Wednesday, September 07, 2005


STUPID INTERNET SHMIDJIT!!!!! I HATE THIS!!!! (I just spent half an hour typing up a really nice, positive and upbeat post and when I went to publish it - the internet froze and the whole thing got lost. So now you get this, cynicism and sarcasm with a dash of tick-ed-off-ed-ness. A general Lori special. Enjoy!)

Why is it that things NEVER work the way that I want them to? Even when I check them a zillion times in practice runs and trials - they just fall apart at the most crucial moment.

For example: me and my apartment. I was doing just great until I was left there for a full day. Part days were fine and I was convinced that to be there full time would be no problem. Flopped result of that - me crying constantly for four days, going Home and a massive migraine that finally dissipated early yesterday afternoon.

I've been home for two days now and it has been great. Today I went with Mommy to get paper-goods for Brenda's Bat Mitzvah kiddush in shul (next Shabbos.) I also spoke to Menucha (who arrived in Israel this morning as an official Olah! YAYAYAYAY!!! SOOOOO EXCITING!! MAZAL TOV!!!!) What else? laundry. I'm good at laundry.

Sadly though, that's all.

Doing nothing at Home is a 'cinch'. Doing nothing in my apartment makes me cry 24/7. Why? good question. I have not the foggiest.

An annoying sense of gloom is settling over me because I have only a day and a half of freedom left at Home. (Shabbos doesn't count because I can't 'do anything' all day - and I have to go into Jerusalem the next morning. Unless, I make some new friends or find people to hang out with that make the time worthwhile and 'well-spent.')

My goals for now are to find a job, find an ulpan and to get settled in a routine and live in my apartment full-time. (Except of course for Shabbos. Cause I like to be Home for Shabbos.)

Wish me luck...


Yo' Abba said...

Maybe you can take up golfing. I know a place where you can buy discount golf clubs.

Or you can find people to play poker with.

See - Blog-Spam may have all the solutions to your problems!

@D!n@ :) said...

Good Luck Lori!!
And may the force be with you!!!

I hope everything gets worked out really soon!!
Your posts make me so sad :(
here this is for you... ^ (its a cyber tissue)

Oh and I jusy thought I'd share this with you...
I was listening to Arutz sheva online and they were interviewing the new olim and guess who they interviewed first..............................................................................
It was Rabbi Wasserman!

Well I was really excited :]

I miss you!

Luv ya!

Yo' Abba said...

Hey - You deleted the nice spam messages... now how will we find those dicount golf clubs and on-line poker?