Wednesday, September 28, 2005

slip sliding along -

when everything seems wrong... just re-reoute.

It's a go with the flow thing. That does not mean that you should lose sight of your individuality and become 'just another somebody' rather you should follow the course that life is taking you on - as long as it's not hurting you. I mean, if you were being dragged down-river by the current and there was a waterfall with sharp rocks at the bottom then I would absolutely advise you to grab onto a tree branch or something. Cause there's NO way that is going to end up well (unless maybe you're really lucky and you sort of fall off to the side.)

Well, today was interesting.
Woke up really really early 'Kieeloo' 5:45 in the morning.
Didn't feel well (still). Called Home to ask to be picked up.
Watched "The Princess Bride" until Mommy and Sammy showed up.
Drove Home.
Made Rum and Spice dough.
Went to the doctor (who asked me "are you under any pressure or stress at the moment?" (hehehe... ummmm, no Doc. I'm just a normal 20 year old girl trying to live away from Home for the first (or is it third?) time, I go to school, do homework and projects, and am trying to find a job as well as juggle the insane schedules of all of my 'friends' who for some inexplicable reason want to spend increasing amounts of time with me!) "Stress?" I calmly respond with a smile. "What's that?" She immediately perscribed medication for me - I wonder why?!
Went Home and tried to work on my resume - wound up crying (again!?!?) and then got a "life isn't a straight line - move with it" shmooze from Daddy.
Went out to the pharmacy where I learned how important it is to make friends and be friendly and most importantly always smile (What? They expired two weeks ago? no problemo!)
Got tastreats for the family.
Went Home to eat dinner.
Worked on and finished my resume.
Drove back into Jeru with Mommy.
Picked up Brenda from the Botanical Gardens (we had an adventure getting there...)

And now, I am back in my apartment. Savta gave me the two bear quilts that I always used when I went to visit them in the summertime. I decided to make my bed and as I sperad the quilt out on my bed I took a second to stuff my face into it and take a deep breath - it smells just like Saba and Savta's house. That is one of the'comfort smells' in my life. It's nice to be lying in bed and smelling something that reminds me of love, comfort and my favorite breakfast (pastina.)

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