Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ikea - Youkea - Oyveya...

Woke up at 7:30 (when Samantha's phone alarm rang. Why was it set for that G-d forsaken hour? Not a clue.) Then she got angry at me for trying to get up and go downstairs to make cookies for the kid's program. So, I stayed in bed until 9:15 when Mommy informed me that we would be leaving for Ikea at 10:15.

10:40 we left the house. Stopped to feed the Yaffa's cat, stopped to get margarine, sotpped at home to drop the stuff off, drove to Saba and Savta's place. Spent a while measuring the walls and finally piled into the car for the hour long drive to Ikea.

Eli sat in the front and insited blaring the hideously annoying whatshisface's music. (I mean blaring. I was listening to my Pod and heard "hello muddah, hello fadah" over Linkin Park on full blast.)

Ah hour later we rolled up to Ikea, I stumbled out of the car nursing a wicked head-ache and wishing that I had brought along a bottle of whatever kind of pills would help it. Alas, sorely lacking in pain relievers of any variety we trudged into Ikea.

I'll sum this up for all you people out there (who are actually reading this) - 4.5 hours later, we had chosen, picked up, paid, proccessed for delivery, packed the car, and left the premisis of Ikea. Another trip to the Home Furnishing Center completed.

Then we drove back Home, dropped off Saba and Savta, Attended the 'block party - welcome to all new neighborhood children' thing, ate dinner and finally I klomped upstairs to my room.

Somebody (who shall remain nameless... for the sake of not suffering terrible humiliation, and if you know who I'm talking about please don't tell anyone else.) is sent up to bed. They return a few moments later complaining - "My bed smells like pee, someone peed in my bed. It must have been one of the cats. It wasn't me." Aha, we think to ourselves. That must be it. One of the cats is upset, because we make them use a litter box and we get to use a toilet so it jumped up (and I mean UP!) into your bed and peed in it, just to show the unfairness of the situation. I see. It makes perfect sense to me. And, I'm assuming that this is the same cat who peed in (whoops, I mean on) your pajamas yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that too. Kid, come on - you must have the cleanest sheets in the house. I only change my linens once every two weeks and you have new sheets basically every night (otherwise the room starts to stink!) I dunno, something certainly seems fishy (or should say pishy) to me.

In addition to Mommy having coniptions about the whole pish issue, a few of the kids on the block are slightly more 'dense' than we had anticipated. At 9:30, we said "Kids, you should go home now cause Ezri and Avi need to go to sleep. It's their bedtimes now and you should probably also think about going to sleep. It's getting late, dontcha think?" They responded with "Oh, no. Don't worry about it. Our Mom said we can keep playing." Ummm, hello?! Am I the only confused one here? ok, keep playing, but not in my house buster! Sheesh!

To end off a perfect night - Sammy is driving me up the walls. She just finished telling me I should just get out of the house already and go to my apartment. I tried to explain that there's nothing to do there and she was like - "well, go there and do the same thing you do here - sit and stare at the walls." Hey, I wouldn't mind - but, at least I have internet access at home.

yeah, basically - life is stinking a lot right now. I thought once I had all of this living somewhere and learning something junk settled that it would be better. Nope, my bad! seems, there is always some other annoying concern or pressing matter that requires my attention.

I need a hug and I need a major dosage of painkillers. I think that the spot between my shoulder-blades is showing bruise-like marks and it feels like it's on fire. In addition, my head is still spinning (not in a good way) and I feel like I'm going to pass out except that I tried lying down, and I couldn't/didn't fall asleep.

I'd love to keep cyber-kvetching but someone is knocking on my door. Oh, whoopie - it's Eli, and he wants something from me.

Excuse me please, but I have to go do more stuff for more ungrateful people...


~*Chava*~ said...


yo meanma said...

First: Major "HUG"
Second: Thank you for making me laugh. I guess the two, count them 2, cats that peeeeeed down on the main level today were either too lazy to go up to __'s room or too fat to jump up on the bed so they figured they might as well go down here.
Third: Don't worry things have a way of working out. I am sure that you will find a routine in your new abode and things will be great.
otherwise I am sure I can spend alot of time in the holy city and bug the heck out of you :-)

Sammy said...

I love being a witch to you... its my favorite thing to do... I never said this week or next week you had to go to your apartment, i said once school starts you should go to your apartment. How am I supposed to annoy you and visit you at your apartment if you arent there... thats supposed to be my get rid of headache from school stop, before going home to get another headache... duh!!!!!!!!!!!