Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today I am a fountain pen...

Ok, not really but it's nice to dream. Sometimes I feel like a fountain pen - you know on days like yesterday, when people just pick you up and use you never sparing a thought for how you will feel or the losses that their actions will cause you to incur. I hate days like those. Today wasn't quite that bad as a matter of fact, today wasn't bad at all but that could be because it was another one of those "don't leave the house" days.

Woke up, went downstairs and sat on the sofa, went upstair and puttered around until Mommy took Ezri and Sammy to the Preisers to pick up Brenda.

That's when today got really exciting... I got to do laundry and entertain the Dibble. First he climbed all over our bookshelves in search of something, then while I tried to IM friends in Australia and England he explained to me that "Sammy has 3 Onyxes. That's not good. Onyx is not good." (hey, at least I learned something today.) Then we played mancala. The Dibble is very good at games - as long as he wins. Finally I evicted him from my room, he wouldn't leave without the game so I told him to take it. And he did.

First I worked on my room. I managed to put away all of my clothing and straighten up 'my corner.' Then I decided that I really do want a new skirt to wear on Shabbos, so I took down the 'fabric bag' and chose a pretty pinkish/bluish shimmery piece of material. Next step - find lots of floor space, pin it, cut it and finally sew it. (I haven't gotten to the 'sew it' part yet - hopefully tomorrow...)

Yeah, things stayed pretty status-quo for the rest of the afternoon. When Mommy got home we started putting together the new Ikea bookcases. Then Mommy started making dinner. And Daddy went out to Super-H.

My Daddy loves me. You know how I know that? Cause he splurged 18 shekel on me. He bought me a new box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. (I LOVE PBCC! and I finished my other box earlier this week.) Now I can have my favorite brunch tomorrow morning - Peanut Butter Captain Crunch wif' Chawklit Milk!

Dinner was fried fish and Penne A' La Vodka. As we sat at the dinner table somehow topic of conversation returned to my extra-curricular activity plans for the coming year. Sammy said "look into ulpan" I explained that I already had, but that there are no classes in the afternoons and the only evening classes available are for ramot aleph and bet. Daddy said "well, if they're only in Ramot then why did you get an apartment in Kiryat Moshe and not in Ramot?"

granted that was deserved cause he had said earlier that there were no veggies included in the meal, Mommy explained that we could put out lettuce and I offered to make a Geek (I mean Greek) Salad for him then promptly remembered that he's not really officially in the IT profession anymore.

Now I'm watching Sammy struggle to get I-tunes to download - she keeps getting 'fatal error message #1603' I feel like I should help her, but truth be told - I'm laughing to hard to be very helpful...

Total Sidenote - Pray for a pancake for me - ok? Thanks.


~Adina ; ] said...

Peanut Butter Captain Crunch wif' Chawklit Milk!


I hope you enjoy!

da' kender said...

To bad you updated this before Avi fell asleep holding a banana!

~*Chava*~ said...

My sister (who sews like crazy) is happy to hear about your Shabbat skirt! Want to know what it looks like. Miss you! oh, and cap'n crunch is good stuff. i was supposed to have for breakfast this morning but the milk is spoiles :(

sara said...

sounds like u had agreat time with avi. its good that ur apartment is in kiriyat moshe and not ramot cuz this way its more excessible to me:)