Monday, September 19, 2005

My achin’ footsies!

As predicted my eyeballs popped open at 5:00 this morning. I refused to get out of bed until 8:30 though. We got to class on time even though we had to run to make the lights and almost got squashed. We continued Facial Massage, learned a few new moves and the ‘real order’ for beginning and got a ton of handouts.

I dunno, it was pathetic I just couldn’t relax. I’m too tense (to be precise I’m a teepee, I’m a wigwam…get it? Two tents? HAHAHA!) My teacher noticed that something wasn’t right she asked me if I was alright, I couldn’t really explain at the time (which she also understood) so she just asked me if I had her phone number and told me to call if I wanted to talk. I really appreciated that. She is so sweet!

After class I called Menucha (who I will be referring to in this blog as Menu, Nu, Nuch Menuch or whatever else comes to mind as I type. Consider this your warning.) We met up outside of TM (Tachanah Merkazit) and decided to walk to town. On the way we stopped in at the shuk for about 45 seconds then continued on. At town we went straight to Chor Bakir. I have been looking for a new skirt for months (since my skirt is now officially too big on me and is also springing holes.) Unfortunately they never seem to have the style skirt that I want (basically, I want a new one – just like my old one but I need a 4 now rather than a 5.) Today was no exception. I looked and looked but couldn’t find my skirt. I was so desperate that I started trying on different skirts. After the third one (that I didn’t like) I was losing hope and suddenly Menu walks over and says “here you go, try this one, it’s a 4!” I looked at it and realized that she had miraculously found THE skirt that I have been searching for! Even better, I had expected to spend the usual 110-130 shekel on my new skirt and it seems that it was an ‘old style’ so it was on sale for 49 shekel! I got THE skirt that I wanted and only spent 12 Dollars on it!!! How exciting is that?! (Well, I thought it was pretty amazing!) THANK YOU MENUCHA!!! After finding my skirt we wandered around to the ‘hippie stores’ and then to the fabric store (for no reason in particular) and finally headed back towards TM and my apartment. On the way we decided to stop by the Shuk (again) and get some stuff. Back at my apt. I settled down for a few hours of boredom and Menu headed off to meet a Chavruta for a learning session. I spent my time wisely, I entered a ton of data into my Microsoft Outlook and tried to organize all of my friends birthdays, anniversaries and general holidays in the calendar. I am in denial – Rosh Hashana is NOT a short 2 weeks away! I also put up a pot of soup. I decided that not eating Bichlal is not a good idea, nor is it a healthy way to live – so I decided to eat (not that it had any real health value but at least I ate.) Once again I drank Vitaminchik for a small dosage of vitamins (I’m pretending that it makes a difference.) Menucha came back at 18:30 and we listened to ‘The Muppets’ then headed out to Har Nof to pick up some of her stuff from her sister’s dorm. The walk was nice (it’s cool out, but it’s also muggy…) and we succeeded in getting the pots. On the way we stopped off at the candy store – Menu got gummy worms and I got some chocolate covered mints (yum!) Somehow she became my friend the figummy and we agreed that we would both marry ‘cute fluffy guys’ (not a clue, I thought they were supposed to be scruffy or maybe it’s a synonym?…) We decided to bus back and finally got back to my apartment. We schmoozed some more and then Menu had to go. So we said g’bye and off she went. I decided to watch a movie but was too lazy, so I wrote this instead. Shoshana is still out babysitting and won’t be back for a while.

Maybe I’ll fall asleep? Who knows? I’ll try it. Why not? Can’t hurt, might help…

Wish me luck with tomorrow and even more wish me luck with Wednesday – two days with NOTHING to do. Oy!

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