Saturday, August 27, 2005

Erev Shabbos + Shabbos = getting better...

Quick Friday run-down:
Got up, peeled vegetables, fininshed my skirt (I worked on it until 3:00am yesterday and just had to attatch the waist band to the skirt part. It is a really pretty iridescent pinkinsh/bluish/purply. It changes colors as it swishes. And it swishes A LOT! (I make sure of that.) It's a basic wrap, copied off of the comfortable and easy to make brown Israeli wrap skirt.), peeled more vegetables, cleaned my room, got ready for Shabbos, lit candles, went to shul, didn't see anyone (how unusual... lol!), walked home, ate THE hugest meal I've eaten in forever (Mommy made real genuine chicken soup and it was SOOOOO flippin' amazing!), Got the 'you've eaten waaaay too much' signal from my stomach, went upstairs and slept...

Shabbos Day - Woke up for shul at 7:30. Actually got to shul on time! Davened and davened then tried to sit still through the D'var Torah. It was hard because the AC is still not installed and the room was really really hot (not even a breeze) and the speech went on for about 24 minutes (not that I was counting...) after shul on the way home I decided to tail the guys to see if they had any plans for the afternoon - (of course I can't ask them straight out - cause that annoys them. So I sort of have to let myself be seen, say 'hi' and then they say 'oh yeah, by the way we might be doing something later.' Unfortunately, they completly ignored me, so I had to make a verbal effort. I turned to Shlomo and said - "your birthday is soon, right?!" and suddenly Sariel (very annoyed that I dared to speak to his friend without first being addressed) said quite matter of factly "yeah, it's tomorrow" (sort of with a disdainful look of, well - if you were his friend then you would know that.) So ignoring the snide comment I sweetly said "I thought it was tomorrow, I probably won't see you so happy one day early birthday." and then I turned around and started walking away with Sammy. Only then did Shlomo (with a very disapproving look from Sariel) say "by the way, come over to Harel's later - we might be doing something." I nodded and smiled and walked away. After lunch, I seriously considered going over to the Feldmans house but decided not to intrude on 'guy time' so I went up to bed. I spent the rest of Shabbos reading Harry Potter (finishing 5 and starting 6) and after Shabbos the girls headed over to Saba n' Savta's to watch a movie (In Love and War - starring Sandra Bullock and Chris O'Donnell (who incidentally is adorable and has amazingly blue eyes...)) after the movie we headed home and Sammy and I stayed up till 2:00 am watching "Betsy's Wedding" - lots of laughs in that one! (We really enjoyed it!)

All in all - my Shabbos experiences are improving.

Oh yeah, and one last thing - I love apple pie!

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