Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Day of Spur of the Moments…

I left off yesterday with me lying in my bed and staring at the walls. I persisted in this activity until 9:00 when Menucha called me from the States. She needed a friend to listen to her and I am extremely thankful that she called because I also needed a friendly ear. She reminded me of the true meaning and importance of having friends. I am eternally grateful for it.

After sobbing over the phone to her for a while, I got out of bed and got dressed. Then I bugged Shosh for a while, and at around 10:20ish we headed out to start our errands. First stop was at Shelem (school) in order to finally get the ‘paying thing’ in order. It took us close to an hour to figure out the total sum owed and then hand the lady my card. Sad, really. As we concluded the transaction I took out my Bet Shemesh bus schedule and stared at it longingly. Suddenly I had a brilliant flash of inspiration, I decided to ditch all of my carefully thought out plans for the day and go Home.

From the moment that I decided to go Home until I was on the road took about 8 minutes (closer to seven, but I’ve decided to round up.) First step was calling Daddy to find out what time they planned on leaving for Kedumim. Why were they going to Kedumim? Simple, Eli needed to get driven up to school and dropped off with all of his stuff. So, Daddy told me that if I made the bus in four minutes that I would be home in just the nick of time. As he explained this, I was busy pounding the pavement towards the trampiadah. As I reached the last street corner that I needed to cross the 415 bus pulled out of tachana merkazit. (Talk about feeling one’s heart and hopes falling to the floor…) I stood on the corner and stretched out my arms in a futile attempt to stop the bus. It drove off nonetheless. I quickly turned an headed up towards The Holy Bagel from where I could catch a sheirut. I called Daddy to keep him posted of my activities and ran for it. Convinced that the sheirut would be empty and that I would never make it Home in time I approached the van. I asked “you going to Bet Shemesh?” and the response I got lifted my spirits, “Yes, get on.” So, I did. I was the tenth person, so as soon as I sat down we pulled out of the spot and headed towards Bet Shemesh. YAYAY!! I called Daddy once more and he told me to get off at Big and meet him there. So, I did.

Daddy was at Big (in Super-farm to be precise) trying to get all of the technical things finished in the long winded process of buying a cell-phone (or three… a new one for Mommy (her phone officially stopped working) a new one for Eli (he stepped on his) and one for Brenda (who needs one now that she travels into Yerushalayim six days a week.))

It took a VERY long time. So long in fact, that we picked Ezri up from school forty minutes late (the delay didn’t seem to affect his moon-beamy disposition.) We quickly dropped him off at Saba and Savta’s house and headed Home. We had time to eat a ‘quick snack’ and pack up the car with all of Eli’s stuff. Then we drove off to Kedumim. The drive (as usual) was absolutely beautiful. It’s not the intense green that I love, but there is still an undeniable beauty in the dramatic sand-scape of the Shomron.

At the school, we went to the office, met the principal, found Eli’s ‘dorm’ and met some of his roommates. Lol! I spent an hour walking around a boys’ high school (again…) The cool thing about the school is that it is located on a hill in the middle of a desert and the entire campus is made up of caravans. The boys eat, sleep and learn in these trailer things. I dunno, the upper-classmen didn’t look to bad off, and seemed happy to be back so I’m sure that Eli will fit in and have an amazing time. (Oh, to be able to return to my high-school days.)

After leaving Eli, we drove over to Ginot to visit the Preisers. Aunt Sharon fed us and we schmoozed and had a great time. We also got to wish Shui a ‘happy early birthday’ – shout out… “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHUI!! YOU’RE STILL MY CUTEST COUSIN!”

Finally it was time to go, so reluctantly we bade our family farewell and got back into the car for the drive Home.

At Home, Mommy put Shabbos leftovers into the oven for dinner. I was excited because I hadn’t had any of the yummy food due to the fact that I hadn’t been Home for Shabbos.

After dinner I tried to decide whether or not to return to Jerusalem for the night. I finally decided to forget about it because the only bus was at 11:00 and I was exhausted. By 10:00 I was in bed and trying to fall asleep.

With my alarm set for 7:00am I drifted off to sleep holding Stitchey tightly in a great bear hug…

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