Monday, September 05, 2005

My First Ever Massage Class...

I spent the night in my own bed, in my own room, in my own house and still I woke up at 6:00 in the morning. (I probably should mention the fact that my early awakening was unintentional and that had circumstances not unfolded as they did that I would probably have slept late and missed the bus.) It all started with hearing a tapping sound on my bed. "Why?" I thought to myself, "is Sammy tapping or knocking on my bed?" I then noticed that Kiddy Bear wasn't looking too happy and that there was a puddle on my bed. In a flash of insight I realized that the air-conditioner was dripping onto my bed. The steady tatoo that the drips drummed on my bed was too annoying to ignore. So, I grabbed a towel from Sammy's closet and tried hopelessly to dry my bed. I turned off the AC and removed the filters then spread the towel over my pillow to absorb the extra drips.

Flustered I decided to get up and get ready to go. I took a shower and was back in my bedroom 20 minutes later (this shocked Sammy, who tried hopelessly to understand how I had finished in the bathroom in less than 45 minutes to an hour.)

We took the 8:00 bus into Yerushalayim. Once in the city we trekked up to my apartment, I organized myself and got out a new notebook and pens for my class, then Sammy left to go to school.

Shosh and I walked over to the school building and got settled in our classroom. Today was the first day of 'Holistic Massage' class. It seems that, the class will be taught in Hebrew (though there will be a translator available as a teacher's assistant.) Unbelievably enough, I managed to understand everything that was going on, and I managed to take notes even! (notice the Israeli grammar mistake... yes, it is intentional. I picked it up from the Dibble.) I bought my 'base oil' (an almond oil) and an essential oil (lavender) and now just have to get the 'folding bed' (which is going to be annoyingly expensive.)

The class was let out at 12:30 rather than the anticipated 1:30 dismissal, so I headed back to the apartment much earlier than expected. I quickly packed up all of my important stuff (dirty clothes, teddy bear and computer) and then ate a quick lunch. Then Shosh and I headed to tachana merkazit, to visit 'Super-Farm' in order to find a 'little bottle' for our oils for class.

I made the 14:10 number 416 bus, back to Bet Shemesh and was home at about 15:00. I spent the afternoon lounging around and updating my blog as well as catching up on the news and all of my friends blogs.

Dinner was fun (quiet since Eli isn't here) then Dibble and Moonbeam had to take baths. I learned something very interesting, if at the end of a regular day you take a little Israeli kid and throw him into a bathtub full of water and make lots of foam with soap and/or shampoo - then if you can get the kid to stop moving, and you look at the foam carefully, you will notice a brown layer of dirt and gunk in the top layer of the suds. (Honestly quite disgusting, but hey, it's what I learned.)

Sammy helped Brenda do research for a science essay about a scienttist (I convinced her to do Louis Pasteur.) The Dibble and Moonbeam watched El Dorado (we all sang the song together.) Mommy and Daddy entertained some night-time guests and neighbors (with questions...) and I lounged some more (I also looked through cookbooks in a vain attempt to find yummy recipies for desserts to make in honor of Brenda's Bat-Mitzvah.

I think I will make a chocolate layer cake and lots of other yummy cakes and cookies.

For now though, I think I will head to bed -

"El Dorado - El Dorado - El Dow rah ah ah doh..."

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