Thursday, August 11, 2005

I ate salad.

I'd like to begin with a shout out to a great friend (and chavruta) Adina! I met Adina waaaaay waaaay back when we were twelve. Our families were on the same tour in Israel. (Wow! Those memories are still crystal clear! Amazing!) Anywho we then lost touch till high school where we were 're-united' and we then got to spend four awesome years together in 'Beriyah High' (power to the rings...) ;)! Then we even went to the same seminary for two years! - (poetic license allows me to round up! but you were always in my heart so it's like you were there the whole time!) I miss you Adina!!! And I sure hope you're gonna come and visit soon in the Holy Land!!

Speaking of visiting, I don't exactly have a guest room but I'm sure that my apartment-mate will be just fine with lots of our friends crashing on the couches in our new apartment! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! yes, that was my (albeit pathetic) virtual scream of sheer delight. We signed the lease, and I hold the keys, now all we need to do is wait for the shiputzim and tikunim to get done! I am sooooooo happy!

Other interesting event of today:
- the gas company changed the big gas tank in the middle of the cul-de-sac today. I'm not sure what the ramifications of this action will be, but it's something new for the neighbor's kids to break, so I'm sure that they are absolutely delighted by the situation.
- Cubicle (the little kitten that followed us home last night) still refuses to be sociable towards the other cats. For this reason Mommy has renamed it 'crucible.'
- Avi Chai became very agitated early this afternoon when Sammy threatened to 'pickle' him the next time he takes a shower. He cried hysterically until we were able to convince him that the only thing that we intended to pickle was cucumbers. (though he remains very very frightened of any thoughts of vinegar or pickling spice.)

Most novel experience of the day - we made a wrong straight and wound up taking a fifteen minute detour through the Ya'ar Yerushalayim. How did we manage to make a wrong straight you may ask... well that's simple - we just didn't make the very sharp and basically unnoticable hair-pin left turn down the mountain and went straight instead. But, we sure did get an amazing view of Har Hamenuchot.

Ah yes, and best for last - pertaining to the title of this post. That's what I ate for dinner. Sounds healthy, right? well, then I'll neglect to mention the fact that I ingested half of a tray of spicy fries for a pre-dinner snack. (why only half of a tray? Simple, I had to leave some for the seven other members of my family...)

I'll leave you with the last strange thing that happened to me tonight - I fell asleep on the 'big chair' in the living room. Somehow I wound up on the floor. I sort of woke up when I heard Avi Chai making strange noises near me, it seems he was struggling to get his sleeping bag open. We were going to have a 'camp out' he explained to me - but first he had to make his sleeping bag into a 'mr. pencil head' and get his 'petel and water' from daddy. Well, the sleeping bag was ready so he went to get his drink. But the drink had disappeared. Seems Daddy gave it the wrong kid. (go figure!) Thankfully, the situation was soon remedied. The juice was restored, Avi Chai got into his sleeping bag and as I drifted towards sleep again I heard him burping a song to himself - I patted him on the head and decided to go up to bed. By the time I was able to stand up the kid was asleep - no doubt dreaming of the day that he, the Sunshiny Dibble would win international fame in the Belchers Olympics...


~*Chava*~ said...

You make me smile/laugh! :D

A special shout out for me!!! awwww you shouldn't have ;) said...

Thanks for the shout out :) thinking of all those memmories makes me all warm and fuzzy inside (for extra bonus points: where does that phrase come from "warm fuzzy")
Mazal tov on your apparment it sounds really awesome! I can't wait to come to The Holy Land and visit you in your new apartment

Luv ya!!
Adina :]