Monday, August 29, 2005

Moving Day

Well, as usual my morning didn’t start off as well as I would have liked. Maybe I should take this as a hint that I’m just NOT a morning person. (Or that the morning is not a “lori-thing”) Either way… at 8:30 I slid out of bed and headed downstairs. I then sat at the dining room table until 10:15 when Mommy and Daddy decided that it was time to head out and do all of the errands that we needed to do.

First stop - Misrad Hachinuch. They needed to sign something for Eli so that he can go to school. Second stop – Kol Bo Yechezkal. I got garbage cans and serving utensils, biyuv covers and extension cords, copies of my key and light bulbs and I even got a ‘set screw’ for the bathroom door-handle. Then we headed over to Saba and Savta’s place to pick up their ‘lift list’ and to drop off something (I would tell you but truth is I honestly can’t remember…) Anywho, Savta offered me a set of pretty dishes. They are Corelle, white plates with a whimsical blue flower pattern, she also gave me tablecloths for in my apartment.

We headed home to eat a quick lunch, and then I finished packing up my stuff and gathering my junk from all over the place. Finally we loaded up the car and headed off to Yerushalayim.

The ride was uneventful, so uneventful in fact that the transmission decided to go on a holiday and put itself into auto-pilot mode. From BIG until a little after Tzomet Shimshon the car would not shift into high-gear. We couldn’t go any faster than 60 (and there was a bus tail-gating us!)

As we entered the city and took a right turn towards Kanfei Nesharim we got caught up in some traffic. It was a dairy big disaster. Somehow (though we don’t know how) a milk truck’s contents had exploded across the entire street. I mean, bags of milk were rolling around everywhere and the poor milk-man was running around and trying to save as many as possible from getting run over by impatient Israeli drivers.

Finally we arrived at the apartment and began the ‘shlepping up’ process. I had four big suitcases, numerous bags and boxes and also parts of a bed-frame. After attempting to squashi it into the elevator we finally admitted to ourselves that the frame didn’t fit into the elevator and that it never would. So Daddy decided to do it the old fashioned way, up (up up) the stairs. I took the elevator and dropped off my stuff then ran down to find Daddy. Find him I did, on the staircase between the third and fourth floors. He was carrying the bed thing on his back and whistling…

Then we ‘put the bed together,’ then Shoshana arrived, then we decided to go out grocery shopping. (Daddy agreed to ‘pick up the tab’ for my first ‘shopping excursion’ of the year. THANK YOU DADDY!!!) So, we headed out to Zol Po. We missed the turn on Yirmiyahu for the parking lot and so drove around the back streets of tachana merkazit for fifteen minutes. Finally we got back to the front of the TM and headed up Yirmiyahu (again) this time we made the turn and we got to go shopping.

YAY! I have food for the next few days!! Exciting, ain’t it? I mean, NOT just noodles, but other stuff too! YAYAYAY!!!

After the shopping expedition we went out to the car and loaded up the trunk. Then we blundered and missed the turn onto Herzl causing us to take another 20 minute detour. Oh well, Gamzu… right?? (LoL!)

Back at the apartment we quickly dragged all the bags upstairs and I told Daddy and Sammy to go home.

Once they had left I washed my hands (both with soap for cleansing purposes and ritualistically), sat down at the table (with bread, ketchup and a package of deli) and ate two deli sandwiches. (Sammy was right, turkey sandwiches can cure (almost) all ailments.

After dinner Shoshana and I started our cleaning/unpacking spree. All ‘stuff’ without an ‘official place’ was put onto the cabinety thing in the living room. We figured out how to put the two leaves in our table into our table (but they’re sort of warped so…), then we cleared off the table, put on a cloth, set up the pretty glass candle plate with rocks and lit a candle, all of course to the soothing melody of the soundtrack of ‘King Arthur.’

Shosh decided to go to the Kotel, leaving me all alone in the dirah. So, I did what I do best in situations like these – I scrubbed the bathtub. After both of my arms going numb and feeling like a human chemical I gave up. I figured like this, seeing as I had just scrubbed the tub out twice using caustic oven/stovetop cleaner chemicals that the tub was as clean as it was going to get for tonight.

So, I showered then put on my PJs and got into bed, wishing that I hadn’t forgotten my little ‘clip-on’ lamp at home. I really do want to finish Harry Potter #6 but the light-switch is just too darned far away…

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~*Chavaleh*~ said...

sssoooo exciting! im excited for you and shoshana and your apartment! im most excited to come and visit it :)