Monday, September 26, 2005

Shukin' an soupin' an sleepin' (over that is...)

Massage class...back to the apt...Menu came over...headed out to the shuk...yelled at the pita man for trying to steal a shekel from lots of fruits and veggies...walked back to the apartment...put up a BIG pot of vegetable soup...waited for Sammy and Brenda to come...

Sammy and Brenda came (finally) and we set the table and then Sammy and I headed out to the makolet to buy some dessert (dessert is spelled with 2 'S's - because you always want 2 helpings!) We got ice cream sandwiches and boy were they good!

Dinner went nicely - we had really good veggie soup (the special ingredient was a dash of chili powder...), Ice cream sandwiches and french fries!

Sammy, Shosh and Menucha all bullied me and convinced me that for Shabbos I should not go home but rather go out to Givat Shmuel to Menu's apartment and spend Shabbos in 'Bar-Ilan-Land' all I can say is - this sure is going to be an interesting Shabbos.... (Maybe we'll even find some fluff? who knows? I'm not counting on it though...)

The Av Bayit knocked on the door to tell me that I owe him money and that I should pay up. He's a frightening sort of person... I didn't get a very nice 'first impression' from him.

Sammy left at about 7:40 to head home (cause she needed to meet with her music teacher) soon after Menucha also headed out. Brenda opted to stay though - so we set up the sofa and got ready for bed. Rather than bed-time stories we opted to watch 'A Knight's Tale' (Heath Ledger - ummm, can you say really really fluffy fluff?!?!)

At 10:30 there was a knock on the door. We all jumped - I mean we were sitting around in our pjs and were convinced that it was the Av Bayit - coming to yell at us again... so we got up in a mad scramble to find clothes and figure out who was knocking on our door. Turns out it was Sassy - fresh out of R' Orlowek's class she had decided to stop by and say hi. We fed her the rest of the Veggie soup and finished the movie.

Now Shosh is practicing face massage techniques and I am going to head to bed...

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Chava @~~}~~ said...

I have to say...if you have internet, then how come you are never online to talk to?!!?