Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Day of Mourning - Tishka-bob...

My goal for today was not really something that any sane person would be proud to achieve. It saddens me to know that there are pathetic people out there who waste their lives by trying to beat the world record in this 'activity' (or lack-thereof).

I decided at 7:30 this morning that I would not leave my room until the fast was over. And I almost managed to do it, except that I had to go downstairs to make soup for break-fast (not breakfast, break-fast. you know, after the fast when you eat!) Anywho, quick run-down of today's 'locked up' activities...

7:30am - made this insane desicion
10:40am - couldn't deal with being in bed anymore (at this point I had already read about 100 pages of my book)
11:00am - Uncovered and started working on the never-ending puzzle (which depicts my 'winter residence' to be.)
12:00pm - got bored of puzzling so played Neopets.
1:00pm - announced the hour to Sammy and played more neopets.
2:00pm - announced the hour to Sammy, and visited a chat-room. Made friends with an Australian.
3:00pm - announced the hour to Sammy and visited another chat-room. Made friends with a South African and had a political discussion (started by them asking me if Israel was at war. Sheesh! Bright and shiny intellect, dontcha agree?)
4:00pm - announced the hour to Sammy and stared at my computer screen.
5:00pm - announced the hour to Sammy and played some more Neopets.
6:00pm - announced the hour to Sammy and played with Guy Smiley.
6:50pm - decided to break my vow of 'locked upness' to go downstairs and make soup.
7:20pm - Had the soup up on the stove, added the barley and prayed that it would taste good.
7:40pm - Daddy left for Ma'ariv, I stired the soup, Sammy put the 'winners' and the green chickens into the oven to cook.
8:00pm - Made Havdala, Washed, Ate bread...
8:10pm - got my seat switched
8:12pm - ate 'hearty vegetable and barley soup' of my own concocting.
10:00pm - Went down to Daddy's office to help enter reciept data into the computer.
11:30pm - Still entering data while at the same time in the kitchern Mommy, Brenda and Eli begin the necessary preparations for making grape jelly. (Jam. ok? NOT Jello!)
-----NEW DAY BEGINS!!!---------
2:00am - Finished 1997, got to taste the homemade Concord Grape Juice.
2:20am - Showered (to get all the gunk from sitting on the floor of my room all day and in Daddy's office off of me!)
2:30 - started updating my blog.
2:46 - Finished updating my blog

and that's really as up-to-date as I can get.

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting adventure...

When the Sunshiny Dibbles and Brother Ezri go up against Dust and the Krazy Air-Konditioning Man's Mess...

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Hinda said...

You never cease to amaze me! And, no, I am NOT hitting on you!