Wednesday, September 21, 2005

fyve meeenoootes...

uh-huh...sure...what-ever you say. Oh, you must mean 'Jewish Time...'

Don't you just love days where things work out so perfectly that it's scary?

Well, today wasn't exactly like that, but it was pretty good.

Woke up early, got out of bed late (I'm not getting any better at this, no matter how hard I try.), made hash-browns (they were almost Inverness good), left the apartment to walk to Afikei, stopped to get on a bus (cause it was really hot out) and suddenly my phone informs me "you have 4 new messages."

Let's sum up the whole situation by saying - I got to sit through Rabbi Nissel's class and then sit in my apartment for almost three hours too. Fun, no? The shlepper dudes were free, so my washer the sofa and coffee table got put on a truck and Daddy, Sammy and Brenda headed into Jerusalem.

Finally they arrived - first the sofa came up followed by the washer and finally the coffee table! YAY! The apartment looks 'homey' now! This is very exciting. Even better, Daddy took lots of time and hooked up the washer and tested it and guess what... it works! It really does!

But, by far - the most special treat was Daddy hooking up my internet! I can now surf the net from my very own sofa or my bed if I so choose cause it's all wireless!! It's amazing! (All for the low price of 81 shekels a month... lol!)

I got to 'entertain' for the first time, I fed my guests potato bourekas and veggies! (Boy am I glad we went shopping yesterday!) Only problem I encountered was that there were 5 of us and my dishes are only service for four...

Oh well. We survived.

The most traumatizing moment of the night was when Daddy told me that we should write a note to the 'Av Bayit' (because I'm too scared to knock on his door and talk to him) to find out how much we need to pay him every month and how. Daddy wrote a 'rough draft' for me and then as I was re-writing it Sammy rushed him out the door. I'm a little worried about what this guy is going to think (especially because Daddy used some BIG words that I had trouble understanding.) I did however sign off the letter with a quick note of apology for butchering his language. I hope he doesn't have too much trouble reading it. We shall see...

The Moral of the Story - Ulpan Works.

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