Sunday, August 21, 2005

Mood(s) Swings and Macaroni...

Today is going to be a two post day. So far it hasn't been too bad but it hasn't been too good either.

Woke up, realized there was nothing to do, realized there was nothing to eat, did the stair thing again, was still hungry (as usual), took the swing from on the mirpeset apart - (found myself wishing/daydreaming that one of my neighbors had a cute son who could be doing the work for me - leaving me free to doze on the hammock...), carried the swing downstairs (see above daydream...), spent almost ten minutes staring into the pantry trying to make yummy food materialize somehow, wound up eating old, rubbery, tasteless noodles.

Now I'm here. Doing this. Sad really.

I hope today gets better.

1 comment:

Hinda said...

Haha! The stair thing again! I am still laughing about that one!