Thursday, September 08, 2005

For the Last Time:

* I did NOT really want to invite the gardener out for iced coffee.
* I did NOT want to sniff the melon.
* I did NOT mean to get into a dispute with Sammy over when Eli should or shouldn't be sleeping.
* I did NOT really want to find a live bug crawling around in the flour that I was sifting.
* I did NOT need to be stared up and down and appraised by the ugly, old, slimy type guy in Mister Zol who almost whacked me in the face trying to 'pick bags' for his tomatoes.
* I did NOT like the 'brand spanking new' shaped chocolate milk bag that you can't fold up neatly.
* I did NOT find a job yet.
* I did NOT find an ulpan yet.
* I did NOT like shaving with just the little shaver head because I forgot my shaver in my apartment.

* I DID go to RBS Bet with my elbows semi-uncovered. (And am still alive to tell the tale.)
* I DID think that the cat looked funny when he chewed on his own foot.
* I DID think that there was something wrong with kitty when he couldn't reach his own tail to wash it (not improved by the fact that Mommy helped him out by holding it in an accessible place for him.)
* I DID want to eat three bags of Doritos for breakfast and then get Burger's Bar for lunch. (but, I didn't.)
* I DID get my watch battery fixed (and it cost me a whopping 15 shekel!)
* I DID crash the shopping cart into Mommy on purpose.
* I DID want to find my 'B-E-H' (but, didn't.)
* I DID want to have my skirt fall down around my ankles while carrying the heavy thing up the stairs.

* I DO hope that Eli gets Home from school tonight in one piece.
* I DO hope that times moves EXTRA slowly so that I have LOTS more time at home.

* I do NOT want to have to go back to my apartment if I don't have any 'official' way to keep myself busy.
* I do NOT want to be treated like a 2 year old (even though it seems that I do suffer from homesickness.)
* I do NOT want to be told that I can't do things because I am 'a girl' or because 'it's simply not done like that.'

and last but not least -

To the guy who was standing in the middle of Ha'arazim in his boxers...

Dude, you may think you're 'all that' but truth be told, you're just an idiot standing outside in your underwear!

I'll drink to that...

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