Monday, August 22, 2005

ekee ekee ekee pa-tang neewop.

Started off the morning by moving my washing machhine from it's original resting place to it's temporary place (the car) now we just have to get in to Yeruasalem and up up up all the way to my apartment.

But, at least I have a washing machine.

Spent the rest of the day lounging around and not doing much of anything. I guess, my laziness was good in a way. I was too lazy to walk all the way downstairs so at least i didn't sit around eating all day.

Went swimming. That was fun! I love swimming! If I had to choose my favorite element it would be a really tough choice. Cause I'm basically a 'nature' person. I love the Earth cause it's what I walk on and I love being dirty (in the sense that, I have no qualms about sitting in mud. no sicko references...), Air - well, I need it to breathe but if I could bottle air from Inverness that would be absolutely amazing. Crystal clear air is what I love. Fire - no comment. If you think I need to comment then you obviously don't know me. and of course water. I dunno, I love water. It's great to drink but on the 'fun side' it's really amazing. Swimming makes you feel weightless (a sensation I love personally) propelling myself through the water requires work, but for some reason it seems so much easier than running or walking. I'd much rather get a full workoutin the pool than by walking for miles.

Of course, I have no problems hiking for a long while to get to a natural pool of water, breathing in the clear air and swimming with friends followed by an all night Kumzitz around a bonfire. Yep, that basically sums up my idea of a perfect day.

Gonna go to sleep and 'follow my dreams...'

wish me luck...

tomorrow - the Polly's journey to Ikea (pronounced: eee-keey-ah)


da' kender said...

The pronuciation is most certainly a polly thing... sweet dreams...

~*Chava*~ said...

i want to come! perfect day sounds awsome!!!