Monday, August 15, 2005

Strenuous Manual Labor Day…

Like I explained yesterday, today was set-aside for ‘cleaning up’ Saba and Savta’s house. When Sammy said “we’ll go at like 11:00” I said “we’ll go at like 12:00” and just as luck would have it we went at 11:40. A good in-between time, so that neither of us was right and neither of us was wrong.

Preparations for our ‘Day of Fun’ were extensive. We had to drag out rakes, shovel and gardening gloves as well as find cd’s to listen to and of course a cd player on which to listen… By the time we were all in the car and ready to leave, our neighbors probably thought that we were heading out to the beach or something.

Upon arrival at the ‘Asher House’ we climbed out of the ‘newfangled tin can for people’ (the car) and made our way inside. The house really was a shambles. Dust and grime covered all surfaces and floors, weeds grew wild and unchecked in the garden and the smells of Israeli construction floated around us. First step, we opened up all of the windows to let in some fresh air. (Yes, the screens WERE closed. We didn’t want to take any risks with all the ‘squitos flying around.)

The biggest and most taxing job was clearing out the garden. There were tiny weeds that looked puny and harmless, but the roots went so deep down into the ground that it took Eli banging a shovel down into the dirt along with Sammy, Brenda and myself pulling to get some of the things out. The tenacity of the plants compounded with the fact that it was 30-something degrees outside (weather that causes all liquid in one’s body to evaporate at the mere thought of going outside…) made the ‘gardening’ quite an exciting chore. But, I do believe that as reward for my ‘digging in the dirt’ (during the peak hours of a chamsin) I got a slight tan. Ok, so not really, but it makes me happy to pretend that I did.

Most fun job today – washing the floors. Mommy was using the ‘American Mop’ and after much cajoling on our part, she finally relented and agreed to let us Sponga the Living Room areas. So, out came the bucket, the shmatas and the sponga sticks.

The procedure for a proper spongaing…
-pour gallons of water on the floor
-swish the water all around
-‘sponga’ all of the water out

Well, the first two steps went well, until Ezri and Avi realized that rather than focusing on the cleaning aspects, they saw water on the floor as a glorious camp-type water activity. Following this line of logic, they started running and playing ‘slip and slide’ all over the place. This resulted (as you can imagine…) in tears. What else is new?

After calming down, Avi Chai reminded us that he is the Sunshiny Dibble (who is also a kid) and informed us that Ezri is a sandbox.

Soon after the floor dried, we left.

At Home, we heated up dinner and proceeded to eat. Towards the end of the meal Avi Chai brought his Gameboy to Ezri and asked him to play a level for him. Ezri consented and sent Avi Chai to get a paper and pen. When Avi returned he started writing all over the paper – words like slgs and lddr. (Clearly the child has not yet grasped the concept of vowels.) Ezri became enraged by Avi Chai doodling all over his ‘special code paper’ so he took the sheet of paper and stuck it in his armpit in an attempt to ‘keep it safe.’ Avi Chai (highly insulted) by Ezri’s behavior wordlessly demanded the paper back (by whacking the thief in the stomach.)

Daddy watched the entire scenario unfold and finally decided to step in and ‘break it up.’ He tried to reason with Avi Chai, “come on Avi, we’ll go get you another paper…” but Avi Chai refused to budge. He wanted the paper that Ezri had. Once again Daddy offered him a new paper, and then resorted to ‘brute strength’ dragging Avi away from Ezri’s chair.

As the Sunshiny Dibble was pulled wide-eyed and cutefully away from his treasure he said in a whiny and overdramatically sad voice “But, I bought that paper…”

All sense of normalcy and peace at the table dissolved in laughter.

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