll either need to wait a few more birthdays or get a job for that to happen...

It's been a fun day. I'm a little high on caffeine and sugar (what else is new?) I'm also happy and in a good mood at the moment. Aside from that nothing much is going on. I should really clean my room, but then things would be neat and I'd lose out on the whole fun of searching for the stuff that I need.

Maybe tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Woke up this morning at 7:30 (I wasn't supposed to get up until at least 11:00...)
Went downstairs and ate cookies for breakfast (I am supposed to be on a 'diet')
Lounged around the house, Put away all of my (now clean) laundry, Scrubbed the bathroom (with Sammy), Stared off into the distance wishing again that I were a bird. (Flighty, I know. But I was BORED!)

Ok, well the biggest mistake that I've made in the last 24 hours was sending the 'howling' e-mail to my 'supposed to be' flatmate for next year. Granted the letter was scathing, cynical, sarcastic and pretty much mean it was also unwarranted(ish) - but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I'm getting a little frantic about 2 things right now: #1. having a place to live next year and #2 Finding some way to entertain myself in the afternoons/evenings next year. I was thinking Ulpan (which I NEED!) but after much research my questing has turned up no workable options. The other idea was to get a job. However, I have no idea where to start looking. And so, it's more important (methinks) to first find a place to live and then to find some 'extra-curricular' activity. So, with all this pressure building behind me - I'm kind of desperate to finally just get a place. And the person I'm supposed to be doing this with is 'hemming and hawing' about neighborhoods and won't give me any straight answers. I dunno, but for me it's a bit confusing.

I guess I can understand why I got no response to my e-mail(s). I just wish that I had, especially because we're going to talk to the lawyer tomorrow about the contract...

Now I have a migraine from rehashing the whole stupid situation again in my head!

To end the 'entertainment' part of tonight the kids all watched Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail. It was great for a laugh! All 6 of us watched and it's the first time in a long time that we did something and all got along and no one ran out crying.

We have a visitor with us in our room tonight. Avi Chai has decided that he is sick of Mommy's bed and obvioiusly doesn't want to sleep in his own room so he is 'visiting' with us tonight. At least Sammy pulled out the third bed for him and didn't squish him into 'the cave' at the foot of her bed (like she does on Shabbos afternoons.) Now all we have to do is convince him that there are no monsters in the 'cave' that we pulled the third bed out of...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Why are they called apartments if they're all stuck together?

We went to sleep at 1:30 this morning. Cause we spent all night watching State of Grace episodes that we taped many years ago when we lived in a far away strange country. Though I went to sleep late I was up early to eat toast (made in the NEW toaster.) Spent this afternoon in Jerusalem searching for apartments... what else is new? We saw a place that was absolutely amazing! it's big and airy and high up and bright. What more can you ask for when living in a city? I just hope that my prospective apartment-mate agrees to this place!

We also managed to find the 'cookie factory' (quite by accident) and so got cookies. We also went to Town where we got Ezri a new school-bag and I got a new wallet (though I have NO idea what I'm going to put into it...)

Now I'm off to watch Ice Age with my favoritest Kender.

When all else fails remember - "The Laaaaast Melon..."

Monday, August 01, 2005

For my Abba (to prove how much I appreciate everything that you do for me - I'm making your toaster famous!)

Meet the newest addition to our family. The Toaster. Our Daddy's Pride and Joy. He doesn't talk back and is very helpful, he even makes toast. (To the man who is allergic - his best friend is his toaster...)

The First Day of August and I am Supremely Bored...

OK - so here's how I figure it. At least I'm getting lots of sleep at night. I mean, usually in the summer (when one has nothing to do all day) one spends the day out finding stuff to do and then wastes all night watching movies and/or chilling with friends. However, sorely lacking in the available friends department and not having any money to go anywhere (nor interest in going...) I find myself wallowing in self-pity and boredom during the day and actually sleeping at night (though some of my pals have expressed concern and dismay...) If Milo ever thought he was in the Doldrums then BOY OH BOY was he wrong. I have found the plain of neverending endings. It's quite sad seeing as the summertime is supposed to be a time of rest, relaxation, freedom and general good-cheer. For me these three months are proving to be interminable and just plain old annoying. I don't even have things to look forward to seeing as all of our major exploring and vacationing has passed.

The only really exciting things coming up are my Grandparent's imminent ALIYAH and I am actually looking forward to taking an 'early morning' (around 10:00 or 11:00 a.m.) walk over to their house for pancakes. (Remember Savta - you promised! I know, not the first few days... but, I won't forget. heeheehee!)

Anywho - at least today I've accomplished something. I left the house! I went grocery shopping. I know, it isn't as glamorous as an outing should be, but, at least I got out. During my 'down-time' (in the house) I've been washing almost all of my stuffed animals in small batches. Drumnadrochit (who is basically new, and is too small to smell bad -yet-) has been quite disturbed by the proceedings. As her friends get 'wrung out' in the ultraviolent-spin-cycle she sits and waits hoping and wishing and praying that they will be okay...

On a totally different and hopeful note - The realtor called with news about a 2 bedroom apt. in Kiryat Moshe for 550 a month! YAYAYAY!!! (now he just has to call back and tell us when we can go and see it...) I hope it works out!

And on an even more up note - Women's Swim tonight at Tzora! YAHOO!!! (maybe soon I will REALLY fit into Sammy's shirts...)

For now I'm off to visit Amber... All roads lead there, so why not stop by?

Today is dedicated to my favorite little moo all the way from Thirsk, England. (Named after a little town on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland...) Drumnadrochit!!!