Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Day in my Apartment/A Night at Home…

Seeing as I slept in my apartment (where I’m supposed to sleep) I woke up this morning in my apartment. The hour was ridiculously early and I was not in the mood for any sorts of wakeful activities. So, I lay in bed until Shoshana came in to see if I was up. We then spent a few hours working on the kitchen. We covered the pantry shelves, finished scraping the ugly stickers off of the walls and finally got all of our food-stuffs put away in the pantry.

I called Mommy to find out what the schedule was at home, because last night Sammy had something about going swimming. I love swimming and really wanted to go, so I called to find out whether or not ‘night activity’ was on. She said she didn’t know. So, my hopes fell and I was sad. Positive that my day would be seemingly endless and unbearable, I fell to the task of setting up the apartment.

While cleaning I spent my day crying. I cannot understand why though. I have a very bad feeling in my stomach that it is because I am home-sick, but that makes absolutely no sense. Especially, considering that I’ve been away at school for two years and never had this problem. Also, it makes no sense because I can go home whenever I want (especially this week – cause classes haven’t even started!) Nonetheless, every single time I opened my mouth to say something to Shoshana I started bawling. I didn’t do it on purpose, and I felt terrible because she surely thought that it was something that she had done. But, it wasn’t. That I can assure you!

At about 6:00 I gave in to desperation and called Sammy. I asked her (through my stuffed nose and between sobs what was going on at home. She explained that she and Brenda were going to be dropped off at the pool at 7:30 to swim. “If you get on a bus now, you can make it…” she said. I sniffled (loudly) and said “I’m coming Home! Wait for me!” I woke Shoshana and told her she was invited to come with me. I explained that I wanted to go swimming and that I was going Home and staying over-night. She agreed to come, so we packed as quickly as we could, and within 10 minutes we were ready to go.

We locked up the apartment, ran down the path to the street, rushed to the trampiadah and waited for a bus. A few minutes later a 420 pulled up, so we climbed aboard and were on our way. The ride was very smooth and we made it into the house by 7:10. Everyone was eating dinner. Saba and Savta were there too. I ran upstairs to get ready to go.

At 7:45 Daddy drove us to Tzora. We paid the entrance fee and hurried over to the pool. The water was a little chilly, but luckily the pool was not crowded at all (because it was the night before the first day of school.) We swam and played and joked until 9:25 when it was time to get out. Daddy came to pick us up and once at Home we had to fight with the water to shower us.

Something happened to the water main and for some reason there is no water pressure at all. So much so, that in my bathroom on the attic level of the house, no water even comes out of the hose. Not even a drip. Seeing as there was barely any cold water, it is understandable that no hot water was available. So, I took a shower so cold that it hurt when the icy drop touched my skin. Finally, I was ‘clean’ so I wandered around trying to find something to do. Sammy was around and I schmoozed with Mommy for a while. At a little before midnight I realized that I was very tired, so I decided to go to sleep. Up to my room I trudged and I climbed into bed. Once settled under my three blankets I hugged Stitchey and quickly fell asleep.

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