Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Chinese Special: Kiwi-Hoagie

Well, I woke up earlier than I would have liked to this morning. Seeing as I had gone to sleep at 2:30 am I would have (ideally) liked to have slept until 11:00 or 12:00 but no such luck was mine. At 9:00 I woke up and decided to get out of bed. I showered and as I struggled to get into my shirt without pulling the clip out of my hair I heard Savta's voice. So, I went downstairs to investigate. Saba and Savta were both downstairs waiting for Daddy to be ready to take them to the port at Ashdod to sign the 'release' papers for their lift. I decided to go for an outing too, so I ran upstairs and grabbed my backpack then ran back downstair and out to the car. We drove to Ashdod (I realized today that if you have a good mind for remembering number sequences then you can get from anywhere in Israel to any other city that you want. We took 38 to 40 something then...) As we walked into the office (or tried to) Daddy pushed the door that was supposed to be pulled and whacked the mezuzah straight off of the doorframe... Whoops! (Don't worry, he rectified the situation by taping it back up...) In the 'Pelog' office I sat on the floor and knitted. Soon, everything was in order and we got back into the car for the drive back to B.S. (that stands for Beit Shemesh - you weirdos...) We stopped for gas and decided to go pick up pizza (we decided to get form Chalav U'dvash - because they have some really good 'special deal' in the afternoon. So we went to Sheinfeld and picked up the pizza then finally drove home. Then (as you can guess) we ate the pizza.

After lunch the whole 'mishpuhchuh' piled into the car and we drove into Jerusalem to start the cleaning of the apartment. Daddy changed the lock, Brenda scrubbed the stove, I sraped (really ugly) decor stickers off of the walls, Ezri and Avi watched movies on Sammy's computer and fought over the gameboy and Sammy scouted out 'the perfect corner' for her pouf to go (assuming that she ever actually gets one.)

By 7:00pm we were exhausted and hungry (and Avi was crying his little eye-balls out like a true raincloudy dibble) so we piled back into the car and headed home. Ate dinner and then had a birthday cake for Brenda (whose real birthday isn't until sometime in september and whose english birthday was really yesterday.)

At this point (the point when we were having the birthday cake) I decided to finish my apple pie from yesterday. I also decided two things, that it needed to be warmed and that it needed whipped cream. I found the whipped cream, for some stupid reason turned it upside-down over my head and suddenly PLOP a whole glob fell straight out of the bowl. My mom was like, "what was that?" and turned around to see what had happened. I looked up at the ceiling looking as innocent as possible and muttered something (incoherently and unclearly due to the laughter) about really big pigeons flying around the kitchen at odd hours of the night.

We ate the cake (and I ate the pie in addition to the cake - diet? what diet? who said anything about a diet?)

We then discussed Mensal Intitutions and the high level of talent and skill required to accidentally harass guys in kilts.

We also talked about Eli and his 'clothing situation' for school (he's dorming) this coming year (or should I say, next week?!?!) You try explaining to a 14 year old that it is NOT and I repeat NOT okay to lounge around school in a pair of pajama pants and an oversized tee-shirt (especially when the last time that they were washed was before they were ever purchased.) I mean, seminary girls do it. But, they at least have to throw on a black slinky skirt over the pants and a sweatshirt over the tee. Also, at least their clothes smell clean (though usually girls are too dense to realize that Israel is NOT quite as advanced as America and that there is NO SUCH THING as LIQUID laundry detergent. Yep, you got it. Can you believe that there are some neat-freak girls who actually wear dirty clothes for a year and don't realize the situation because the stuff 'smells clean'?!?! Hello! That's fabric softener. Oh, oh yeah - ummm, I knew that...


~Adina~ said...

Oh man! that last thing about the laundry detergent and the fabric softener brought back so many fond (and grimmy) memories.
It made me laugh so hard!!!

Sammy said...

Today we bought you both laundry detergent and fabric softener so at least YOU'LL be wearing clean and clean smelling clothes!