Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Why are they called apartments if they're all stuck together?

We went to sleep at 1:30 this morning. Cause we spent all night watching State of Grace episodes that we taped many years ago when we lived in a far away strange country. Though I went to sleep late I was up early to eat toast (made in the NEW toaster.) Spent this afternoon in Jerusalem searching for apartments... what else is new? We saw a place that was absolutely amazing! it's big and airy and high up and bright. What more can you ask for when living in a city? I just hope that my prospective apartment-mate agrees to this place!

We also managed to find the 'cookie factory' (quite by accident) and so got cookies. We also went to Town where we got Ezri a new school-bag and I got a new wallet (though I have NO idea what I'm going to put into it...)

Now I'm off to watch Ice Age with my favoritest Kender.

When all else fails remember - "The Laaaaast Melon..."

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