Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fa-shnizzle and Fa-shnat...

Let me begin with this amazing bit of news - I slept for EIGHT hours straight last night!!! (I haven't slept for more than 5 hours in a row for the last three weeks.)

By the time I decided to get out of bed it was already late (9:00 am.)

I spent the majority of today trying to organize Brenda's bedroom. Of course the fact that maybe I should re-organize my own stuff only occured to me after about 4 hours and five loads of Brenda's laundry. (At least her bed will smell clean tonight.)

Mommy made my favorite-est supper - macaroni and cheese and onion soup!

I didn't manage to get any further on the 'find a way to keep yourself busy in the afternoons and evenings for the next two years' thing.

Hopefully tomorrow will yield better results.

I am now eating a little bear shaped cake that was frosted and has been sitting around since Shabbos. I hope nobody else wanted it (I think I just ate its legs and part of it's lower stomach.)

I really hate it when people bake cakes in the special cake pans and then the food looks like it could have feelings. I know it doesn't but still - it's like those sadistic people who intentionally bite off the animal crackers' heads first or worse, save the heads for last so the cookies can feel every last bit of the pain.

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~*Chava*~ said...

LORI! I dont know what to say...but it made me so sad to read that you are sooo sad. Give it some time though and things will get better. Things could be much worse, and thank G-D, you have a wonderful roomate and your family is less than an hour bus ride away. Everything will be ok!
(Fa-shant...you been hanging out with hoody?)