Sunday, September 25, 2005


Woke up when Sammy woke up, fell back asleep for an hour, Woke up when Sammy came back after her 'morning routine' decided to get up... "ya'alah byed" Sammy and went off to do my own 'morning routine' Packed my bag and headed out to catch the 8:00 bus.

Waited till 8:20 for the 8:00 bus. Got into Jeru by 8:50 and was in my apartment by 9:00. Unpacked and re-packed for class. Went to class. I was THE Dummy! Wow, it was nice! (Of course everybody commented on my beautiful (toe)nail-polish. (Thank you Daddy for choosing such a great color!) We finished learning the Urinary System and then did 'practical.' Miriam (the teacher) walked around and gave everyone who was working on somebody a 'quick' neck and shoulder massage. Well, at that point I was ready to fall asleep.

After class we headed back to the apartment. We 'assembled' our lasagnas (for dinner) then Shosh headed out to work. I sat around doing nothing and procrastinating (my resume and the food cabinet) luckily (for me) Menucha called - she was in the neighborhood and wanted to know if she could stop by. I said YES!!! So she came over and I (attempted semi-successfully) to make popcorn then we ran out to the makolet to buy a chocolatey messy mush of a cake and returned to the apartment and settled down to watch The Road to El Dorado! (I LOVE EL DORADO!!!)

At 6ish I put the lasagna in to bake and by 7:00 Shosh was almost home so I took off the top and let it brown. Then - we ate! YAY!! It was actually pretty good (not enough salt. never enough salt! except for when it's popcorn and I pour the salt in from the wrong side! Right Nuch?)

Menu left to head back to her place - Shosh is working on the puzzle and I'm doing this while we wait for the second lasagna to finish cooking (so we can stick it in the freezer for some day in the future when we want a yummy dinner...)

When the lasgna is finished we will head out for a 'walk' and when we get back we'll practice the opening massage moves. Then 'sleep time' - truth be told, that's the part that I'm excited for.

Ya'alah Bye...

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