Thursday, September 22, 2005

Polygon - Bye Bye Me!

Quarreled with the dragon (after a fashion), went to anatomy class (have I ever mentioned that I HATE people who get all puffed up and act like they know everything - when they don't - and then waste everybody's time asking stupid questions because they weren't listening in the first place because they were too busy acting like they knew everything!), caught the 416 bus home, arrived to an empty house, sat around for an hour and a half, ate dinner, stole a shirt from Sammy (for Shabbos), ate dinner, polished the candlesticks and washed the glass cuppy thingys, had a movie/bonding time/experience with Brenda, listened to Eli talk all about his week in school while typing this.

I think I'm going to go to sleep now. I need to get up early to make breakfast for Sammy (she's on an over-night tiyul and will iy"H be home at about 9:00 tomorrow morning.)

I can't believe it's Shabbos again. Where did the week go?

I need to write my resume'. I need to figure out what to say to the NBN lady in my meeting. How do I explain in 'nice terms' that I don't like people and that I want a 'flexible schedule' (I'm doubting that my 'dream job' exists.)

To sum up the situation -


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