Friday, September 16, 2005

Erev Kiddush...

So, now I’ve been Home for the majority of the week. Finally it’s Friday and Shabbos is coming but first we have to do all sorts of ‘really important’ stuff. You know, clean the house, go to Lamed Hey, Bake a cake for Aunt Sharon’s birthday, set up the kiddush room, laundry, laundry, laundry, annoy the cats…

Yeah, so as not to bore you I’ll skip over the ‘boring’ parts (also known as – the parts I don’t remember…)

Shosh came at some point. We managed to find enough of the bedroom to pull out the third bed. Got ready for Shul – I wore my pretty pinky bluish wrap again! YAY for me (not caring what other people think about me wearing the same every week!!) Headed to Shul. Shani was there. YAY for Shani! The Freaky Boys were there (some of them anyway… I’m not exactly sure how many of them there are supposed to be.)

After Shul we walked to Saba and Savta’s house for the meal. The Preisers were there already. It was great to spend a Shabbos with them. We don’t get together often enough. Not much is new with them – aside from Chaim really (really really) needing a hair-cut and a shave. (Of course, that’s my personal opinion – but I’m entitled to my own opinions and seeing as this is my blog… you know what? Get over it.) Yeah, so as I was saying…

Chicken soup, veggies, chicken, Uncle Ben’s rice and more… ‘nuff said.

Finally we headed Home. Upon arrival everyone went straight to sleep.

The End.

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