Monday, September 12, 2005

The Day the Lift Came...

Massage class this morning. Learned the first four basic moves for the forehead. Then got 'oily' as we tried out our moves on each other. After class I headed Home. Saba and Savta's lift was on it's way to their house.

What's 40 feet long, ten feet high and green? Saba and Savta's lift! The crew who was there was an interesting bunch. It took a while to get everything organized (I mean there were 16 pages of box information.) Finally we had it down to a science. Someone yelled me the box number, I gave a room number, they nodded and stalked off grumbling and shlepping a box. Six hours and 560-something boxes later (not counting all of the doubles) the container was empty. It was about 23:00 and it was time to go Home.

Goodnight World.

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