Sunday, September 11, 2005

Shalom Regel...

Dragged meself outta bed early, early in the morning. Got on a bus with Menucha and went into Jerusalayim. Went to me apartment, got me books, walked to class... class? yep. My FIRST EVER REFLEXOLOGY class! YAYAYAYAY! It was amazing! I loved it! The teacher told us the history of 'holistic medicine' and then she showed us a diagram of the foot and taught us where the three main 'lines' on the foot are, the she said "nuuu, choose partners, take off your shoes and get to work." It was great, we got right into the 'hands-on' stuff in the first class!

After class I went out with Menucha. we headed over to Bet Ofer to pick up her Teudat Zehut (toodie zehootie - as Daddy calls it.) We met a few of her friends on the way and after about an hour and a half of wandering around the NBN office, we headed out to Kanfei Nesharim to get some ice cream. We got back to the apartment at about 18:00 and we made dinner. We shmoozed until almost 20:00 and then Menucha headed out to the bus (for the looong ride back to Tel-Aviv.) At almost 21:00 Shosh and I headed out for a 'walk.' It was great, we got a real work-out. We walked for an hour all around the neighborhood.

Back at the apartment we relaxed and got ready for bed. Tomorrow - massage.

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