Thursday, September 29, 2005


Woke up and still felt sick.

Packed my bag and headed out to class. People asked stupid questions and the heat was on high - I was practically asleep in my seat.

After class I stopped off at the apartment to quickly drop off my school books and headed out to NBN to meet with the career counselor. It was a 1:45 meeting but I got there 5 minutes early, no problem they told me and I went right up. Ten minutes later out I went. Basically she advised me to check internet job sites and to look into ulpan. It was basically tantamount to being slapped across the face and laughed at then told to go back to playing with my toys. Anyway, I left the office and once I got outside I tried to call Daddy - my phone actually worked (the second time) and I talked to Daddy until I broke out in tears at which point I hung up on him and went to Super-Pharm to buy little bottles for shampoo and conditioner. Then as I trudged dejectedly back to my apartment I decided to take a detour to the cookie factory (I was passing by anyway...) So, I got some cookies and then walked back to the apartment.

Sammy knocked on the door a little while later. She was waiting for Ora to finish school so she came over to visit. Shosh is still not feeling well either so Sammy insisted on making soup for us. It was YUMMY!!

Then she left and now I am waiting for Sassy to come over and return something that she borrowed. Menucha should be over soon too...

Tonight I will be going with Menucha back to Givat Shmuel and we will be having a major 'funny' movie marathon (When Harry Met Sally, Dracula Dead and Loving It and Grumpy Old Men.)

Tomorrow night is Shabbos - On Motzash I will IY"H be back in Jerusalem so I will hopefully update you on my Shabbos activities then.

Till then - Have a great Shabbos and remember Sukkot is coming!!!


yo' meanma said...

Did I read COOKIE FACTORY ????:-0

were they at least very very yummy?

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