Sunday, September 18, 2005

In My Apartment – Take 486,551,79

Second Reflexology Class. Learned how to boost the Urinary System (kidneys, bladder etc. etc.) through specific spots on the feet. During ‘practical’ we drew the three lines (Diaphragm, Waist and Sciatic) on the foot and then found the Major Tendon and the Kidneys. It’s so cool! I’m enjoying this a lot! I’m even learning something!

Turns out my parents miscalculated something so Mommy wound up driving Eli out to Kedumim again this morning, which threw off all of our plans for having the shlepper ‘do his thing’ today and bring me my couch and my washing machine.
On the bright side, since the shlepper wasn’t coming and I had lots of free time, I decided to pop by Afikei and see what was going on. I got to sit in on Rabbi Lauffer’s Kuzari class, Tehillim with Rabbi Cohen and a new course called ‘Emunah and Middos through Calvin and Hobbes’ with Rabbi Shuster! After classes I got to chill with Sassy for a while and finally started her new scarf for her. Shosh met up with us at 18:45 and we decided to go to the Kotel. Busses (due to ‘Transportation Day’) were free from 15:00 and onwards so, we took four ‘guilt-free’ and ‘money-free’ bus rides. At the Kotel we davened and then headed back to the apartment. (Side-note and slightly a lot off of the topic – there was a majorly majorly scruffy puppy with soulfully brown eyes on the bus! Why Oh Why am I so pathetically shy when it comes to stupid things?! ARG!)

We got off at TM and took a 39 bus one stop to Herzl (heck, why not? It’s free, remember?) Then we went up to the apt. and then walked Sassy back down. Stopped at the Makolet on the way up then ate dinner (rice cakes with peanut butter, nuts and some petel syrup with seltzer (for vitamins!) Yummy!

Hopefully I’ll be getting my room organized soon (painted, bookshelved, second bed…) and once I do I’m hoping that I overcome this weird mental block that prevents me from sleeping in my room. It’s ridiculous! I love the peace and quiet of five in the morning – but NOT every single day!

So, I’m gonna go to sleep now, so that when I wake up at 5:00am I won’t be quite so tired…

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