Monday, August 08, 2005

Dear Gloria,

I woke up thinking we were still in Inverness, Scotland. The smell of french toast came wafting upstairs. Tantalizingly close and yet so far - I didn't want to have to go all the way downstairs but french toast is not something to be missed. So, up I got and down I went.

Mommy took Eli and Brenda out towards the Shomron for a number of reasons. #1. To visit the Preisers. #2. Eli had a 'meeting' scheduled for a different school. #3. I suspect they just needed a reason to get out. Daddy refused to go saying something along the lines of, "are you crazy? the stupid arabs are shooting at everything and everyone." (In reality he didn't want to go because he was making a major breakthrough in his re-organization and filing of reciepts from the last NINE years.)

Speaking of Daddy's 'summer project' - these annoying papers have been haunting him for years. They made aliyah with us and have been sitting and waiting for the day that such extereme boredom/curiousity would force someone to take note of them and do something about them. Sammy and I have a sneaking suspicion that left to his own devices, Daddy could have dragged this 'ordering' out for a few weeks at least. So, to help speed up the process we each took a few years and organized them in a fraction of the time that it would have taken otherwise. Now we just need to find time to plug all the data into the computer...

Sammy and I made dinner (a special birthday dinner for Sammy.) So of course she chose the menu. It was the strangest mix of Indian food and 'random stuff' that I have ever seen. Things like Greek Salad, Samosas, Naan, Dal, Chow-Mein, Sweet Potato Chips (to rival Terra Chips!), and even squashed bread cups! All in all the stuff came out really yummy and I think everyone enjoyed.

At about 10:20 the 'gals' headed out to Aroma for some coffee. The same guy from yesterday took our order and I had to stop myself from laughing outloud when I started doing the 'daydream' thing again (see yesterday's post.)

And with coffee in hand and book/bed a destination - I bid you all a good morrow and wish you all pleasant dreams.

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da' kender! said...

I came up with a name to sign your blog with... tell me if its ma'tim... oh yeah, and tarsis is no longer by the sea!