Sunday, August 07, 2005

if today had been any stranger...

Let me start at the beginning -

7:30am - It's morning? Shoot! I can't believe it. And Mommy's already yelling at someone... Great. Well, I guess I'll hang out up here till things quiet down.

8:45 - I should call Rachel, we're supposed to meet her at some point today...

9:20 - Me: "Sammy Wake up..." Sammy: "Gimme 10 minutes..." Me: "fine."

9:30 - Me: "Sammy Get up..." Sammy: "It's been 10 minutes?" Me: "Yep"

9:32 - My cell phone rings and it's Rachel. "So you coming to visit me?" she asks. Me: "ummmmmm, I'll get back to you" Hang up the phone. "Sammy, are we going to visit Rachel?" Sammy answers in the affirmative, and we decide to take the 10:30 bus.

10:38 - 'Walking' (running) to the bus.

10:39 - The bus comes.

Somehow by 11:15 we're in Jerusalem and walking to town. We get stuck at EVERY possible traffic light. See the realtor who helped us in our search for my apartment. Almost get run over by a few busses. And finally we met up with Rachel in front of Bank Hapoalim by 11:50. We went for pizza then proceeded to walk all the way up the midrechov and then all the way down it... We took Rachel to get a 'chor' skirt. and then just wandered aimlessly some more. We were 'zocheh' to meet some of her friends (who named us 'skirt girls' - because 'our type' is always wearing skirts. wow, talk about bright and shiny intellect...) We were brought up to date on all of the family gossip and basically had a good time.

At 12:50ish we haded back to her meeting place in front of the bank. There we met more of her buddies and finally as the group rallied and got together we headed off. Unable to decide whether to walk or grab a bus, we walked until we realized that there was a 21 that was just waiting and waiting. We took it as a sign and hopped on. We got to Tachana Merkazit and up to the "departure floor' three minutes before a 416 was scheduled to leave. Good timing if I do say so myself.

Of course seeing as things seemed to be going our way, we decided to hop off at Big to get some iced coffee. We then decided that rather than walking home as we had originally planned that we could afford to be lazy so we called Mommy and begged to be picked up. She agreed to come and get us. Suffice it to say, the place was busy, the people who work there were scary as ever. As the tall guy with nice eyes and an earring that looked like a silver candy corn sticking out of his face about half an inch under his lower lip took our order I wondered for the umpteenth time that day - why such strange trends exist. Then I humored myself with a little delusional daydream (as we waited for our order to be ready) of all these scary people/things in sixty years. Little old people with spiked up hair and assorted body piercing and tattoos. Would they still honestly think that the 'body art' marked them as 'individuals' and as 'different' or would they regret the rash behaviours of their youth that had marred their bodies forever?

The iced coffees were finally ready and presented to us with a flourish and a smile. Mommy showed up about 5 minutes later. And home we went.

I proceeded to spent the rest of the afternoon in my bed with Roger Zelazny's "Amber" series. It's a ten book series but we only have books 6-10. I'd like to get the first five, but something tells me I'll either need to wait a few more birthdays or get a job for that to happen...

It's been a fun day. I'm a little high on caffeine and sugar (what else is new?) I'm also happy and in a good mood at the moment. Aside from that nothing much is going on. I should really clean my room, but then things would be neat and I'd lose out on the whole fun of searching for the stuff that I need.

Maybe tomorrow...

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you need to update your blog!!!!!! other wise you map might not be by the sea anymore!!!!