Thursday, August 25, 2005


I spent about 6 hours today putting together Ikea furniture. Actually I think it was more - but truth be told I can't remember what time we started at. All I know is that we started in the morning, took an ice cream break for lunch, went home for a deeelicious dinner and then went back to finish up the rest.

It was an all day project. But now, it's done. Or at least as much of it that can be done for the moment is done. The store messed up our 'door order' and only sent one set of brackets (there are at least 4 doors). They also did something really weird with the drawers for the big closet. There are holes in the wrong places and the 'strengthener' pieces (according to the holes) go inside of the drawers... Yeah, we were confused too.

All in all though it was A LOT of fun! I loved spending time with Saba and Savta! It's so wonderful to have them nearby once again.

The evening ended with Saba explaining to us about his new position as Chief Ant Watcher and Squasher. Of course, he gave us a live demonstration and then even allowed Eli and Brenda turns to try.

Well, all I can say is - I now have a new 'fall back' job for in case the whole Homeo-patheticness deal falls through.

(Just in case you were wondering what other 'fall back' ideas I have thus far - on the list are car thievery and arsonry.)

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