Saturday, September 24, 2005

Shabbat in a nutshell...

Erev Shabbos - Well, basically all of our Shabbos meals were 'left-overs' from last week. Not that there's anything wrong with that - it was all AMAZINGLY deeelicious! The deli-roll and the split pea soup were fresh and - well, let me just sum it up as it's a good thing we didn't walk to Aviv cause i wouldn't have made it up the rabid wolves (wild rabbits) path. By the time Shabbos came in everyone was showered and dressed so it was a calm transition into the 'Holy Day.' Shul, eat, sing, shmooze, walk, bed (kick Brenda in the face - but not really.) Finally - sleep.

Shabbos Day - woke up early, actually maded it to shul ON TIME!, there were no Kohanim (which was annoying), went Home, ate lunch, listened to the story of my father's life (by the way Daddy you skipped 8th grade, we asked Aunt Sabrina and she clarified for us.) After a 4 hour story (and tons of inspiration and advice) the girls headed out for a walk - we went to Saba and Savta's house. YAY! It was a lot of fun and also really nice. We shmoozed with Savta and then Saba came home from Shul then we shmoozed with Saba too! We heard about our Great great aunt who almost set the cat on fire (but it was the cat's fault) and then after Shabbos Saba made Havdala and Savta made omlettes for us (cause the pizza just wasn't coming!) They were the yummiest omelettes I've had in foreverness. Then Mommy picked us up and took us Home. I got into bed and kept falling asleep and Sammy kept waking me. Then Sammy got me a drink (cause i looked thirsty) and finally she got into bed got comfortable (only then did I hand her the remainging half a cup of water that I didn't want...)

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