Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Hottie called!!


well, sorta.

Cause Menucha called. (Menucha isn't really a 'hottie' but I do adore her! And she happens to be a real cutie pie! I love her - she's like a sister! And she's coming Home soon! YAYAYAYAY!!!)

But that wasn't till late in the afternoon. Lemme fill you in on what I did all morning...

I Woke up late and went downstairs. Searched for something to eat for breakfast and couldn't find anything. Went back upstairs. By the time I got into my room I realized I was still hungry. So, I turned around and went back downstairs. I still couldn't find anything to eat. So I went back up to my room.

I did this for a couple of hours.

At some point the gardener showed up. He needed to do a 'clean-up' in the backyard. Well, that took a long time (they were done in 15 minutes.) Then they started fixing the pond (it leaks.)

I took time to really look at the pond for the first time. I realized - It's made with bright pink cementy stuff and there are rocks surrounding it that look like dinosaur eggs. All in all - I like it... (*cough cough* - *wink wink*) Just nod and smile - right?

After the gardener left I went up to my room again. This time I accomplished something - I put all of my tee-shirts on the floor. (I was supposed to refold them and put them away but as you can imagine - they are still sitting on the floor...)

As I threw the last of the shirts down onto the floor Mommy called me - "we're going shopping, wanna come?" Of course, I never let the chance to get out of the house slip by so I went down to the car. We headed out to Machsanei Mazon and 'rocked the place' (Sorta. In actuality, we walked up and down every aisle and bought lots of useless stuff. And some food.)

When we got home I went upstairs and put on Sammy's pink skirt. hehehe. I was wearing Sammy's skirt. A size 10. HAHAHAH!! I actually think it's pretty funny. Ok, so I was wearing it on my waist - but someday... Someday I'll be able to wear a size 10 skirt on my hips! (Oh, hush up! Don't laugh at me and wipe that smirk off your face.)

At some point around now - Menucha called. We shmoozed and shmoozed and while we were shmoozing the Dibble showed up. He started yelling at me slightly incoherently about "you made the computer freeze because you are talking. Hang up and say good-bye now." (Ummm, kid. In that order?) Anywho - I put him on the phone and let Menucha give him a stern talking to. All he said was "hello" and "fine" but after I took the phone back, he stopped yelling at me.

Then we went out to pick up Saba and Savta. We brought them back to our house for dinner. After we ate we looked through pictures from our trip to the UK and ate dessert. Brenda in particular ate A LOT of dessert. (I love you Brenda!)

The guys went out to Tzora to go swimming. Daddy, Eli, The Sandbox and even the Sunshiny Dibble. Daddy got soda for the kids and Ezri walked into the house holding a bag of potato chips. Dibble begged for chips and Sandbox (aka Moonbeam. Cause he was being nice...) offered to share.

As I type - the Dibble is standing next to me and eating potato chips. He is belching (to keep in practice) and has just been asked to sing "Tea for Two." With a little help and some verbal prompting he begins to sing -

"Tea for two and two for tea. Tea for you and tea for me. Tea for two, two for tea, tea for you, tea for me. That's all."


da'kender said...

a nice way to end your blog... "that's all"
I wonder who came up with that!!!!

Lorelai said...

some whacko... ;)

Hinda said...

I loved the running up and down the stairs and realizing that you were still hungry. It made me laugh out loud. I hope that makes you happy and I hope that you are now able to sleep at night knowing that your life makes me laugh...