Sunday, August 21, 2005

post #2 - as promised...

Ok, so the afternoon got a little better. I re-assembled the swing downstairs in it's new home on the mirpeset. (Basically, I gave the cats a new place to sleep.)

Aunt Sharon stopped by with Eliyahu, Adina and Ari. They dropped off Saba and Savta and decided to stop by on the way home. I got to be a mitzva-girl and lent a book to Eliyahu (cause he needed some 'light reading' for the next few nights...) then we showed our 'roof-top' garden to Aunt Sharon and we also got to show her our UK pictures. (I love those pictures!) Then it was time for the Preisers to go so we said good-bye and started getting ready for dinner. (It's Sunday night, can you guess what we had?)

After dinner Daddy and I went out to pick up Saba and Savta - then we went into RBS to pick up their Teudat Zehuts. After the paperwork we went to Zol l'Mehadrin. Shopped for groceries, got a 'reward' - (orange paddles. WOOHOO!! I'm gonna enjoy testing them out) We had fun and then dropped Saba and Savta off at their house and headed home.

Mommy is in the proccess of making more grape juice (with the two HUGE bags of grapes that Aunt Sharon brought to us today.)

My *Whoops* moment for today was when we were sitting at the dinner table and Mr. L (a neighbor - who will remain nameless) was shmoozing with my parents. Then he made some comment about the book The Grapes of Wrath. (Actually, it was a punny, pathetic comment - relating somehow to the fact that Mommy was going to make grape juice.) We didn't laugh and he said "you girls don't have any idea what I'm talking about. Do you?" I said I knew what he was talking about and explained that most schools have the book set as required reading in the States.

I then went on to list all of the other 'Great Classics' that I've read such as; The Great Gatsby, Huckleberry Finn, Hiroshima, Pride and Prejudice and 1982.

Sammy looked at me and cracked up. "what was that last book?" she inquired.
"1982" I retorted.
"and who wrote that?" she asked.
"George Orwell, duh. You know that." I answered smugly and slightly confused.
"You mean 1984, right?" she said. Trying not to crack up hysterically.

"Um, yeah."


Hinda said...

Eh, how much of a difference could 2 years make anyway. It's a mistake anyone could have made. Anyone besides me, of course.

Deborah said...

Thats a great one lori!!! I had a great laugh over that! :-)) < i >

~*Chava*~ said...

Im so proud and impressed!

:] Adina :] said...

Hey think of it this way you got three forth of the title right!!!!

Thats pretty impressive if you ask me!!!

I miss you Lorelai!!!!
hudi just poured like half a container of garlic on her eggs hahahhahahahahahahaahaaha i was just telling her how much I love your blog!!!! :D

luving you tons and tons!!!!!